Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No Place Like Home

August 31, 2005-10:25 PM -Home, My bedroom
We finally arrived inBoston around 8 :45 PM. We waited at the carousel for our luggage. No luggage. 2 flights cancelled and delayed. All I had was my carry -on, I could have taken the bus home.
The luggage showed up today. I have done 2 loads of laundry since I got home.Drove my car. Made calls on my cell and my land line. Because I could.
I went to work today. It was a little slower than when I left. It is a lot more humid here in Boston and it's a lot warmer than in Scotland.
I still have to enter the last 2 days of the trip. I don't have the energy for it right now. Though, I might go out to see my friends Pete Cassani and Jon Cohen play at the Abbey Lounge. Again, because I can. . . . . . And I'm not too bright. Logic tells me to go to bed but my European jet setter heart wants to roam and mingle. Hmmm . ..

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Back in the U-S-S-S-A

August 30, 200-4:05 Pm-Newark Airport
Brian and I are waiting for a flight home. They had moved our 1:45 flight back to 3:30.
The 3:30 flight to Manchester got cancelled.
We got a different flight to Boston and that has just been delayed by another hour.
I am hoping to be home soon.
I have called my ride more times in the last 2 hours than I have in our entire friendship.
Brian is asleep and he's letting me use his computer.
His back is going to hurt sitting that way.
I hope I don't have anything more to type from Newark.
Carry on.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Losing Laptops

August 29,2005-7:55 PM -The Flat

I am sitting on Rain Pryor's bed using her computer.
She doesn't know it.
Andy left this morning. He came in from the Library Bar, called a cab and Left.
Kris text messaged Brian that he had missed his plane.
Brian has warned me that if he doesn't get back in time, I should go to the airport myself. "Save Yourself".
I Shall.
I will not have access to a computer until I return home. I will be writing stuff down and I will transcribe as soon as I can.
I don't know how current I am with the blog.
Thank you for your attention.
Respectfully, Dot Dwyer

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tea Bagging

August 28, 2005-5:45 AM-The Flat

Andy and I met up with Lisa and tried to go see a sketch comedy group called "Greedy" at the Underbelly. It was sold out. So we went to Gennaro's on the Grass Market and had a nice meal. By this time, it was 6:30 , so I headed up to Baby Belly to see if there were any tickets sold forP45 -there were not. I hung out with Rain a little bit at the Cave bar . Met up with Brian after his show. Again, it did not go well. Brian had got us tickets to go see Alex Dee's play "J.M. Barrie's Farewell Miss Julie Logan" at 10:30 at the Grey Friar's Kirk. Brian headed home and I headed for Tesco's to get a few more gorceries.
The play was at 10:30. I left before Brian, because it doesn't take him as long with his bike. I got there about 10:20. At 10:25-No Brian. 10:30-no Brian - but the venue was running late. 10:35 -I got a call from Brian, he got a flat tire and he was almost there. He was coming down the hill from the Grey Friar's Bobby statue. The show had already started when we just went inside. They caught us to take our tickets and we saw the play. The play is teh last paly that J.M Barrie wrote near the end of his life. It is mostly read in academic circles because of the arcane Scottish terms. It's about a young minister who sees ghosts in the winter in his isolation on the Highlands.
Alex did a great job. After the show, he had us escort his cousin, Donny, up to the Library Bar. I went and got my daily curry chips and cheese and just headed on down to Spank. Victor was arriving at the same time and he let me sail on in with him. I bought him a cold beer for the favor. Andy and Wendy had saved us a table. So, at our table it was -Lisa ,Wendy, Wendy's friend Liam, Victor and myself. James and Leon looked like they will be really glad when all this is over. Still, they did a great job.
The line-up was-Papa CJ, Peter Cain-who I had seen early on at the Free Beer show, our own Andy. I thought he did areally good job, though there was some feedback on the mic. Andrew Lawrence -the little ginger haired chap who I really couldn't stand. When I saw him at Phat Cave, I kept asking Rain "What is he saying ?" So , he was there, I don't understand his appeal to the guys putting together the comedy shows. Then Greg Whool, another Canadian Comic who looked like he stepped off a bus from the 70's -long hair, side burns, tight jeans and boots. He was funny, but I kept wondering to myself if all comedians from Canada look like they just came in from the 70's. I should add at this point, there was a fair amount of heckling going on. First, there were drunk obnoxious American girls sitting up front , then from the back were drunk deep throated Scots . Also, somehwere in here , the fire alarm went off and the entire Underbelly had to be evacuated, like the night we went to see Regie Watts.
So, there was the break and after, they did the "60 Second Naked Promo". They had no takers and then someone from the back yelled out for them to promo Spank (turns out it was Dean Cameron) the crowd encouraged him, he was hemming and hawing then Paul Provenza rushes the stage and rips Leon's shirt right off. Popping the buttons. After the crowd quieted down a bit, Leon said "I don't have any shirts with buttons left !" Then Dean starts yelling from the back "Do the joke!" meaning the Aristocrats joke. Paul Provenza lays down on stage and naked Leon sqats down over Paul's open mouth and tea bags him. the crowd goes wild ! Leon is standing onstage clutching his clothes to cover his nakedness and then , I don't know who said it-James or Leon- "Proving once again, never play gay naked chicken with Paul Provenza". It was not nearly as erotic as I would have thought it would be.
Then there was a cute little woman who's jokes weren't getting much of a reaction and then Stewart Lee. I am so glad I got to see him perform again. He finished the Ang Lee joke that he couldn't finish because of the box office heckler from last time. He basically did the same material as last time.
Afterward, I headed up to the Library Bar. Cal,Alex Dee and his cousin were there and offered me a seat. Alex was very greatful that Brian and I had come to see his play and his greeting to me was particularly affectionate. He wanted to know where I had been hiding myself . In fact , I couldn't be entirely uncertain that he wasn't hitting on me ! I hung out until they started kicking people out of the bar. It was so late that the lights were off in the Meadows on the way home.
I got home at 6 Am -GOOD WORK !

Andy and the Big Dogs

August 27,205-2:10 PM-The Flat
Ah well . . . .let's see. The P45 show got cancelled again last night. Kris didn't even bother to show up. Saw Brian's show, it went really well. He signed an autograph ! I took him out for pie because he took care of lunch. Headed back to the flat.
Brian was doing Mistree's O's Comic Discipline show and I wanted to see it. Also, because Dean Cameron was going to do it as well. It's a game show format with pre-arranged questions that they worked on that day. Brian was not all that excited to do it, but in the end, I think he had fun. It was really funny , but not because it was written that way. It's supposed to have a naughty undertone, but it's pretty clean. The other "Contestant" on the show was a gay comedy duo called "Topping and Butch". Right near the beginning of the show, their podium collapsed and Butch's beer went all over the place. Dean got a few answers wrong and Mistress O whipped him with her riding crop. Though he was fully clothed, it was still pretty exciting to see it.
After the show, I headed over to Spank to catch Rain sing and Wendy do the 60 second naked promo. I couldn't get in. Leon came outside and said hello but didn't get me in. I went back to the Library bar and bumped into Dean Cameron and had a chance to speak with him a little bit. He is really nice .... .. Ooooo ! What has come over me ??????
Went ino the bar, saw Brian and Paul Lucas, gave up and went home. I felt like a failure coming home before 3 AM. I wonder how long that attitude is going to last once I get back to Boston ?
Today is going no where fast. Andy got introduced to Paul Provenza last night and Paul thinks his naked show would make a good docuemtary . Who knows ? Our little Andy is hob nobbing with the Big Dogs !

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Aristocrats

August 26-4:25 PM-The Flat
We all managed to get up and out in time to catch the screening of "The Aristocrats". Andrew walked us over the red carpet, past the reporters and up to the celebrity lounge. It was open bar and they had pop corn, chips and some fake cracker type thing. Slowly, the Creme de la Creme of this year's Fringe arrived for the movie. Karen from the Gilded Baloon, Kate Copstick -who sat next to Brian and chatted with him. Brendan Burns, Stephen K. Amos, Friendy from Puppetry of the Penis. Victor, Leon and Dean from Nigerian Spam Scam Scam. I must admit, I've seen Dean naked twice now and I think I'm getting a crush on him.
We descended from the Celebrity Lounge into Cinema #2 (I don't know if that was a subtextural joke or not). Brendan Burns introduced Paul Provenza. Paul thanked the crowd for coming and thanked the Festival for how it has shaped and changed him as a performer. I loved the movie. It was really special to see it here with all these fantastic International performers.
After the screening, Andy,Leon , Victor and Dean showed Paul Provenza the video from the other night of them acting out the Aristocrats joke. When it was done he said "That is definitely going on the DVD !". I am so happy for them.

Story Telling to Spank

August 26,2005-3:20 Am-The Flat
Did Andrew's Storytelling show. I had started to host it and he arrived. Told the voicemail story, because it's short. Said Hello and Thank You to the Greek audience member. I identified with the Chinese girl who told Andrew to call her "Mindy" because her name was unpronounceable. I said I had the same problem. My real name is "Dorothy" but my Scottish name is "Margaret".
Went to to Tescos. Came back an stapled another 254 of Rain's post cards. Went out to check the box sales. I believe Andy has cancelled to show to poor ticket sales and that he just doesn't want to do it for 3 people. I didn't struggle or argue. Kris was a little annoyed when I finally got to talk with him. Things just kind of spun out again.
It was raining. I went inside to the baby Belly pub to talk with Rain and she was sitting with a cast mate from the Exonerated. When I met him , I went up to him like I knew him then realized I didn't , then realized I knew his face because he's been on a lot of Law and Orders over the years. Can't remember his name, but he was very nice.
We sold no tickets for P45. Though the character actor offered to come see it.I encouraged him to see Rain's show. Brian had a great show tonight. Kris and I decided to go see Demetri Martin. He was well worth it. His show was in a Lecture Hall and it was packed. He did an hour and it was great stuff.
After the show, we stopped by the Library bar and sat with Duncan and Johnny from Dirty Fan Male and their tech guy Sean. We talked a little bit about the Naked show the night before. I decided to swing home and dump my big back pack for a more manageable evening purse before going out to see Brian at Spank. Keep in mind , whenI say "Swing" it's a 20 minute walk each way.
Arrived at Spank. We only had to wait a little bit. Met up with Kris and our fromer intern Lisa. Andy was already in there. Dean Cameron came by and did a Naked Promo for Nigerian Spam ScamScam. I know he's a married man, but I've seen him naked twice now, and I think he's hot. Though, truthfully, I don't know anyone else thinks that. Come to think of it, I've seen more live naked men in the last 3 weeks than I have seen cumulatively in my whole life. Oh, that's so sad . . . .. .
However, Paul Provenza was there to see Dean do the promo for the Nigerian Spam Scam Scam, which he wrote. So, it was a star gazing treat. The show itself was a little bumpy. It opened with a good sketch group called "Los Albatross". They did a song-this guy singing a deeply emotional song to his woman about how he's lost and then he admits he's actually lost and she should get the map out. Then the "Wife" gets up on stage and sings a different song while looking for the map and accusing him of having an affair with his secretary. The 3 "kids" hop on stage behind them , like they're in the backseat. They sing, in chorus, "Are we there yet ?"and "Who's Janis?" (Janis is the secretary he is having the affair with ). The song ends with him turning the car around. Very funny and inventive. Then an Irish comic -James Goldsworthy, thenBrian , then a Canadian comic named Craig Campbell, he was very good. he did a bit about Scotland-how he can't quite understand the accent and another about thugs threatening to beat him and his girlfriend up. The thugs end up beating each other up and telling Craig and his girlfriend to run because the guy at the bottom of the pile is crazy.
After the break, and the naked promo, Robin Ince came out and basically walked the room. I had to walk as well. He was really drunk and there were some really ignorant little ninny girls talking loudly and heckling him. It wasn't very enlightening or entertaining. In fact , there was a young couple sitting in front of us making out. Full waggling tongues and groping. Who makes out to comedy ? I can understand music or the movies, but angry drunken comedy as the background for snogging ? I don't get it . I went home.

Back in The Saddle

August 25,2005-4:35 AM-The Flat
Well, today I rushed out to Andrew's Story Telling show. Andy was hosting and I got there during Brian's set. Andrew was doing another show and came later. After the show, we hiked on over to Jimmy Chung's under the North Bridge for an all you can eat buffet. It was real good. They had french fries on the buffet table.
I had to rush back to the flat because I had promised Cal and Rain that I would help staple some notices to post cards. ( Basically, she got a 4 out 5 star review and the custom here is to staple stars and a snippet of the review to the post cards that are handed out. A menial and repetitive task, but I shall be rewarded hansomly).
Then we headed out for the Naked Show. I have steadfastedly refused to attend the Naked shows in Boston , but tonight's show was a hoot and I am sure it will become a legend . People will claim they were there. I can verify they were not ! They sold only three tickets and teh rest of teh audience was Brian,me, Comics and people who work at the Baby Belly. I thought Kris Earle had the best set, but the show stopper was Leon Fleury, Victor and Dean Cameron (From Nigerian Spam Scam Scam) (Dean did teen movies in teh 80's). They acted out the joke of teh Aristocrats-NAKED- with fake body fluids . Brilliant ! I luaghed so hard.
Before teh show , I was flyering down the bottom of teh alley when the guys from "Scotland 4-Australia -1" came by and said they had heard about the show. I jokingly said "I knwo the producer, if you want to be on teh show." and teh guy said "Yeah ! I've heard about it ! I'll do it ! " I've never had an easier time getting a guy naked. Maybe my approach has been wrong all these years. Maybe I just need to seek out an extrovert and invite hime to perform naked "On my show . . . ." Ah, good times, good times . . .. . . Though we probably should have had some sort of audition process. His name was Keiran Butler, he was good , but it could ahve gone horribly wrong.
Tonight's shgow restored my faith. It was edgy and scary and funny. And it was performed in a cave ! We all hung out at the Baby Belly Bar afterward, liek we ahd gone through something together and the speicalness and difficulty was invited to linger. It was fun hanging out and laughing.
Afterward, we went to the Gilded Baloon and I had my daily dose of curry chips (with cheese) and tehn we headed to Spank. Leon was still flying off the Naked Show, but I think it lead to a good show for them . Saw a lot of comics. An American named Dan Purdee (I think ). He's working on a show about men and women ( I know novel) but I think all of his theories are predicated on an audience in the 18-30 range. But I'm still thinking about his set.
REginald D. Hunter was the guy we came to see. He was very powerful , and he had some funny lines, but he was more just a powerful presence. Mostly sharing thoughts instead of heavy setup/punch line bits. He apparently just broke up with his girlfriend 3 months ago and he's questioning a lot of things about his life. He was worth seeing, but it wsan't because he was funny.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Whiney Girl Feels Better

24 August, 2005-1PM- The Flat
Yesterday, I explored the Greyfriars Kirk (church) and cemetary. I took some pictures with the disposable. Creepy , I know , but I was compelled. The most famous person (most interesting to me) interned there is "Greyfriar's Bobby" a dog who stood watch over his masters grave for 13 years after the master had died.Litttle Bobby really missed his master. There is a children's story about it. The locals fed the little dog and watched out for him. A tavern owner secretly buried him in the cemetary,after he died, because he's a dog and that's not supposed to be done.
Took a long time to find the Queen's Hall. Before I left the flat, Rain called and asked if I could bring a pair of shoes for her costume to the Exonerated. I did , because I 'm a good kid and that and buck fifty will get me the Big One at Dunkin Donuts.Finding the Queen's Hall took a long time enough ,though I had a map, they were crappy directions.
I went back to the flat and got ready to flyer and do the show. Wendy , who arrived yesterday, and I walked into town together. I flyered at the bottom of the Baby Belly alley. Since Rain's musician said he had seen me from across the street the day bay before and thought I looked defeated, I tried to pretend my soul wasn't crushed. I didn't wear my glasses and tried to raise my eyebrows so I looked interested and engaged in the world and the people around me. Further reinforcing my concern that I have a mild case of Asbergers . My face in repose makes me look like I'm contemplating murder, and usually I'm only doing that when I'm driving.
Kris showed up all pale and I am concerned he's got a really bad cold. It may be a touch of the plague from the Caves. Wendy went in to see Brian's show.
We sold three tickets for our show P45, and thus, we had to do a show. It went a lot better than last time. The 2 women were a bit late and they had bought their tickets from the Half priced Ticket booth. We handed out name tags and asked them if they had been laid off. One woman was a laid off Nurse and the other was a laid off Anglican minister. My immediate response was "You got laid off by God ?" . It was refeshing to see that I still had some minute improv skills left. The rest of the show proceeded with ease. Kris had added some new stuff geared to Scotland that was very good and I cracked up during Andy's mudslide story. At least I was having a good time.
Afterward, we headed over to the Library bar and hung out with the Dirty fan Male guys-Duncan and Johnny. They were very reassuring to me that the difficulties I am experiencing here at the Fringe are typical and comparitivly mild . I don't know why the idea that my discomfort could be worse made me feel beter, but it did. Peter Searles ,a comic and a friend of Cyndi Freemans, hung out with us for a while. He wasn't all that happy either.
Cal and Brian showed up , Andy and Wendy went to flyer for the Naked Show. Then Johnny's friend Emma showed up with a couple of friends. Cal and Brian were scheming to get into the BBC party. I went to the Ladies room.
When I returned, I noticed Brian's bag was on fire. I stupidly put it out with my hand. The synthetic material seared to my skin. The Manager of the Library bar sent me to the Ladies room to run my hand under cold water, then 2 workers found me and made me put it under the water even longer AND I had to fill out an incident report. They didn't have any neosporin in their first aid kit -They're only prepared for cuts and knife wounds. They wanted me to take a cab to the hospital, which I refused.
During all this, Kris very thoughtfully called to enquire how I was doing in the ladies room and then the office., I was "Like , I'm fine" I didn't want to hold him up . Still, he waited outside . He was with Andy and Wendy . I got a curry chips with cheese and described my recent medical emergency. We bumped into Leon, which was good, because Andy needed to speak with him and then I tried to get into Phat Cave - I wanted to see Demetri Martin- but I couldn't because they were sold out. My Teviot card didn't work this time.
Wendy & I walked home. Andy rode his bike. Wendy is finding the weather here a bit cooler than expected. It's cool , like late October in New England.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


August 22,05-8:35 PM-The Jelly Belly
Hoping to get in to Stwert Lee, once again. Our show was cancelled. Said Hi to Aidan Quinn when he got out of a cab to see Rain Pryor's show. He said hi back -still he doesn't recognize me !
The board does not say "Sold Out! " for Stewert Lee. I am hopeful.

August 23,05-1 AM -The Flat
Did not get in to see Stewert Lee. Met up with Brian and Kris and we went to the Baked Potato Store and had a giant baked stuffed potato . Wandered around a bit a came home. Almost finished my blog entry when the battery died on Rain's computer. So, I re-enterd it on Andy's computer.
I am really looking forward to my life at home.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Impressions of Scotland

- I am hearing way more bag pipes than I thought I would. I know it's Scotland, but you'd think they'd have had enough of the Atonal bag by now.

- Not as many guys in kilts as I would have thought. But there's plenty of kilt shops around. I guess I never thought that you just get your kilt from the kilt shop -makes sense though.

- In my neighborhood, on the weekends , there is a truck that sells cheese. Like an ice cream truck , only it's cheese and the truck doesn't have bells or a pre-recorded jingle to announce it's arrival.

- On my walk ,through the Meadows, I frequently see guys carrying one golf club. At first I was concerned that acts of violence were imminenet, but then I realized, they have golf courses all over the place and putting greens. people will go down the park and hit a couple of balls.

- The Meadows that I walk through is a green space about double the size of Boston Common from Charles Street to Park Street. To enter the park, I walk under a bough made of Mastedon Tusks from the world Exhibition in 1886. I had passed under it every day for a week before I noticed it.

- The show that has daily been in the top 5 of Fringe Ticket Sales has been a show titled "the LadyBoys of Bangkok". Their show is set up in the Meadows and it is a landmark to guide me. At night, I can hear the canned music of whatever they are performing. More than once , I have heard Shania Twain's "Feels Like a Woman". Tonight I heard "One Night in Babgkok" from the 80's musical "Chess". At the beginning of my stay , there were a lot of pictures in the papers of the LadyBoys. They are very beautiful and every time I see an Asian woman I wonder "Is she a real woman ? Or is "She" a "Lady Boy " ? I don't know if I'm going to see that show. It will probably just depress me.

-Scottish drunks travel in packs and like to scream at the top of their lungs in the streets. Like Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire" yelling "Stella" only -what are they yelling ? . . . . I have no idea.

- There are more Scotty dogs than I expected.

-Scottish drunks like to smash bottles. It's not really violent, they just seem to be amused by the glass shattering and the sound it makes. Usually I will hear the bottle smash then 3 or 4 people will start laughing their heads off in the distance. Or , they will cheer like someone just scored a goal.

- The Scotts don't believe in air conditioning.

- The Scotts have demystified the word "Cunt". Everyone is a "Cunt". However, I don' t think it'll go over all that well in the more politically correct territiories.

Why Must The Show Go On ?

August 21-2:15 PM -The Flat
I am hiding. It is a beautiful day out and I should be out and about. I am hiding. I am trying to psyche myself up to take a shower. I am coming down with something that could be bronchitis or plague. I am depressed.

August 21-4:35 PM-The Flat
I went to Tesco's, got some supplies and purchased store brand "Spotted Dick" -which is a dessert that a guy I work with was encouraging me to try. It was good -like ginger spice muffin with raisins, stuffed into a cup. It's not something I would crave, but it was good.
We are waiting for Kris to arrive to have a meeting. I thought he was going to be here at 4:15. I guess I was wrong.

August 21-5:05 PM -The Flat-Still no Kris

August 21- 10:25 PM-The Flat
I am home -Alone. Our little show was cancelled, It is raining here and all the shows had low attendance. I thought I'd be able to get in to see Stewert Lee's show, but it was sold out again and they couldn't make room for us . I got curry fries , with cheese this time. Delicious ! I have blogged and am going to head back out to Phat Cave. Rain is doing a set on Mikey D's show.

August 22-3:25 am-The Flat
I went out to Phat Cave . Rain was going to do a set and I wanted to see Mikey D again. Tom Gleeson was was on the show and he is still great. I've seen him before and I really like his humor. I said Hi to Tanya Lee Davis for John Curtin. Brendan Burns showed up and couldn't seem to get the crowd going . I am glad I went out, but it's still not as good as that first night at Spank.

August 22- 6:05 PM- The Flat

Well, today started much earlier and I got a lot more accomplished. Kris called me at 10:30 AM -early enough for me to get up and shower and get going. Brian and I went to see "Enola" at the Baby Belly-actually in our cave. The show was very good. It was based on facts surrounding the development of the Atom Bomb . Again, a young and earnest group of kids , but still well written and executed.
Then I high -tailed it up to the big Boots store on the Princes Street. I couldn't actually afford it , so, I used my Visa. I'm sure I'll regret it later, but I really wanted some Boots loot-I got a store brand cleanser, masque, lip liner and 2 disposable cameras -they were on sale 2 for 1. I fear that the digital camera has been randomly erasing pictures and I think old fashioned technology will serve me better. I've mostly been taking pictures of places with the new camera. I am planning on taking some pictures in the cave because, thus far, only one has come out.
I saw a sign for the Hard Rock Cafe and picked up a shot glass for my brother. Intending to head home, I bumped into Brian on his way to see "Boston Marriage" by David Mamet at one of the "C" venues. Well done , but A) the characters were so selfish and self centered that I really lost interest in their little problems and B) They were way too young to be playing those characters.
Got a pie, headed home -taking pictures of the Meadows along the way-Stopped at the Margiotta and got a Scotsman and an Irn-Bru.
Here I be.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Show Day !

August 20, 2005
Arose late, rushed out to Andrew's show to meet with Kris and Andy to discuss tonight's show. The Laughing Horse is packed-standing room only. After the show , we went upstairs to have a bite and sat at an empty table, when an Indian woman rushed over from the bar and said "I'm sitting there ! " To which I curtly replied "Oh, I thought you were over there. I didn't see you sitting here because you weren't". Then we got up and left and headed out to the courtyard behind the bar. We talked about the show. Kris had some good ideas to add to the show, but I was pretty antsy because we don't even have what we agreed on down pat, changing it up is just going to lead to chaos. I really wished we could have rehearsed it.
We headed out to eat. After a long walk , and several stops, we ended up over by the half price ticket booth on Princes street and went to the Burger King.

We flyered as much as we could . I stood in the alley of the Baby Belly offering people their "P45's" . Then I scooted home , got changed and walked back into town with Calvin. At this point , I would like to point out that at no time in this day did I have the opportunity to prepare for this show.
We eventually got 4 people to buy tickets, an thus, we had a show ! As an aside, someone in the flat ate the cheese I bought to use as a prop. I was pretty mad. As of right now, no one has owned up to the theft. It was just inconvenient because I needed it.
So, we start the show and every thing feels choppy to me. Also, I feel woefully unprepared (Which Indeed I am ). At one point the two audience members not on the stage with us says "Oi ! I thought this was a show , not a therapy group !" to which I repsonded "See ! We're doing such a good job, you can't tell the difference ! " Breaking the 4rth wall and further contributing to an overall sense of doom for me. Brian was in the audience and I can only hope that he felt enormously successful by comparison to us. At the end of "The Show " , Andy offered to buy the audience members a drink. But , frankly, I don't think they could get away from us fast enough.
Both Andy and Kris felt pretty good about the show. I departed questioning my integrity and wondering how disappointing it would be for me to give it all up . I concluded it wouldn't be all that disappointing . ... .
Also, Andy figured out , after all the flyers had been printed up and partly distributed that August 24 is a Wed not "Thursday" as printed on the flyers . I am likening this to a slow motion train wreck.
Our Tech, Lou, thought our little show was more in the spirit of the Fringe. Whereas the audience was participating and everyone had the sense that anything could happen -but probably wouldn't.

Still More Friday

As I was saying . . .
After the ticket snafu, I returned to the Baby Belly to see Brian's show. I haven't seen it in a week. It's a small reticent audience and I fear Brian may actually kill himself on stage. He is still good. . .. .but he ain't happy.
I flyered in between Brian's show and Andrew's show "Me and Hitler" . (I would like to note that there are about a dozen shows here with the word "hitler" in the title. Andrew's show was very good as well, but he also seemed thrown by the small size of the audience.
After the show , I headed home to the flat. It's been a long day and socializing at this point would require skills that had departed by the time I got to the dairy aisle at the Tesco's.

Red Tape and Tickets

August 21,2005-12:45 am -The Flat
To Continue with Friday . . . .. .
After Tech, Andy ,Kris and I went up to the Pleasance Courtyard to flyer and eat. Kris got a soup and sandwich which cost about 8 pounds (= $16.00 American).
While we were there, Cal called and asked me to handle the Underbelly box office to get the tickets listed and a "Code" so tickets could be sold. He said Eddy had okayed it and all I had to do was bring a one snetence description to the Box Office so that this could take place. I went to the Box Office, spoke to Sarah , the Assistant Manager-she said tehy couldn't issue tcikets until it had been okayed by the Fringe office. I had to go to the Fringe office to get the okay, to get the code, so we could sell tickets.
Okay, so, I tramped on over to teh Fringe office, waited in line to talk with someone-Daisy- Daisy asked me what I was trying to do. She told me I needed to speak with her manager, but he wouldn't be back for an hour. I should come back then.
So, i went to a charity shop to get get some props, bought a paper, went to teh Baby Belly bar and had a cup of coffee and read the paper. When the hour was up , I returned to teh Fringe office, waited in line, told the guy what I told Daisy and that I needed to see a manager. He said, "Hold on a minute" went away, came back and told me they couldn't do anything until teh Underbelly called them to authorize the issuing of a code. By now, 2 hours had passed , i had not accomplished what I set out to achieve, adn I now had to get Calvin involved, which I was trying not to make him get involved. Plus, I felt I had let Andy and Kris down.
I called calvin, left a message and sat and waited for 20 minutes in case he called me back and I neede to head up to the Underbelly Box Office again. No call, I headed to Tesco's to get more props and toilet paper. While in the Toilet Paper isle, Cal called back and in response to my tale, gave me aphone number to call and ask to speak with Sandra or her assistant. I don't know why this information wasn't offered sooner, but , okay , I don't want to let the team down.
I buy my stuff and head up teh street to find a quiet place to make a phone call. It is a bus stop hut. I explain my story thus far to Sandra'a assistant, who promises to call Sandra's cell phone and will call me back. I headed home.
Within 10 feet of getting to the flat, Sandra's assitant called abck to say that they couldn't do anything without talking with Calvin and they've left im a message. They'll let ME know whenthey've talked to him. Basically, it took about 5 hours, just to get them to call him. It was eitehr A) Red Tape or B) Calivn's need to manipulate the situation so they would ahve to call HIM. I dunno, But they're going to sell tickets and we can do our show.
I am exhausted.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Low Joie de Vivre

5:50 PM -August 18-The Flat
A slow going day. Andy and I hammered out an outline for our show. We have a tech rehearsal on Friday at 9:30 am and we open Saturday at 8:10 PM. Kris called and he is on his way over here. I spent some time on personal hygiene-uninterrupted.
Cal is currently hammering Andy over the details on the flyer. I am hiding in my closet. I am going to need food soon. Jeff the Intern left sometime early this morning. I didin't get to say good-bye.
Today is my friend Carol's birthday -and I don't have her e-mail address. She is going to be bummed.

9:00 PM -August 18-The Flat
We're just about done writing the show and divvying up props. Brian came home and did not enjoy his show this evening. Andy is ordering a pizza and Kris is going to leave.

August 19 -8:35 Am-The Flat
We have a tech rehearsal at 9:30 am. I am dressed and caffinated. Desperatly trying to figure out what I should be figuring out. I don't know how I got to this place.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bus of the Darned

August 17-9:55 am- Kilmahog-Scotland
Andy and I decided to take the tour. Kris got us all worked up and then didn't show. We went by the Castle Duone that was in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Andy forgot his dramamine and is now a bit quesy. We are stopped for breakfast. I had the Scottish Breakfast- egg,black pudding, sausage, "bacon", toast, potato something and coffee. The Black Pudding was no great shakes.

12:40 PM-Somewhere on the edge of the Highlands
The tour bus has stopped-FINALLY. I can't believe we signed up for this. I am pretty sure I will kill myself by the time we get to Loch Ness. I am , however, catching up on my souvenier purchases. I am mostly thinking about my Mother and cousin . My poor brother is probably going to get a carton of Duty-Free cigarettes from the airport- Charged !
This is mind numbing. I learned how the Campbells murdered the MacDonalds -slaughtered really-as we rode through the Glencoe Mountains. I am getting really tired of looking at mountains. This trip is a combination of driving through the mountains on the island of Crete, coming in from the airport to Park City Utah and driving along the Kangamangus Highway in New Hampshire. Even though I've never been here before, if feels like I've seen it all already.
I wonder where Kris is. Someone please shoot me. This doesn't get back to Edinburgh until 8:30 !!!!!!

3:40 PM-Castle Urquhart
We are at Castle Urquhart on Loch Ness. A ruined castle. Andy is eating grapes and I have just finished an old fashioned strawberry short cake. Looking for Nessie, only found in the gift shop through which you have to walk to get to the castle.

6:25 PM-Piltcharnin-The Old Farmhouse Restaurant
This day will never end . . ..If someone ever suggests taht I take a 12 hour tour anywhere ! I must refuse- unless I will be administered chocolate and sex hourly by the captain of the swim team for the duration of the trip. Riding in a bus is exhausting. Andy needs his Dramamine. We have gotten nothing done. I will never get this day back. I hope Kris is laughing and enjoying himself wherever he is. It would have been nice if we knew the name of the tour company or the street address. Though this is merely a fantasy that the other tour would have been better.
It has been raining for most of the day. Urquahart castle was a ruin. Though looking at Loch Ness was pretty. We really didn't think this one out.

10:50 PM-The Flat
Andy just got a text message from Kris. He is okay, he overslept. He didn't go on any tours -Lucky Bastard !
The tour comapny we used was called Scotline-Highland Tour. It was 12 hours ! It was fine but it was mostly the same thing over and over -trees, sheep and mountains. Though, with the sheep, I would look for the dog- they leave dogs to keep watch and every once in a while you'll catch one working.

Things I Learned in 12 Hours :
- There are over 3,000 castles in Scotland
- There are more sheep than people
- Robb Roy was really named Robb Roy MacGregor. When they outlawed the name MacGregor he changed his name to Campbell.
- Robb Roy was actually quite short and his arms went as far as his knees
- "Children of the Mist" is what they called Robb Roy's gang of thieves
- A "Loch" is a lake
- There are 37 million people in the world who can claim Scottish ancestry
- The "Three Sisters" are Faith, Hope and Charity -there is a trio of mountains named that
- I don't like black pudding
- Loch Ness has very dark water beause it's bottom is mostly Peat Silt - Just like my pocketbook
- "Jacobite" literally means "Friends of James" as in King James
- Bag Pipes were introduced to Scotland by the Irish -as a joke

In conclusion, don't take a 12 hour bus ride, ever !

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Haggis Issue

August 17-12:05 am -The Flat
Today, Andy and I did laundry. We took a cab. We met an elderly Scottish couple. I helped the woman figure out how to use the machines. They had been married 51 years and knew by the 3rd date , each knew that the other was "the One". While the stuff was drying , I went to the Tescos to get supplies -namely toilet paper. Much better deal than what was purchsaed before, 4 rolls for a pound.
A brief note to address "The Haggis " issue. I have not "Officially" tried Haggis yet. However, I purchased a concoction at the Gregg's next to the laundermatte that I oculd only take 3 bites of. It was called "Scottish Pie" and I can only guess that it's contents were , indeed, Haggis. It had the same consistency as the filling in a pan fried dumpling - only not as good -with bones.
Then we cabbed it back to the flat. I cought up on the papers I had been stockpiling and I read some of the Rough Guide I purchased. Then I headed back out to pick up a souvenier from the Fringe gift store and then I went to Boots. I didn't have a lot to spend, but I got a face scrub, eye gel and eye liner, for fairly short money. All the fashion editors rave about stocking up on stuff from Boots. I am hoping to learn the attraction before I leave here, and thus, be hooked on them like a big Fashion Magazine Editor.
I stopped by the Baby Belly to pick up a Metro and see how Brian's numbers were. They looked pretty good. Kris Earle was just coming out -he saw the first half of Brian's show and said Brian was tryting out some new stuff. I wish I had left the house in time to see his show.
Kris and I headed to the Underbelly to see "Stirring" a show from New York about people forming relationships on the internet and how people just can't seem to connect. I thought it was pretty good. Mr. Earle was not as impressed.
Curry chips sounded good ,so we headed for the Library bar. Kris had regular fries and a hockey puck (school cafeteria rondelet) . I had curry chips and an Irn-Bru (pronounced Earn-Brew). Irn -Bru is an indigenous beverage taht is so beloved in Scotland that it prevents Coca-Cola from getting an adequate toe-Hold in this nation. It tastes like a crossing of orange tonic and bubble gum (Bazooka) flavoring. It is carbonated and on the can there is a warning that says "Caution: Spillage may cause staining". Ah, but I love it !
Kris walked me home. I used my calling card to call the states. I thought I had bought a card that would give me 225 minutes, but it was only a hlaf hour. So, I had to talk really fast and one call was wasted because the connection was so bad.
Kris, Andy and I may go to Loch Ness tomorrow. However, Kris didn't buy the tickets today, so, I don't know what's going to happen.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

And SO it Goes

August 15-7:15pm -The Flat
Andy and I walked to Kris's flat to have a meeting to discuss out possible show titled "P45" about people losing their jobs- because that's what happened to us. It will probably be a "networking/Support Group" structure. It took a really long time to walk to Kris's flat from ours. However, he's got the whole thing to himself !!!! Lucky Bastard AND it cost less for the whole month than my closet a/k/a "The Dutch Oven ". He doesn't have to share his bath room, No one is going to walk in on him.
Ever the gracious host, he put out cheese and crackers. We brought chips and sandwiches for lunch. He made us tea. It was like visiting family. He has a very nice place, though he apparently hasn't had many visitors . .. . ..
Then we headed back to our flat. Andy and Kris went to the karaoke bar and I brought Andy's laptop home. I blogged and now I am trying to prepare myself to go out. Hopefully, I'll get in to see Stwert Lee tonight. I hope, I hope. .. . . . .

August 16, 2005- 1:55 AM-The Flat

Well, I didn't get to see Stewert Lee. Cal asked us to pitch the show idea to him and that took about as long as it would be too late for us to get there in time if we left immediately. Thankfully, Calvin liked the pitch. I think it's a "go" to start Thursday.
Then we ran out to get to Paul Lucas' event at Venue 82. Ny friend Cyndi had e-mailed me that I should introduce myself to him. It was an event for New York based artists to make connections and hang out. Parker Entertainment is a New York company and , of course, everyone knows Calvin.
Paul sent us over to DeNiro's for dinner. He told us to tell "Hugo" that Paul sent us - we got a discount on the bill ! Yippee ! Then we stopped by the Spiegel Tent and headed over to the Library. I got tomorrow's Scotsman , hung out for a while. It was really warm in there and then Andy and I left. When we were leaving Demetri Martin and Eugene Mirman were coming in. I said hi to both. Eugene said "Hi Dot".
Here I am now. I must admit, I like walking around , out doors , at night. It reminds me of being a kid and we'd have sleepouts in the back yard of Keeley's and after it was really late enough -we'd roam around the neighborhood at 3 in the morning.. It's so quiet and cool at that time of the night. End transmission.

4 out of 5 Stars !

Hi Ya! The 3 Weeks for today gave the storytelling show a 4 star review. I am mentioned for the obscene voicemail story. Wheee !!!! Feel free to go check it out at ( for August 16 under "Anthology -Free"). Three Weeks comes out daily and then they issue a newspaper once a week. Oh ,that's good ! Once again , Andrew J. Lederer has had a positive affect on my life. Yay ! I feel so much better. I'm sure Brian will appreciate it as well. I will blog more later, I just had time to do this now. yay !

Monday, August 15, 2005

It Is Done

August 14-2:45 am- The Flat

Today, Brian just cut out the sketches. They aren't jibing with the one man portion , potentially huting his chances at a good review. So, they are gone. I am disappointed and my heart hurts, but I'll get over it. Apparently , he had a pretty good size audience -62 regulars and 2 reviewers.
Andy and I went to dinner at Kushi's - where we went the first night. I saw Dead End, the show before ours , they had a reviewer coming -they came to ours , so , we went to theirs. It took me a while to fugure out the metaphor, but it was well done.
Then Kris and I went to see "Jane Godley Is Innocent" she's a Scottish writer and comic . She was good but I had trouble understanding her accent and Kris fell asleep. Then we headed to the Library. I wanted to buy a Scotsman from the blind man. Somehow, Kris and I got disconnected. I read my paper and headed out to Spank.
Brian ,Andy and I couldn't get in on our venue passes. The guy at the door said they were sold out, then Rain Pryor came along and they let us all in.
It just wsan't as thrilling as the first night. The audiences are turning, they will fight you. Our flat mate, Andrew J. Lederer, did a set and he was really good. Then Stephen K.Amos, he was very good. I'd like to go see his show. Then they had intermission and I just came home.
The weather is cooler right now.
August 15-3:15 am -The Flat
Well, it was a fruitful day for an unemployed actress. Did Andrew's story telling show. Went all over the place looking for some Omeprisol for his gout. Did the obscene voicemail story. And then Andy Ofiesh described all the body parts that I had used the word "Thing" in. There were children in the audience, I felt they were too young to hear that.
Checked the box for Brian, had a cherry pie, got some curry chips and headed back to the flat to discuss the P45 show which is the Inland Revenue Form Everyone has to fill out when they lose their jobs.
Saw "Dirty Fan Male" about the letters Porn Stars get from their fans. Kris and I really liked it, Andy thouht it was okay. Tried to see Stewert Lee's show but it was sold out. Instead , we went to see "Meat" which was about anthropormorphised dogs and gazzelles. In the spirit of the Fringe, it was appropriate, but I don't see it going to Broadway. Then we saw Reggie Watts, who was very inventive and quite funny . A bizarre looking man -think "black Tiny Tim" . A fire alarm went off before he was finished and all the caves in the Underbelly had to be evacuated. Saw Eugene Mirman during the fire drill. We waved to each other.
We headed up to the Library and went to see Phat Cave - a stand-up comedy show. This was the first time I had trouble understanding what the comics were saying. Their brogues/accents were so thick , I kept leaning over to Rain and asking "Is he really saying anything ?" She would just shrug her shoulders because she couldn't understand a word either.
There was a great midget comic on -Tanya Lee Davis- from Canada. She was great. Then at the end , Brendan Burns was up and he had her sitting on his lap and then he had her wrestle an audience member. Brendan himself almost got clocked when he straddled a man in the audience and started to kiss him. The guy picked Brendan up and tossed him. When Brendan collected himself he said"Fair enough ! I think I've had my Bluff called !" It was interesting , but nothing is going to match that first night at Spank.
We went back up to the Library , but I split because it was really time for me to go. And here I am. My laundry was still not dry when I got home. I put it in at 5pm. I am less pissed and just mostly annoyed at the inconvenience.

Updating As Fast As I Can

August 12, 2005 -11:20 pm -The Flat
Audience 21
Possible Audience Members who were reviewers-1

Today started late, because last night ended so late. Brian and I flyered the Pleasance Courtyard. I think Brian would have been more comfortable having his first period. Then I went to Tesco's and did a little grocery shopping. Came home, blogged,got dressed and then went back out to do the show.
I thought the audience loved Brian,but the sketches sort of fell on the floor like wet rolls of toilet paper. Brian may ax the sketches altogether. He needs a good review.
Then we went to the Ediacom party at the Electric C venue. Ediacom is "our" PR firm-the PR firm that Parker Entertainment is using here. It was a very low key affair, open bar, snacks were gone by the time we arrived. Again, no one really seemed to want to talk with us and we, pretty much, just talked amongst ourselves. Rain, Cal, Christine, Emily and Jeff arrived -so I didn't want to seem rude by departing simultaneously.
Rain and I left and walked up to the Gilded Baloon venue and got curry fries. Oh My GAWD !!!! Curry fries are the best ! Everyone must try them. We must get them in Boston !
Rain and I hung out at the Library for a while, then we took a cab back home. Don't know if we're going back out . Don't really care at this point.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


When I was a teenager, I was filled with a burning desire for crumpets. I spent a couple of weeks calling bakeries, checking supermarkets and enquiring at Specialty food stores. I couldn't find crumpets anywhere. I really wanted to know what they tasted like. Where they like donuts ? Where they like crackers ? Where they sweet or salty ? I had no idea but I wanted to know.
The notion had invaded my mind by way of a Shirley Temple movie. I believe it was "The Little Princess" . Arthur Treatcher sneaks Shirley crumpets up to her attic hovel, after her fortunes have turned. Little Shirley seemd so greatful for the tiny morsel. It must have been heavenly !
So, yesterday on my way back to the flat , I stopped in to the Margiotta to get newspapers and I saw a package of crumpets ! 89p ! I had to have them . I had no idea what to expect. They are like a combination of an English muffin and a Bialys. A lot of nooks and crannies. It never really gets toasted because it's pretty moist. It's round, and has the consistency of bread dough, which I guess it is. It was fine enough, but not the culinary orgasm I was expecting. Much like my senior prom . .. .

Friday, August 12, 2005

More Blog

5:15 pm-August 11,2005-The Flat
I am going to dismantle the fucking foos ball table that keeps getting moved to in front of my closet room door. I had already moved it once. No one is playing this thing, it is primarily there for me to bump into. If I dismantle it, no one will find the body parts.
Awoke at 10 and was showered and ready to go by 10:45 am. Calvin had called for a "pancake " meeting. He had invited Unexpected Company so that we could brainstorm ideas. It was supposed to start at noon . Nothing had started by noon. No pan cakes , no meeting, no arriving guests had started. Brian , Andrew and I had to leave to go do the story telling show @ the Laughing Horse . I would be happy to transcribe my notes , but, trust me, it's pretty boring.
Brian, Andrew, and I called a cab and off we went. The crowd trickles in but it always get larger, rather than smaller. Andrew was heckled by an English Born Egyptian who was trying to get stage time . It was a little uncomfortable, but Andrew handled himself well. He brought me up first and I told the obscene voicemail story. Then Brian (who brought the house down) did a bit from the show. Then Domenic Frisbie and then heckler "Saif". We made enough money to get reimbursed for the cab. Then I went to Baby Belly to check the box office numbers.

August 11, 11:05 PM -The Flat

We had about 30 people in the audience. Though it was a good show, last night felt better. I came right home. Andy beat me, but he had ordered pizza ! I updated my blog as much as I could stand to type. The plan is to attend the Spank show.

August 12, 3:50 am - The Flat

Attended Spank, saw another amazing show-The Slaughterhouse Live a 4 man sketch group that just hit the ground running. Then Silas something or other -The "Blind" blues singer who doesn't know he's white and he's got "A-Thrite-Us" . A one note joke, but he was committed to it. Then Jackie Loeb , very funny , song parodies, but still very funny. She's Austarlian. She imitated Shakira, but she does not have the body for it, but her Jelly Belly was perfect for the belly dancing. Then a break, then one minute naked promo-Andy got up and did it again. Brought the house down. Then Dan Calrk, then Scott Capurro-a tall skinny gay Don Rickles that did about 35 minutes. The show went until 3:15 am.
We were sitting up front and something about me made a couple of the comics feel like it was okay to to talk to me. That is the number one reason I don't like sitting up front. Scott Capurro wanted to know if I was fucking one of the 6 guys I was sitting with. Then he called me "A Ginger". I had no idea what that was. I thought it was a Gilligan's Island reference. I had to ask one of the Security guys what it meant. It's a red head.
At the end of the show, because I was sitting closest to the stage , it took me longer time to get out of the club. When I got out, Andy and Brian were gone. Cal and Jeff said they left. So, I headed for home. Jeff walked with me through the Meadows. It is drizzling here, but I had my hooded fleece to keep me dry. When we got back , Andy and Brian were already home and wanted to know where I went. they hadn't left , they had just gone to the bathroom.

Spoke to Mum . She said the cat is depressed and misses me. She needs to take him to the vet to get his nails clipped, but can't get him into the carrier box by herself. So, she has devised a plan to clip one nail a day, while he is sleeping, so he won't notice. Because he's asleep. I think he will notice.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

More of August 9

Brian and my original intention was to flyer the lunch crowd near where the Gala took place the other night . At 12:15 he still didn't seem mobile, Andy said I should head to Laughing Horse -I could flyer down the Mile to the Cafe . So , right then, that's what I did. I flyered down the Mile , stopped in at our venue Box Office -24 regular tickets , 10 2 for 1 and 1 reviewer from the "Scotsgay" . Bumped into Kris Earle and headed to the Laughing Horse.
So, I get down to the Laughing Horse at Cowgate and Kris meets me in front of the club. On my flyering trip, I found a cafe that offers free internet. There's only 3 computers and you have to wait, but it's free internet. The name of the place is "Bongo".
So, I hosted the show feeling woefully unprepared and kind of sticky, since I'm wearing dirty pants. I open explaining that I'm the substitute host for ANdrew and I start with the Relationships are like buses section from my stand-up. Still a lot of time left, so I told my "Oh My Goawd " story about one of my jobs. Then I brought up Kate Smurthwaite who's doing a show at the Pleasance Dome-she is "Compering" -which means hosting , a stand-up show. Then when she was done with her story about her sister -in -law, Claire, I told the Squirrel story again, because I couldn't think of anything else to do. Andrew wasn't there yet.
I thought there was going to be another woman story teller,so- I brought Kris up and then Andrew arrived and then Sarah Bennetto came up to him, she had been there the whole time. It would have been convenient for me if she introduced herself. Then I brought Sarah up and I didn't do any time in between, when she was done, I brought Andrew up and he basically told the story of why he was late to his own show.His actual interview is for tomorrow. Sarah will host the storytelling show. We made 2 pounds in the jug. Andrew split it with me. Then I walked up here. I'm going to flyer the tables and go home. Go to the Dungeons and Dragons internet cafe. End 3:30 pm

Augist 9, 9:25 pm- The Flat
Tonight we had 39 in the audience and 1 reviewer from the "Scotsgay" paper. I think we finally hit on a useable order. Brian, Therapy Man, Depth Charges . It's a long way to come for one sketch, but if it's okay with Brian, then it's gonna have to be okay by me. Brian got a good response from the audience which should lend itself favourably to a good review for "us". I am doing another wash to see if I am cursed. We amight make spaghetti, if Calvin comes home with the fix'ins.

August 10, 2005 -2:50 PM -The Flat
Calvin did indeed come home with the fix'ins and our 2 new interns Christina and Emily. I didn't feel much like socializing. I really just wanted to sit by myself and read the papers. Calvin started calling out for me. I don't know why, they seemed to have enough people without me. Jeff made the spaghetti. I found the mention of last Friday's Spank in Monday's Metro, but they don't actually say Andy's name and The "Nigerian Spam Scam" got top billing - I was annoyed by that. So then Calvin drags me out of my room because he thinks Andy is scaring Cristine and Emily. So, I come out , they are lovely but I wish I was home with my Mum and my cat and my costly car.
I didn't go out last night- mostly because I didn't want to do anything that would be interesting to blog. In the paper , I read a stoty about 2 elderly sisters who died in a fold-up bed in Spain. Tragic -but Hilarious ! The obits-Peter Jennings, Lucky Thompson and Ibrahim Ferrer passed away.
I awoke at 10 and was in and out of the shower by 10:45 am ! - I washed my hair and got to use a clean dry towel. I was so happy. I walked to the Laundromatte on South Clerk St. Actually, Rebecca, the cleaning lady's mother, gave me a ride to the place. They had Maytags ! I know how to work that . I got a coffee and newspapers and the whole thing was washed and dried in an hour . Nothing was green !
Then I walked back to Marchmont, picked up the disc from my picture stick, logged at the Dungeons and Dragons cafe and here I am now. Brian hooked up the Wi Fi, so, those with computers may now use them -indoors !

August 10 -12:55 am -The Flat
Audience Members -19
Audience members who were reviewers -1
Tonight was a good show. Brian 's piece , give the audience the option to stay or leave , then we did Therapy Man and Depth Charges. That looks like the order we are going to use. I can't believe I've come all this way just to do one sketch -but I guess I did.
We had after show sandwiches at the Baby Belly bar (also a cave) and then Andy had been invited to see the Pajama Men show, I went with him. It was 2 guys dressed in pajamas and I couldn;t tell if it was improv or scripted. I just thought they were really good.
Then I came home with the intention of going back out to Spank but I did some hand washing and I had the place to myself, so it was just easier to stay in.
The weather today was really nice . The sky was a brilliant blue on my way in to the show tonight.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just Logging

August 9-3 AM -The Flat
Today started at 11 am. Andy and I went and did Andrew's storytelling show at the Laughing Horse at Cowgate. It's a free show at 1:45 pm every day through the festival. I told the Squirrel story, Andy told the nude beach story and Andrew , the host, kibbitzed with the audience. He riffed on one guy sitting in the front row's name. His name was James and Andrew did an ad-lib about the King James Bible. Turns out "James" is a journalist and Andrew cut my second story, so he could do a piece from his show. Andrew put out a jar and I made 2 pounds !
Then Andy, Andrew and I went to hang out at 33 Pleasance. It's a courtyard in the middle of about 10 venues. We had lunch and fretted about reviews. We debated some on which newspaper had printed Rain's review. I flyered the tables and then Andy and I headed for the flat. He had his bike, so he lead me in the right direction and then took off.
Came home, threw in some laundry, (which still is not finished at this hour) talked with Rain a bit. Discussed the possible show order for tonight with Brian. We all got dressed and then headed to the show. There were more people there tonight and there was another reviewer. AND someone from the Perrier committee. So Brian did his stuff up front, gave the audience a choice of staying or leaving and then we did Therapy Man, Salad and Depth Charges. Most of the audience stayed. Also, James from this afternoon's show , was in the audience. Last night's show felt better, but I think just because they were quieter doesn't mean they weren't enjoying the show. Just . . . last night's show felt better.
Then we headed up to the Underbelly to see Eugene Mirman's show. It was really good. While we were cued up to get into the show, 2 people came up to us who had seen our show the night before and really enjoyed it. Their names were Sarah and John -Americans-and their comments made a huge differnce to us. Because we were seeing the show on venue passes, we had to wait until they'd seated all the paying customers -so, Sarah and John saved us 4 seats up front . That was so nice !
Then we decided to go to dinner at some place nice. Andrew Lederer met up with us. Both Andrew and Kris had checked out this place and we all decided to go there. It was Gennaro's in the Grass Market. The waiters there could barely speak English. It was a lovely , really nice meal. I had the spaghetti Carbonara. Kris had ordered minestrone soup and he leaned over to me and said "this is the most vegetables I've had since I got here".
After the meal, we all parted company. Andy got toilet paper and Vicks and went home. Brian was going to try out his Assembly Room pass and Andrew agreed to walk me to the Library so I could pick up the Scotsman and the most recent daily reviews in 3 Weeks . [I should explain that the Scottsman and the 3 Weeks are publictions that have reviews and news of the festival. I haven't been wandering around Edinburgh trying to mate with the Locals . . .] When we got there , it wasn't out yet, so we went inside to see who was around. On the way in , Andrew bumped in to his friend Alex and the 3 of us made our way in.
I was still very interested in picking up a Scotsman, Alex sent me over to the Pleasance - but it wasn't there , either. So , I came back and we were talking and it turns out Alex had a role in "Batman Begins" - he was one of the Stormtroopers ! I was flipped out ! I thought that was awesome. He's here doing a play by J.M. Barrie that's a ghost story. His girl friend and their dog are coming next week. I hope I get to meet his dog. I miss my kitty.
Andrew returned with the daily 3 weeks and the reviews of both our shows were in it. We both got pretty good reviwes. By this time , Brian had joined us and he was visibly relieved. That was the small audience that was mostly composed of reviewers. After the congratulations were exchanged, I headed home. I was hoping for this to be an early night. Oh well, wrong again !

Agust 9, 2005-3:10 pm - The Courtyard at the Pleasance
Awoke about 10:45 am with the intention that Brian and I would flyer the business district. Andrew unexpectedly got a radio interview with BBC Scotland and he asked me to host the Story Telling Show. I was psyched ! Brian was a bit slow going, I think his back is starting to bother him. I hung out and chatted with Rain, Andy and Andrew and then me finally got in the shower and then got dressed. The pants I put in the washer - yesterday afternoon -still had not finished. When I was finally able to get them out, everything had a slight tint of green . Since it had been steeping since yesterday, the dominant bleeder was a green t-shirt AND it was still damp ! I'm right pissed about this.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quick Attempt

3:45 am August 8 - The Flat
Just got in. My feet hurt. My $8.00 sandals from Target held up admirably. Though I will surely be crippled for the day.
So, the show went the best tonight. It was 2 for 1 and we had about 44 people. In the cave, it looked like a lot more. They liked the sketches and they l0ved Brian. He's been throwing in some great ad-libs. I cried at the box-office when they told me how many were going to be there.
We came home after the show and went to the Fringe Opening Gala. I wore my fancy lace skirt and the silky black v-neck shirt and the Target sandals. I wore my hair down. I looked fantastic ! I looked great for no good reason because people pretty much just hung out with the group they came with-as did we. I ventured off on my own, but no one really seemed to be all that into socializing. So, I met back up with Brian, Andy and Kris and we took a cab back over to the Library. Then Rain, Lisa and I went up to Phat Cave to catch Mickey D's show. Mikey's last name is Dwyer. So, I was wondering if there was a family connection. He was really good. His first guy was Tom Gleeson, Australian, very good. Then Rob Gilbert, from Wales, he did this amazing bit about losing his luggage. Then some guy, I am sure is a Brit, but goes as an American named Travis Dixon. He sang songs and he was pretty good. Then we went downstairs for a drink. Then back up to see Brendan Burns in a latex nun suit working on some material. Mikey D saved his ass with donuts -now that was brilliant.
Then we went back downstairs and hung out for a bit. At 2:30 am , I felt I needed to go. Andy walked me back. I held on to his elbow to keep from falling - not because I was drunk but I was wearing high heel shoes- like I was a little old lady. I don't know how I can possibly keep this schedule without dying . However , I will at least die trying.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

To Finish Friday

So, to finish with Fantastic Friday. The club is in hystercis. Brendan has brought the house down and everyone is still giggly. So, they take a break to sell more drinks and then they come back. They open the second half with "If there 's anyone who would like to do a one minute promo for their show they can come on up if . . ... they'll do it naked. You can only do your promo if you're naked " . . . . . Andy's hand shoots up . . . .both Leon and James eyebrows shoot up "You know mate, you've got to be naked" Andy's like " Yeah , I know , I don't have a problem with that" and the place goes crazy. They're screaming, Andy's taking his clothes off, Brian and I have our cameras out. I'm shoutin "Andy! ... . Nooooooo !" Everyone was cheering him on and he did the promo for the show. He didn't do any of his "A" naked material, he was too confused by all the screaming and cheering. But I was so proud of him because he actually did a promo for the show. Now that's great advertising. I have no idea if it's going to sell any tickets for us, but it was an amazing stunt.
Then a guy from PaulProvenza'a show "The Nigerian Spam Scam" named Victor got up and did his promo and then Brendan dared him to dunk his penis in a beer, Victor said bring it on up mate, Brendan did , Victor dunked and then Brendan drank the beer. The place was crazy ! Wild ! Screaming fest ! How the fuck do you follow that ? And someone did, Robin Ince. He commended Andy for his bravery and that he could never do that himself. Brendan was heckling him from our table to get him to take if off and Robin was having none of that. Then it was Howard and Little Howard -it was an interactive computer cartoon bit. I thought it was brilliant but kind of technologically disonant with all the other stuff on stage. Then Rain did some of her characters from her show and she was really pleased with what she did. It was an amazing hilarious show. Then we headed over the "The Library" and hung out. We got home at 4 am. It was quite an evening. On the way home , Brian remarked, "No one was ever more prepared for that moment than Andy.That's why he's here." If nothing else happens while we're here , that night alone would have been all worth it.

So. August 6 -Continued
3:30 am The Flat
Tonight was less exciting. We stayed to see Rain's show because her show started late and our's ended early. Then Brian, Kris , Andy and I went to the Pleasance and had some food. I am eating way too many French Fries a/k/a/ "Chips". Then Brian and I walked home. Andy let me blog and then I walked back into town with the intention of going of see tonight's Free Beer show. When I got within a couple of blocks of the venue, Rain called me to say the show was sold out and they were heading over to the library bar. It's a place where a lot of the performers and press hang out and relax and "get pissed". Rain's interview came out, and it was a whole page ! And the pictures look great.
I hung out as long as I could take it. It wasn't awful, but I was tired and therefore I wasn't very sociable. I walked back across the Meadows. It is cool, cold, like a late October-November. Like the Autumn I spent working on Nantucket. I wish I had thought to bring some warmer clothes. I feel frumpy because I have limited clothing options. I wish I had different shoes. I am really tired.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sunday Morning

It's actually 3 am here. I just got in from "the Library" and Andy left his computer out for me to use. So, I'm catching up.

11:05 PM August 6-The Flat
Audience = 8
Audience Members who are reviewers = 2
Finished the show. We had 8 people in the audience, 2 of them were reviewers. Probably not the best night for them to come. We changed up the order of the show.
Therapy Man
Salad Sketch
The other Tech , Sylvia, was on tonight and she's a little slower on the cues. I hope we get good reviews. I have no idea what the audience thought. I mean. they were laughing, but what were they really thinking ??????
So, back to "Spank" .. . . . .. So, the next Comic was Brendan Burns and the crowd went wild ! We had no idea ! He's really big over here. Like Chris Rock or maybe Jerry Seinfeld back in the day. Though I think a more appropriate description would be Chris Rock and ANdrew Dice Clay. He was even drunker than when we had seen him earlier and I thought to myself " This is going to be embarrasssing". But how wrong I was ! He was hilarious ! I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard ! He brought the house down ! People were buying him drinks afterward. Cuz he was sitting at our table ! Then the big blond guy who played the guitar and he was really funny as well. I could hear people singing along to his songs in the crowd. I apologize for not remembering his name. But none of us in the flat could remember a single name of any of the comics except Brendan and Rain. Then they took a break.

Later Saturday

1:45 pm -The Flat
I am now dressed and teeth are brushed. I am going to attempt flyering. So, last night was the most amazing night ever ! Rain was going to do a set at Spank -the club in the Under Belly venue called "Belly Dancer"-also a cave. The hosts are James and Leon.. We were there early and a little crew girl was giving me a hassle about letting us in and James just crooked his finger and bid us in. It's useful to know people. So,we got in early and were, thus, able to secure 2 tables for our little "Parker Entertainment" group. As soon as the doors were open, people ran in to get good seats-like it ws Woodstock or July 4rth on the Esplanade ! All trying to get a good spot.
At some point, Brendan Burns plopped himself down at our table. He was 3 sheets to the wind ! So, at our table it's Rain, Brendan, Andy and me. The crowd was really excited -they've got smoke machines and flashing lights and music is blasting. The back wall has "Spank" written in pink glitter, on the stage. The air was electric with excitement and expectation -for what ? -no one was quite sure . . . .
So , the hosts are cute and charming, they do this sort of cheer that every time some one says "Spank" the audience yells "We Love It !". I can't remember the name of the first act - a guy doing standup about is wife dying of cancer -actually very funny. The 2 Nevilles -they did a cockney act , which I didn't get and then they did it backwards and that was pretty funny. Then the Cancer guy and the two Nevilles did an act otgether that involved glasses and music. They were like glass musicians-except they weren't really . .. glass musicians. You know the guys that fill the glasses with water and run their fingers around the rim . . . Oh come on ! You know what I'm talking about ! . . .. .

First Saturday

August 5, 3:30pm-The Flat

Out the door at 11.Went downtown to try and get pictures printed from my digital camera. It sort of worked, but not well enough to use for my venue pass. So, I went and got my passport photo copied. Brought it to the press office- they said it would get done later and I could pick it up from the Pigeon holes at the Baby Belly. Checked to see where that was.Stopped at the Dragons and Dungeons internet cafe to enter my blogs. Bought some yogurt ,pairs, apples, a bag of salad and a Scotsman newspaper. Brian ,Andy and Rain were home. Andy went out to get his pass taken care of. Brian left to do errrands and Lisa came to get Rain because Rain had a radio interview.
I am alone. It is nice.

August 5, 11 pm The Flat
Audience -22
Audience Members over 30 years of age- 0
I took a long nap and "made" the caesar salad I picked up on the way home. Andy shared his pre-packaged Mac & cheese with me. We took a cab over to the venue. Brian wanted to bring a couple of pieces so that we could reduce the change-up.
The company before us took a long time to finish and get out. So, that makes us late. We started out strong enough, but the audience was so young that they hadn't hadn't had their souls cruched completely by Corporate Dronage. Brian was ad-libbing and cracking us up, but he wasn't quite satisfied. Since we started the show late, the show was getting later & later and so, we changed it up and went from Therapy Man to Depth Charges.
We finally got out venue passes. We met up with Rain, Calvin & Lisa & Jeff at the Pleasance and then we bumped in to Brendan Burns and he was so excited to see Rain and his friend invited her to see the UK showing of the Aristocrats and , without thinking , I said "Can we come too ? We're her flat mates !"Probably could have been more tactful, but , oh well,.. Then we came home to find that Brian and Andy had internet connection.

August 6, 1:15 pm The Flat
To explain the timelines- since I don't have easy access to a computer, I've been recording events in my notebook when I get a free moment. Which is why some entries are so short and others so long. I'll write when I get in and the I may not get to log again for another day or 2. I still haven't logged the actual description of our performance space. Which I will return to later.

First Saturday

August 5, 3:30pm-The Flat

Out the door at 11.Went downtown to try and get pictures printed from my digital camera. It sort of worked, but not well enough to use for my venue pass. So, I went and got my passport photo copied. Brought it to the press office- they said it would get done later and I could pick it up from the Pigeon holes at the Baby Belly. Checked to see where that was.Stopped at the Dragons and Dungeons internet cafe to enter my blogs. Bought some yogurt ,pairs, apples, a bag of salad and a Scotsman newspaper. Brian ,Andy and Rain were home. Andy went out to get his pass taken care of. Brian left to do errrands and Lisa came to get Rain because Rain had a radio interview.
I am alone. It is nice.

August 5, 11 pm The Flat
Audience -22
Audience Members over 30 years of age- 0
I took a long nap and "made" the caesar salad I picked up on the way home. Andy shared his pre-packaged Mac & cheese with me. We took a cab over to the venue. Brian wanted to bring a couple of pieces so that we could reduce the change-up.
The company before us took a long time to finish and get out. So, that makes us late. We started out strong enough, but the audience was so young that they hadn't hadn't had their souls cruched completely by Corporate Dronage. Brian was ad-libbing and cracking us up, but he wasn't quite satisfied. Since we started the show late, the show was getting later & later and so, we changed it up and went from Therapy Man to Depth Charges.
We finally got out venue passes. We met up with Rain, Calvin & Lisa & Jeff at the Pleasance and then we bumped in to Brendan Burns and he was so excited to see Rain and his friend invited her to see the UK showing of the Aristocrats and , without thinking , I said "Can we come too ? We're her flat mates !"Probably could have been more tactful, but , oh well,.. Then we came home to find that Brian and Andy had internet connection.

August 6, 1:15 pm The Flat
To explain the timelines- since I don't have easy access to a computer, I've been recording events in my notebook when I get a free moment. Which is why some entries are so short and others so long. I'll write when I get in and the I may not get to log again for another day or 2. I still haven't logged the actual description of our performance space. Which I will return to later.

First Saturday

First Saturday

Friday, August 05, 2005

Fuck Thorough

Okay, I think I'm going to start to slack off on the minute details. Though I made a commitment to doing this blog, the pressure of getting to a computer every day is driving me crazy. Oh well , here goes :
August4 10:45 am -The Flat
So much for getting out and flyering "The Mile" at 10:30. I don't know what time Calvin, Brian and Andrew returned this morning but they know where the flyers are. I slept straight through to 10 am. I have no structure.

August 5 , 3am -The Flat
Ah , gee, well , tonight was our first show. We managed to get the plastic tubs and the back drop sheets and I got down to the venue to get a big stack of post cards. I got a cheery/apple /almond Chunait- the woman at Piemakers said it was a croissant-they had just spelled it wrong.
Got drenched on the way home, but I was able to time the walk- 30 minutes. Took a nap -Kris was here. Brian, Rain and I walked to the venue for our first show. Rain looked beautiful.
We had 18 people ! I cried, I was so happy . The boys didn't really get as ferklemt as I did. For the most part , they loved Brian and then they drifted away and then they came back. In the sketches, they loved Andy and then they drifted away but we got them back with Depth Charges. Overall , we felt pretty good. We went to Hennigan's for Guiness and grub. They have the best bar food here ! I had a BLT that was out of this world. Andy had a baked stuffed potatoe like you read about.
We all parted ways.
I came home and changed.
I met up with Andy at the "Free Beer " show (They're ripping off the Walshes !) Every one got a free Fosters .We really wanted to see Eugene Mirman. There were obnoxious drunks in the audience, so the host really had to deal with them, which was a shame, because I bet his real material was brilliant. The show was supposed to start at 11:45, they didn't let us in until 12:20.
The first comic was Damian Hurst, from Australia- very good. Peter Cain who was good and dark and then Eugene, he was so worth the wait. I was so gad we got to see him. Then we came home and here I am . Goo-Nite.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


3:55 pm Baby Belly II Internet cafe nearby

It's raining. Got the last of the props. Have to walk back to the flat. I will be soaked. Tonight is our first show. I'm freaking out because I have a clock running in the top of this page and I'm not going to get anything updated. Finally got some post cards for our show. Too late to give it the reporter that came to interview Rain. We don't have our passes for the Baby belly venue. We must make that a priority ! Actually, not eating meat pies is going to need to be a priority. I can only imagine what it's going to be like performing in a cave during a rain storm. I 'm glad we have a washer/dryer in the place. Seacrest Out !


Then we went down to the Box office and found out our numbers. 141 is pretty good. Then we wanted coffee and computers. Brian went on to get more prop pieces, Calvin and Andy went to get phones- with the plan to meet up with us at the Fringe office -and Rain and I headed to Starbucks.
Calvin assured us that there was a lounge and internet service provided for Fringe participants. However, when we got there, it was not actually ready, and we couldn't actually use the computers, but we had committed to waiting for Calvin and Andy. So, we ended up sitting on a couch , drinking our coffee and shooting the breeze.After an hour, we decided they weren't coming back and Rain offered to spring for a cab. The pot was really getting to me, so I readily agreed. Of course, all the cabs were filled and we ended up walking All the way home anyway.
PS-Andy's luggage still has not arrived. We got props in there !

August 3, 11:15 am the flat
I awoke at 9 am to the sound of the cleanig lady arriving with her 4 kids and mother shortly thereafter.Brian and Calvin went out to get juice and croissants. We met in "The Lounge" to discuss the order of the day. Rain very graciously shared her Bodum coffee with me this morning.I am showered , dressed and my teeth are bruhed. My back hurts from yesterday's tumble. The weather is cool and overcast. Andy has gone to the airport to hopefully collect his luggage and Brian is doing something with props. Our plan is to catch a cab at 11:30 and head to the venue for our tech-in the caves.

August 3 2:10 pm Tech Rehearsal at Baby Belly II
Our venue is a cave. Literally -a cave. during quiet moments you can hear the wind whistling through the caverns. Andy just arrived-2:15 pm. Brian and I took a cab over with the rolling chair,2 tables , the pot and the folding stool. Our tech person Lou was outside waitng for us. Kris arrived shortly after we got to the "theater".

Aug 3, 2:35-Andy wants to know if there 's a lot of spelunkers in the area beause that's the only people that are going to be interested in coming to our show.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Settling In

August 3, 1 am, The Flat
After my trip to the internet cafe, I purchased a delicious ice cream on a stick at the Margiotta (the local corner store)and ambled back to the flat. Every one was in "the Lounge" A/K/A Calvin's room. A bottle of Smirnoff was open on the table and we were all hectically trying to get each other's cell phone numbers into our new cell phones. Upon my return, Kris had found his way to us ! Thank you St. Anthony !
Calvin was lobbying for Shwarma for dinner and , eventually, he got his way. It was a little hole in the wall place and we basically drove all the locals out. I had something called "yogurt shish" - a/k/a chicken yogurt shish. We meandered to a loud pub and settled on a quiet pub - Biddy Mulligan's. Rain and I had a Red Bull and everyone else was drinking Guinness. Then we headed to a pub closer to our house. They were having a Karoake night.
As we were wandering the cobble stoned streets, it felt like we were a gang-without colors or jackets- a gang of "Show Folk". The weather here is cool, like a New England October. I am glad I thought to bring a jacket -my faithful hooded fleece.
Earlier in the day, we headed out to gather props. There were 5 of us- Brian,Andy,Calvin,Rain and me. Part way through, Brian got his bike. The phrase "like herding kittens" comes to mind. The slow walking, stopping and regrouping - it was exhausting. Necessary, but exhausting.
We got lunch, a couple of times. I got some souveniers and , by the end of the day, we had almost all our props. Earlier on, we got a giant aluminum pot for the bucket of head and I volunteered to carry it. It's a great pasta pot -it cost like 16 pounds. It was unwieldy,and sometimes I felt like I needed to explain that it was a prop and not a purse.
We went to the venue- it's in a cave. Our posters aren't up , so Calvin had us march up to the press office. Between our venue and the office, I had fallen in the street, and , once again , landed on my " good" knee . I now have a substantial bruise. So, by the time we were worming our way down the castle tower steps from the press office, I was right skittish. They were tiny stairs and winding. One wrong step and I would have been laying in a clump with a broken neck.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Better Late Than Never

Okay, I've been writing in my notebook expecting to blog from the flat. That ain't hapening until next week sometime.This is my 4rth attempt today to get the writng in.

Okay, Forthwith:
JULY 31/AUGUST 1,2005 Somewhere over the Atlantic,2:15 am est
Our flight from Manchester was about an hour and a half late taking off. We landed in Newark about 5 minutes before our connecting flight was set to take off. Brian went up the ramp to talk to "A representative" and I waited for the checked Carry-on bags to get delivered. Brian said a cart was coming for us.
And so it did. Our driver was a pleasant Pakistani guy. Our cart did not have a horn so he had to keep saying "Beep,Beep" to get people to move out of the way. Thankfully, he drove quite fast.
I was seized be a definite need to wave to people as we sped by. It seemed like the most appropriate behaviour in a speeding golf cart. We picked up a couple of hitch hikers also heading to the same gate as us. I think Brian was a little embarassed by my actions. But it felt like the right thing to do.
The woman at the gate told us to take any seat we culd find (in Coach) because they had already been seated. Unbelievably, we found 2 seats in an Emergency Exit row. We both took seats closest to the exit door and both of us had empty middle seats in our rows. Remarkably, we were able to stow our carry-on in the overhead compartment. Unbelievable !
They served a lovely dinner of roast beef, potatoes colcannon ( not as good as my friend Margaret makes them) and a carrot and string bean medley. For breakfast, they served coffee, fresh fruit cup (pineapple and grapefruit) and a toasted croissant. We are about 15 minutes from landing. I slept pretty well. The sun is out and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day in Scotland !
I could still use some more sleep and I'll wait until we land to go to the bathroom.
Aug 1- The Flat
51/1 Lauderdale Street,Marchmont
Our plane touched down at 7:36 am. It is now roughly 4:30 AM Boston tme. I am part really tired and really excited to get a room and start unpacking.
Brian and I took a cab from the airport. We are first to arrive. Since I didn't pay for my room, I don't know which one to pick. The closet room, actually is a closet, but it would be really private if not a bit snug. They have somehow managed to squeeze a bunk bed in there -don't know how, but someone did.
I have been taking pictures with the digital camera my brother got me for Xmas, but I don't know if I've saved the stuff or I just keep taking the same one picture over and over again.
August 1, 10:10 pm Edinburgh time
We Are at the Gayola in the Meadows. We went to dinner at Kushi's. We are Brian, Andy, Andrew Lederer, Clayton Wynn, Rain Pryor and the Parker Entertainment intern Lisa.
Land Lord's name is Graham. He brought over a bottle of Glenfiddich. I slept quite a bit. The food at the reatuarant was fantastic. It was Indian and I had a stuffed Haddock in Curry sauce thing that was magnificent ! We ate a lot. We kept ordering stuff , not realizing how much food that it really was going to be.
12:20 am August 2;Scotland time
Back at the flat.
Brian and I walked back from the Gayola about 10 minute after Clay, Rain and Andy left. We left Linda and Andrew behind. Brian looked at a map and figured out which way we should go. We walked by the Gilded Baloon venue, up a lane, left, then left agian through the park. There were fire jugglers practicing in the dark park.
We walked a little out of the way to see if there were any places near by where we could get some of our prop pieces. We caught up with Clay, Rain and Andy.
Brian brought his laptop outside to see if he could pick up a signal. Lo, an behold, he could ! I could only check my e-mail because the signal was so weak. We looked pretty suspicious because it's a dark street corner and we're huddled over a glowing lap top.
I deleted some ads and read a message from a friend that really made me feel like I was connected to home. It was the only message that seemed personal.
My room really is a closet . Though, it affords a certain amount of privacy, I can see it getting claustrophobic. Let's just say , I can see myself doing a lot of crying in here.
AUgust 2; 9:30 am
The Dutch Oven -that's what Andrew has dubbed my closet room.
Made coffee with the Bodum -Plunger thing. I have had a raging caffiene headache since 6:30 am. I don't have a schedule, so I don't know how to schedule my day. I've got to work on that. Took a shower crouching-there is no shower head-just an attachment. Forgot my hairbrush. Need to brush my teeth.
11:15 am the flat
Headache gone. Plan of action devised. I practically begged Brian to tell me what to do and schedule a deadline to do it.
Andy made eggs and toast. I showed Rain how to use the plunger thing. Cal had us take inventory of stuff that the landlord provided. Rain and I are going to amble about. I have a load of wash in the Turbo Dry- let's see how it comes out. I didn't put anything shrinkable in it. Andy is going to get me a phone and I may hand it off to Kris , so we can maintain contact.
Don't know where Kris is now.
I brushed my teeth. I am dressed. I ate a couple of pieces of toast . It was G-O-O-D!
7:05 Internet cafe August 2.
We checked the box office-we have sold 141 tickets so far ! I think that is amazing !
I will log again as soon as I am able. The keys are different on this key board.