Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Okay, I'm Home

Leaving Edinburgh, Andy asked me if I would carry a bag for him. Because on Flyglobespan, they're pretty strict on the weight limits. I was pretty sure I didn't meet the weight limit , so , I agreed to carry his bag for him. Twice I apologized in advance, in case the bags arrive late and twice he responded "No problem, there is nothing in there that I need. Just make sure you take the should strap off and put it in the side pocket. ". Given the reinforced responses, one would believe he meant it. He may have believed it, but there was definitely something in that bag that he needed . . .. .his passport. Fortunately, I found it before the bag got checked . I found it when I opened the side pocket to put the strap in and there was his passport.
So , now we had to get ahold of Andy. Dee had already taken the SIM card out of her phone and it was hard for her to make an international call with her Iphone. Just as we are standing there looking at the Iphone, my name was paged and I was called to the Courtesy desk, it was Andy. I , mistakenly, admitted that the bag belonged to someone else but that I had watched it get packed. I had watched him pack a bag and I thought it was the one he gave me, but I still don't know what I saw him pack. I had to endure a lecture from the girl (and by "Girl" I mean she was about 22, young enough to be my hypothetical daughter) about not accepting bags from strangers. I admit Andy is a little strange, but he is far from being a stranger to me. Dee was trying to contain her horror at my response and simultaneously trying to resolve the situation to where Andy would actually get this very necessary document. He was on his way to the airport to connect with us, my plane was already boarding and Dee's was leaving a half hour after that. We were going to have to rely on the kindness of strangers. I still don't know if Andy made it home. I hurriedly parted company with Dee -she to find the Lost and Found to leave Andy's passport and me up the stairs to try and get on that plane. I was one of the last people on the plane. I never did get a chance to peruse the shops in the departure area. I bought a bottle of water and a candy bar from a vending machine. The plane departed right on schedule. No thanks to me.
Apparently I was on the coughing baby plane. There were three little girls sitting in the row ahead of me who open mouth coughed the whole way home . I could tell that one of the little girl's coughs was getting progressively worse the further we went. By the end of the trip, the mother had finally caught the same cough. They were the Hackers from Hackensack. Three turburcular little vectors of disease. The one that got gradually sicker sounded like she had been smoking 2 packs a day.Frankly, I thought all three had bronchitis. I had no sympathy. I can't believe the mother didn't have cough drops or at the very least admonish them to cover their mouths when they coughed. No. Nothing. Now I've got a sore throat. There should be some sort of rule about parents who don't care for their children. But there isn't.
When I arrived in Newark, I went through customs, got my bags, brought them to the transfer point and tried to find the gate for my plane. We landed at terminal C and I thought my connecting flight was leaving form terminal A. I took the monorail to terminal A and couldn't find a gate with a number that high so I asked an official guy and he tolded me I had to go back to terminal C, where I had just come from. I got back on the monorail and went back to where I had just come from. I found the right gate and figured I'd ask if they could transfer my flight to Boston, instead of Manchester. They did and it was leaving in an hour ! Yay ! Back to terminal A. . . . . I went through security checks 3 times. Each time I went to the wrong terminal, I ended up going through a security check. In the final check , I misplaced my O magazine. I had planned on finishing it and handing off to my ride. The security checks were long and the clientele were testy. Most of the TSA officers weren't all that conversant in either the English language or good customer service. I probably wouldn't be all that great if I was only making $14.00 an hour , either.
I was able to contact Kiki before she left work to let her know I'd be coming in to Boston, instead of Manchester and a couple of hours sooner, to boot. 2 of my bags made the transfer and the third bag got delivered this morning. Kiki and I stopped to get something to eat before I went home. Today , I've partially unpacked and I've done 3 loads of laundry so far. I am currenty showered and I need to call Andy to return his cursed bag to him. I have no idea if my car will run. I really should have done more with my day today, but I am really tired and somewhat unmotivated.
I really had a great time hanging around with everyone. I wish that Brian Longwell and Kris Earle had been there. I also wish Rain Pryor had been around. I'm glad I went and I'm glad to be home. Now what am I gonna do ?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's All Over But The Flying

My bags are packed. I am showered, dressed and ready. I am sipping a cup of tea. Andy is at the other end of the kitchen table checking his laptop and Denise is in the shower. It's been a great week. A tiring week , but a great week nonetheless. I miscalculated the length of my trip and I had somehow figured that I wouldn't be home until tomorrow night. When, actually, I'll be home later today. I am hoping to reduce the layover situation and get an earlier flight into Boston. Of course, what that means is, my baggage will probably arrive a day later as it will undoubtedly get sent to Manchester.
I think I got to do everything I wanted to do. I would have liked to have seen more shows, but I packed a lot in over the week. I think I was most inspired by The Trachtnebergs and Dr. Cocacolamcdonald. It was also informative to see Stewart Lee. The best part was hanging out with everybody and talking about stuff.
When I get home, I have a set scheduled for the Studio on Friday and a set at Janet's show at the All Asia on Sunday night. It will be nice to do laundry and sleep in my own bed. Though, I slept perfectly well while I was here. I think the weather today is cooler. I'm hoping it is, because I am wearing a heavier polar tech fleece. We still haven't called the cab yet.
Now, I just gotta figure out what the next thing for me is going to be. . .

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sitting At The Kitche Table

Here we sit at 1AM at the kitchen table at the flat. David Walsh is flossing, Karen is sitting in her bra and pants, Andy is High and on the computer and Denise, Colleen and I are on the laptops. We've had the final round of curry chips and a couple of cups of tea . Chris Walsh has left to go see Daniel Kitson at Late & Live. We are all delaying organizing the packing. I have checked my flight for tomorrow. I had not noticed that there was a 7 hour layover between my arrival in Newark and my departure to Manchester. Tomorrow will be an adventure , for sure !!!!
Today, We went to the Conan Doyle for lunch.The location overlooks Picardy Square where Arthur Conan Doyle was born. I had a crawfish and lime mayonnaise sandwich for lunch.We all had a couple of souveniers to pick up, so we headed back up to the Royal Mile. I went back to the Pie Maker and , once again, got the last cherry pie. I got a couple of things, bought one of the books that our pub tour guide had written at Blackwell's. Then we went to the Mary King's Close tour. This company had essentially bought the cellar below the building and were giving tours . We went pretty deep into the ground and saw a portion of the street as it was around the 1600's. Edinburgh has just built layer upon layer of the old city. So, That no matter what building you go into , it's foundation may well be 500 years old. Each dwelling has a couple of stories to tell, hence the tours.
After the tour, Chris Walsh and I headed over to the Gilded Ballooon and I had some more of my beloved curry chips. Then I headed in to see Stewart Lee. I couldn't get in to see him the last time I was here, 2 years ago. I had waited 2 years to see him and he was well worth the wait. He had an almost theatrical presentaion. The whole thing came full circle. The premise of the show, after he had discarded the title "March of the Mallards" because mallards mate for life and they are the only animals who breed by gang raping and they are also the only animal that will have homosexual sex with another dead duck. SO. .. .he changed the title to the "The 41st Best Comic Ever" because he was voted 41st in a list of 100 top British comics. Then he goes on to explain that his own mother doesn't think he 's funny and he gives an example of what she does find funny and then it all kind of spirals out from there but then he tied it all up and I thought it was well worth the wait. I didn't get some of the cultural references , but he was still pretty funny.
After the show, I went to the ladies room to floss my teeth. Throughout the show, I was aware that my teeths didn't feel right. Then I headed over to the final Naked Comedy Showcase. I thought it went well. It concluded with everybody , who was naked in the show, onstage. After the show, we all drifted outside. I went to Gora Pakora for one final curry chips and they were out of the sauce !!!! That was it for me kids. I'm glad I got some earlier in the day. So, we headed home and we got the secondary curry chips from Piccante, around the corner from where we are staying.
I am tired but not exhausted. My eyes sting a little bit. I should lay out my outfit for tomorrow morning and do most of the packing now , before I go to sleep. I am looking forward to reading the Allan Foster book, The Mary King's Close pamphlet and the collection of Scottish ghost stories. I also bought a copy of the Allan Foster book for Dave and Colleen. Now it's all over but the flying . . . . . . Thank you Denise, for making this happen for me. I've had a great time !

Today is Monday

Today is Monday and yesterday we got up and had a proper Scottish breakfast. Then we did some shopping at a store that was having a "Fire Sale". I bought some essential gifts for family and then we split up and I went to get a couple of tshirts from a different vendor. I also went and got the socks I had been been wanting to get. The store was open on Sunday. Then I met up with the Walshes and Chris and I watched the other comics. Then, the Walshes show was up after that. They put Denise, Andy and I up . I did about 5 minutes. There ! I did standup at the Fringe. I thought the show went really well, they had a good sized audience. Then we ran over to the Mitre Pub to do a Literary Pub Crawl with Allan Foster. We started at the Mitre, then on to the Royal Oak, the Rutherford and ended at Sandy Bell's. He a was a really great tour guide and he had a lot of juicy information on Arthur Conan Doyle, JM Barri, JK Rowling and Robert Lewis Stevens, among others. We all thought it was a great tour. I fell down on the ground on the way to Sandy Bells. Just like the last time I was here, only this time I wasn't wearing platform boots. Then we headed over to the Gilded Balloon and had more Curry chips. We went back to the Sandy Bells, but that was closing when we got there. The Royal Oak was too packed and the Rutherford was also closed . We ended up at the Black Bull -I bought a round , just before closing and then we ended up at the kitchen table . Complaining that we were all tired.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's Midnight and I'm Home

Hullo, It's just midnight and we're home. Andy, Dave, Chris & Wendy went to a party and left Colleen, Karen , Dee-Rob & myself at home . I stopped and got some chips & Cheese and Mc Vitties digestive crackers.
I got the day started pretty early, around 2. Dee & I met up with Jim McCue. Dee went on and I held the camera for Jim so he could do some man in the street interviews for his website. I had planned on going to the Pie Maker for a cherry pie and heading down the street for those little gray half socks that I bought so many of the last time I was here. By the time I was done with Jim, the store was closed. I skipped over to the place where they had the little plates with cats on them for my Mum and Cousins, that was closed also. My semblance of order disintegrated right fast. So . .. . .
I went to the box office at the Under Bely to get tickets to see Stewart Lee. It was sold out for tonight and the box office computers weren't working so they couldn't tell me if he was sold out for tomorrow night. I had to go to the Pleasance to buy a ticket. I eventually got over there and got a ticket for Monday night, the night before we leave. I met up with everybody at the Walshes show. The show before theirs went late, but the show went really well. They had a good sized audience. Then we were going to go to the Grass Market for dinner and it was too long a wait. I met up with them after I got the Stewart Lee ticket. We went over to the Gilded Balloon, I got some more curry chips. Chris got me in to see Mark Maron and Curt Fox. It was good. It was nice to see Mark Maron perform, though I felt like he had kind of given up the festival already. I still saw the performer he was 20 years ago, and it was great to see. Then we went to see Phil Kay, the comic Chris Walsh had been carousing with the night before. His show was packed ! He was sneaking friends and relatives in, it was a great show. We had to leave a little bit before the end of the show.
We headed back to the flat by way of the Pie Maker, they still didn't have the cherry pie and here we all are now. Dave is already back. That's a close by party and must not have been that good. . . . .
The weather was a bit cooler and the sky was fairly blue.

The Real Day 4

Friday, we awoke around 4 PM. By the time we finally got out of the flat, it was to go to the Walshes show. The show got cancelled , so, we went to dinner at the little coffee shop where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. I think it was called the Elephant Walk. We had really good nachos. Denise took a picture of the castle that she modelled Hogwarts on. Then we headed over to the Pie Maker and I got the cherry pie I've been thinkning about since the last time I was here. Then we went and hung out at the Gilded Balloon. We bumped into Marc Maron again, he hung out for a bit before his show. Then we went in for the Naked Comedy Showcase . It twas a better audience.
We went back out into the courtyard to figure out what we were going to do. I was interested in seeing Stephen K. Amos's talk show, his guest was Christian Slater, but we ended up going to see Dr. Coca-Cola McDonalds show in the"Wee Room". This guy was truly a fringe performer. He has all these casios and cheesey electronic guitars and stuff and he sings these little songs . The room was so tiny and hot .It was perhaps 12 feet by 12 feet and there about 30 of us in there. Dr. Coca Cola McDonald performs in a bathing suit which is soaked by the end. We all had sweat dripping from us.There is no ventilation in these rooms. He wears white face make-up ala KISS. He sings songs like "Don't join the army if you don't want to kill people" and "Rocky 1, Rocky 2, Rocky 3 , Rocky 4" which is a song that determines your personality based on which Rocky movie you liked. We had our picture taken with him after the show.
Then we toddled over to the Under Belly to see Spank which is a show that has a variety of comics performing after their own shows are done. I was none too impressed with what I saw. I was really there to see Steve Hughes, a tall skinny Australian with long rock n roller hair. I really like him. I thought his material was really good and not particularly racist or mysogynistic. He had one joke about stealing bags of ice cubes and dumping them into the canal "Released them back in to the wild ".
We walked back to the flat and got some more chips & curry and chips and cheese. David got the Chicken Donner and we sat at the kitchen table and had our late night snacks. By the time we actually got to bed , it was 5 am. Ah-Ha-I awoke at 2 and it's just past 3 now.
Denise is out of the shower and we are going to do some shopping and meet Jim McCue for a little man on the street action. I hope Denise knows how to operate a camera . .. . I'm pretty sure she does. Oh, and tonight I will be Randy Winn and Denise will be playing the part of Chris Coxen, we took those passes to hopefully get us into some shows.
This whole thing is going really fast. I can't believe it's the middle of Saturday already. The weather so far has been unseasonably warm. We see to be staying here in the flat with Andy , Wendy and the Walshes and also Karen and Ce-Ce. Karen is doing the Naked show and Ce-Ce is Wendy's friend and she just is staying here , while we are here.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 4 -Edinburgh

It's day 3 or day 4 ? I don't know at this point. We ended up in Chris Walshes room -he has 2 couches. We awoke at around 2 this afternoon. So, whad we do yestaday ?
I don't remember when we got up, we went to the Polwareth apartment and paid the unintelligible little Scottish girls our money and got the key to the flat. Then we walked back to the Mile and walked around . I had some more curry chips and Dee got a new sim card for her phone so she doesn't have to pay so much to make local calls. My feet were really getting blistery. We went back to flat, hung around a bit , fully expecting to pack up and move to the new flat and then we were out the door to see the Walshes show. Their show ended up getting cancelled and one of the people who had bought a ticket was Jim McCue who runs the Boston Comedy Festival So , we all headed over to the Gilded Balloon, had some more curry chips and then went over to see a show at the Green Room, which is a new venue this year. It's run by Parker Entertainment , run by Calvin Wynter, my former flatmate. Cal got us in to see the "Trachtenburg Family Slide Show". They go to thrift stores and garage sales and collect others peoples slides and write songs that are inspired by the slides and they play the song while the slides are being projected on the screen behind them. It was very inspring and entertaining.
Then we headed back to the Gilded Balloon for the Naked Comedy Showcase.It was an okay sized crowd but they were quiet. Then we went up to the rooftop bar, exclusive , only for people performing at the Gilded Balloon and hung out there for a while. Jim left to catch a train back to Glasgow and we headed back over to the Green Room and hung out in the entertainers lounge before we went to see Reggie Watts show.
I had seen Reggie perform the last time we were in Scotland. He was great then and he was great last night. He does amazing things with a beat box and a microphone. Jason Trachtenburg was on the show ,too. That show didn't start until 1 AM. He's half-white and half black and he's got a big saggy afro. There were a lot of drunken yakkers in the audience and Reggie addressed it as if it was planned. "It seems random , but all of these conversations are part of the show. You'll see. . ." and then the bouncer came and asked the guys to leave.
SO. ... . both Dee and I are showered , dressed and packed. Until a few minutes ago, we had no plan. We are going to the Walshes show and then back to the flat in Leith get our stuff, jump in a cab and take our crap to the place in Polwarth and then walk back to the Gilded Balloon for the Naked show. That's the plan. I want more curry chips and I have yet to get to the Pie Maker. I may just go there 3 times a day until we leave. .. .but I haven't gotten there yet.
We are both feeling much more refreshed after having had a good night's sleep and showering. Andy is off doing a photo shot for a thing called the "Body Couch". I don't know what I want to see. I would really like to get in to see Stewart Lee because I missed him last time. I don't know why this is suddenly in boldface . .. ... Hopefully I'll figure it out. . . .That is all for now. I want to eat more curry chips and maybe consume a Red Bul.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's 3:45 AM In Edinburgh

. . .and we just got in. Karen, Andy, Dee & I are sitting around discussing comedy and eating chips & cheese and chips and vinegar. We are discussing comedy concepts. . . . which is probably not completey cogent . . . .. . I wish there were more chips & cheese.. . . .

Edinburgh-Day 2

Denise and I slept in the same bed last night, and .. .. oh. .. what a night it was. Neither of us had slept and Denise's luggage still had not arrived. I hadn't showered, but still I perservered. We went to see the Walshes show, an intimate gathering. So intimate that the Walshes bought beer for everybody in the audinece which comprised Dee & Me, 3 chefs from Cornwal, a nurse and Kayak technician from Australia. I know the kids are somewhat disheartened, but I thought the show went well. Chris made me laugh the hardest. .. something to do with a rabbit and a hat, but I thought it was hilarous.
Then we all headed over to the Gilded Baloon and my treasured curry fries. There was a bit of a dance fest with the Walshes , Wendy Kinall, Andy, Coleen, Dee and me. Though most of the dancing was Chris Walsh,Dave & Wendy. It was really very funny. Marc Maron came over and said hello to us, he also recognized me, that was nice.
Then we went to the Naked Comedy Showcase . It was good. David Walsh streaked Andy's opening monologue. That was funny, because he did it repeatedly. Dee did the show ,too.
Then we all took a Ghost Walk tour . 90 minutes long. We walked under the bridges into the caves. One woman passed out. Swear to Gawd ! She passed out and threw up on the cave floor. We did a lot of walking and the guide told kind of lame ghost stories . It was okay , I'm glad we did it, but I don't know that it was that scary . Nor, would I necessarily recommend it .
We got back in around 1 and we were properly asleep around 3. It was hard to get up this morning. We finally left the flat about 1. We went to see the flat that we had contacted before the festival. WE are ambivalent about leaving Andy and the Wlashes, but it looks like we're going. Wendy has already moved her friend Ce-Ce into the room we slept in last night. I bought Margaret the tshirt she wanted. I bought myself the vintage tshirt option. My feet were really hurting in my green shoes. SO, I started complaining about being in pain. We had to come back to the flat and that's when we found out about the room situation.
We are sitting in the kitchen area .Denise and I are on our computers and Dave is sitting in a comfy chair and we are shooting the breeze. We are dragging our feet about getting up and leaving . It is just 5 PM now. We should be making some decisions soon . . .

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Feet Hurt

AS previously posted, We are here. My computer adaptors that I bought at Radio Shack didn't work. I had to buy a new power chord with the EU plug at the end. We've been walking for the last couple of hours -Me for the adaptor and Denise for pants and a shirt. Their were no pants that fit Denise. She was discouraged. I wanted to eat, but still, I'm not really all that hungry. I could do with a shower and a nap and then on to the curry chips !!!!!

The Dancers Upstairs

We are sitting at the kitchen table in Andy's flat in Leith. Denise arrived sans luggage. There are elephants practicing their dance routines in the flat above us. My flight from Manchester got cancelled and I got re-routed (in the nick of time ) out of Boston. That flight was delayed but I made it to Newark in time to get my plane.
My fantasies of blogging every leg of the trip were thwarted because I couldn't connect to the internet from the places I had downtime. I tried though, Lord knows I tried. I am currently smelly and sweaty . I want to eat , Though I am not truly hungry. We could probably do with a bit of a nap as it is approximately 3 AM on my time. Denise is in the proces of getting her cellphone to do UK phone calls. I am a bit foggy about what I can/should do right about now. Andy is also checking out his computer.
The weather here today is beautiful, I thought it was going to be a lot cooler. I've been dragging my hipster suede leather jacket all around and across the ocean. It is just past 11 AM here.
That is all for now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fake Tech S a v v y

Get This. .. . . . I'm blogging on my regular old pc and I 've got my laptop open on the bureau. It's on the Yahoo main page, because that's the default page in the computer. I've had the laptop open 3 times now, and every time I have to update it somehow. It runs slow, too. But it runs !!!! I'm in my flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. I should be getting ready and packing , but I'm checking the readiness of my new toy. I've actually had it since October, my boss bought it for the job and it hasn't come up to be used since the week after we bought it. She bought a bunch of computers that's she's dealing with so my little computer hasn't really been the primary concern for any of us. Now, now that I'm going overseas, this little baby is going to come in so handy !!!!. . . .I hope.
I will probably be blogging multiple times today and over the next week. I'll blog from the various airports and reporting what's going on. I will be as conscientious about blogging as I was the last time I went to Scotland !!!!! Maybe . . . . Oh boy, I gotta take a shower and get dressed and pack. Sheee-it !!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Houston -We Have a Signal !!!!

Holy, Moley , Mackeral -I am writing this from my laptop computer. I have had it since October and I haven't been able to get it going until now !!!!I can't believe I finally got around to using this ! Just in time to blog about my trip to Edinburgh ! No more going to the scary neighborhood internet cafe . No more borrowing people's available laptops. Kids, it's a whole new day ! It takes me a while, but I eventually get around to it. That's the big news right now. I'll probably blog every time there is a pause in my transit.
Seriously, I can't believe I finally got this going !

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's A Whirlwind !

Well, let's review the week that just finished up . I went to a Red Sox game on Monday and Friday. Tuesday, Kiki and I went to see Hair Spray, we were late but it was fun. Wed. I went to see the Hopper exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, it was really good. I didn't realize he had such close ties to New England. Thursday night, I ate dinner and vegged in front of the tv. Tonight , I did the grocery shopping I didn't do last night , did two loads of laundry, called my friend Carol because it's her birthday and I am just now sitting down to blog. I also did a load of laundry, balanced my checkbook and put the cat in his carrier for a trip to the Vet before work this morning.
I got English Pounds yesterday when I was downtown to get my hair done. I am slowly preparing myself for the trip on Tuesday. I bought electrical adapters at Radio Shack on Thursday before my dinner with Stacy. We went to Sel de Terre for restaurant week. I had the saffron and pancetta soup, the Boullabaise and the chocolate offering for dessert. It was really good and we had a lovely girls night out. However, we were both so stuffed it was difficult to walk.
I am preparing by making lists. If I know what I 'm going to need and I've thought about it ahead of time, it makes packing a lot easier.
That's all I got.
Gah-Nite !

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Perfect Summer Evening

I went to the game against Tampa Bay with my cousin last night . The weather was perfect. It wasn't the sweltering humidity we've been recently experiencing . It was warm with just enough of a cool breeze. We had the Doctor's seats, right along the third base line. There weren't too many loud mouths near us and the Sox won. I went to the concession stand and I couldn't keep myself from smiling at the thought I was at Fenway on a summer's eve with my cousin. That is a version of heaven for me.
In the concession line , I was standing behind a guy talking to a woman about work . The voice sounded familiar but I couldn't place it. Since it was a long wait, he went to check another food counter. When he came back , I asked him if they had cheeseburgers, because that was what I was getting for my cousin. Before he answered me, he looked me in the eye and started to say "Did you go to Umass ? " and before he could finish it I gasped "Henry ! Henry !!!" We went to school together , we did a lot of scenwork together in class. He 's lived in New York and London. He was even up for a CBS sitcom , back in the day. I haven't seen him in, literally , 25 years. What a small world.
After the game, I walked back over the Mass Ave bridge to Harvard Square where my car was parked. I love the view over the Mass Ave. bridge and there was a beautiful breeze blowing. It took me about 45 minutes, and I was really thirsty by the time I got to my car.
I was home by 11:15. It was good night.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Slow Moving Monday

This is my second attempt today to blog. I had almost finished the previous one and my computer froze up and I , apparently, lost what I had written. I am currently showered and I have taken the laundry out of the wash. Tonight, I am going to the game with my cousin. It is the Red Sox vs Tampa Bay. It should be a good game, but we're only four ahead of the Yankees. It is August and any Sox fan knows what it means when we get to August. . .. I'm not going to say it.
I worked 57 hours last week. Seven days, from Sunday to Saturday. I don't usually add up the hours because I'm working at different places, I usually just estimate what the after taxes checks will add up to , approximately. I am tired and having trouble focusing . But I do have clean clothes and that means I have options.
Yesterday , at the booth, we were busy all day long. "Slamming" as I like to call it. The only time I sat down was at lunch. I had a weird interaction with a visitor. It was a Japanese guy and his English was slow but comprehensible. While I gave him directions, he had his camera on his shoulder. I think it was on, but I figured maybe he just got used to holding it that way. It was aimed at my chest. I just figured, oh, he's just resting it on his shoulder. But No . .. .he was filming my chest while I gave him directions. I could see it in the view finder when he walked away. It was just weird. I mean, it's a big chest but it's not exactly "Perky". It was just weird. It was crazy busy and that was just weird.
Saturday, after working at the record store, my friend Marlayna and I went to see the Simpsons movie. I still watch the re-runs, so I was looking forward to the movie. I was not disappointed. Though , I think if you're a regular viewer , you would enjoy it more. We really liked it .
So, now I am sitting here trying to figure out what to wear that I can use for work and that will carry me through to the game. It may get cold later on. I can't carry a big bag. I'll think of something . . . . .

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where's I Been ?

I've been going day and night for the last couple of weeks. Last night was the first night I had off, but I did a spyscan on my computer and I was alseep before it was completed, but it did get completed. My car was out of commission again for about a week. After the calipers job, my emergency brake wasn't working and it took about a week to get the right part. The emergency brake works great now and they fixed the drivers side windshield wiper which had also stopped working and I found out how to get the air conditioning to work. It doesn't freeze you up , but there's something sort of cool coming out of it.
Because I didn't have my car, I was taking buses and borrowing Mum's car. I did the door for all three of Todd Barry's shows at the Studio. He did a great show and it was interesting to watch the process. There was even a guy from Comedy Central Records who came down and gave me (the club) a bunch of stickers. I kept one and put it on my notebook because it looks cool. I myself also did stand-up at the Studio and at the All Asia. The All Asia show was an all-woman comic workshop. It was pretty cool because we all gave each other feedback. I got a chance to work out a couple of concepts I haven't quite fleshed out yet. I also did the new stuff I've been doing that the girls hadn't seen already . Yes, it was all women comics because the guys didn't show up .
Tuesday, Kiki and I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum. It was really good . That's all I'm going to say , lest I spoil it for you. Tonight, I went to dinner for restaurant week with my old boss and the guy that got me the job at the the booth. We went to Les Zygomates tonight , it was really good. Oh yeah, the boss got another job and I am the default manager, on the days I work. Despite the fact that I was never properly trained to do the job. My C0-worker , who got a promotion a few month's back to weekend manager has come in 3 of the 4 days I was "In Charge". Nothing blew up , we didn't lose any money and nobody died. The new manager starts next Monday . SO, that has been a bit of a pressure for me the last couple of weeks.
Oh . .. and. . . . I'm going to Scotland for the last week of the festival. My friend is lending me the money and we are going to bunk together. I so wish I was there already. I think we will have a good time. I am very excited and a little scared. No , I can't afford it. And , It's probably not a good time to be taking off, but I really want to go and I think my friend and I are going to have a great time.