Sunday, July 31, 2005

3 Down; 24 to Go !

Tonight we did our little show up at the Winnepesauki Playhouse in Laconia, NH. The show was almost sold out when we got there. We all arrived at roughly 6 PM. I rode up with Andy. Brian has started to build something of a following up in Laconia and that's okay with me ! It was nice to have such a big audience to perform for.
We all seemed to be a little unfocused ( Andy disagreed ). I think we might have just been disconcerted at being in a new place and we didn't adjust for the new setting and lights. In the dressing room, I was alone , and the costume rack fell down on top of me. I was sitting at the dressing table, 4 feet away and it came right for me ! The boys had to come and pull it off me !Also before the show, Brian needed a bottled water to bring on stage and I volunteered to go get it, I missed a step and landed on my "good" knee and my right forearm. I am going to be bruised for the next couple of days. It stung like a Mo-Fo ! I considered my self lucky that my face didn't hit the staging they had in the green room that is going in for the next show. My friend Maragret's voice was in my head telling me to take an Advil as a preventative measure against the swelling. I am definitely going to be limping.
The audience really loved Brian. They were howling ! I think he wore them out for us. We took an intermission so the theater could sell concessions. The first bit started off pretty good, but they seemed to wonder away from us. They were attentive, but they weren't howling ! I was really concentrating on trying to do my part and not listen to the part in my head that only thinks laughs are the valid response for my efforts. If I'm doing my job, my reactions will get bigger laughs for whoever I am playing with.
Well , long story short, we got paid ! Can't complain about that.
SO, Brian and I are flying out from Manchester at 5:15 Sunday. I spent most of today making lists. I am doing laundry right now so that my costume will be clean when I get to Scotland. My friend Cyndi said it was hard to get good coffee, everybody drinks instant and Maragret said that they have Starbucks ( if you happen to think Starbucks is good coffee). So, I might run out in the morning and get some coffee to put in my luggage. I'm bringing peanut butter-Market Basket.
I am really tired. I 'll be lying awake wondering what I might forget. My mother didn't realize I would be gone a month. I'll ne goneuntil August 30. We'll be performing 25 nights ina row. That alone will be worth the experience !

Saturday, July 30, 2005

2 Down; 1to Go !

Well, it went pretty well tonight. The electricity stayed strong through the whole show. The audience really loved Brian. The weather outside was cool so the temperature inside never got too sweltery. Andy, Kris and Brian all found new stuff tonight in their performances. At one point, Brian yelled out to our director "Hey George , I hope you're writng this stuff down ! ".
I got a little panicked at one point because I'm basically the straight man in these sketches, and I am used to getting more laughs. At one point in the show I couldn't help but think " Man, I suck !!! I SUCK and Swallow" I Suck !!!!" Then I realized, no I 'm playing all straight characters, this is just what it feels like.
We got the set pulled down quickly. Brian is pretty good with power tools. Everybody but me had a flashlight. I wish I had utility gloves. After the show, I thought I was going to meet up with Brian and his wife Joan at Red Bones, but I never caought up with them. I bumped into Heather Campbell and we finally got in to the last "It's Not That Late " Show at Tingle's. We were pretty late, we only got to see Erin, Daniel Bromberg and the News. They did a great job and Peter and Baratunde ended it with an improvised version of the Canadian National Anthem. Then I drove Heather Campbell and Emily Singer home. I am tired. I finished my Speedy Wong's leftovers from last night. Still good the next day !!!!

2 Down;1 to GO

Friday, July 29, 2005

1 Down;2 to Go

Okay , so tonight was the first show. We got there around 6 -Marlyana , Brian and I got there around 5:45 and Kris at 6 and Andy sometime after that. WE ran what we didn't get to last night. It was a low energy , unfocused excercise. It did what it needed to do for our Stage Manager. Jennefer Johnson came and brought us our bank and she vacuumed the floor, God Love her. I wet mopped the stage floor.Brian's daughter ran the door for us and she brought her friend Christa as back up . The girls ordered Chinese from Speedy Wong's and Kris's girlfriend Rachel brought along a case of water for our audience. We were really expecting it to be another scorcher, but it was actually a nice temperate day.
Then I went upstairs to get dressed. I had ironed my wrinkled stage suit and I had gotten most of my make-up stapled on. Marlayna brought the Chinese food up and we ate it while I was geting ready -and the lights went out again! I was in roughly the same place I was standing the night before and I figure , it's the ghost, so I said out loud "Okay, I'm only here for a little while. I won't stand here, if you don't like it. I get it. Please don't put the lights out while we're doing our show".
When I got to the basement, Brian and George were flipping the switch. John said that when he got there in the morning, the master switch had been flipped off and so he turned it back on and the lights came back up and that's what Brian and George did.
The lights came back on and they stayed on the whole time.
The audience really seemed to love Brian. Both Marlayna and my friends thought he was great . My friends also liked the show. George thought it went really well and that he was very pleased with it . I felt pretty good. Brian did a great job putting the programs together. All in all, it felt like our hard work is paying off. I wish we had scheduled a week somewhere, but I'm sure it's all going to work out . . . . . .

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Black Out !

Tonight was our tech rehearsal with our Stage Manager Marlayna. We were scheduled to meet at 6 pm. We had to put the back of the stage up so we had some place to make our entrances and exits. That took a while and it was a really messy job. I'm hoping we didn't inhale any deadly mold spores. WE probably did . . .but . . .. oh well ... .
We did a tech so she would know where the lights and sounds should be ( and how it would sound) . We were trying to figure out what to do with some set pieces and I went upstairs to search for an old changing screen I thought I had seen up there before and I was looking in the closets and the lights went out. I thought it was the ghost playing games. It used to be a firehouse so, there's still some energy hanging around there. I was only momentarily scared and then I realized it was quiet, the air conditioner was off. Eerie silence Again ,more fleeting terror and then "Oh , it's summer, blackouts, air conditioning, blown fuse". Brian checked the fuses, nothing was blown. I called the owners of the theater, no answer and then I called the Walshes , who live in the neighborhood, Mrs. Walsh said they were fine, so, I should call NStar, I did , very unsatifiying. I called my friend Susan who lives a block away , no answer. Kris went outside and said no one else's lights were out.
Okay , we had emergency lights, it wasn't optimal , so we decided to do a prop placement drill and organized the curtain call. Kris came up with a great staggered entrance order and I think it's going to look pretty good. God Bless George for considering everything.
I called the theater owners one more time, they didn't seem too worried and said they'd come by to check it in the morning. I was worried that everything would come back on at 2 AM when no one was around (except the ghosts). It would be a shame to waste all that luxurious air conditioning and have no living, sweating, stinking human be there to enjoy it. We got most of what we needed accomplished and we're going to hope for the best. Which is really all any of us can do.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Rehearsal

So we had another really good rehearsal tonight. We find a lot of new things in the rehearsal process. George McDonald is really great to help us find new stuff. A great new ending for the Salad sketch, Brian just said it off the cuff and now it's going to be the ending.
I 'm getting excited for the show on Thursday but I'm concerned about weather or not we're going to have an audience. I have not followed the usual formula on sending out press releases every 10 days and making phone calls and stuff. I feel like I've let the team down. Only time will tell.
My friend Cyndi has been trying to hook me up with some of her international theater friends. She even directed me to a couple of possible jobs so I could make some money while I'm there. She says everything happens in the Pubs. Fortunately, it's Scotland so its'probably going to be some good pub crawling.
I am inexplicably tired. Like I've been sitting in a carbon monoxide chamber (if there is such a thing) for several hours. My eye balls are so dry, they're squeaking. That's it for me.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sweat Pants Report

Well, it 's Saturday night -I'm in boxer shorts and a t-shirt and I've finished off the last of the "Hellava Good Dip". I've finally connected my DSL to hopefully reduce the amount of my phone bills. The bill gets bigger incrementally as the connection slows down. I yelled at some Indian guy with a Spanish accent and an unpronouncable name-"I just put the DSL stuff together !!! I can't read my e-mail" "Well, what do you want me to do ?" "FIX IT !!!!" . . . I don't know what he did , but here I am.
I worked at the Record Store today. We had a forbidden Saturday Pizza party-2 small pizzas -onion and plain. It is referred to as "Forbidden Saturday Pizza Party" because the guys usually get pizza on Friday and then Jack doesn't want to eat pizza 2 days in a row. They didn't have it yesterday , so WE had it today. Yay !!!
Last night I went to see Kelly MacFarland work on her set at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. She's taping a Premium Blend and she's "in Training" for the taping. A lot of great kids were there last night-The great Andrea Henry, Erin Judge (who was mentioned in the Sidekick section of today's Boston Globe), Heather Campbell, Amanda Beals, Rebecca Anderson and the Beautiful and Biting Daniella Capolino. We hung out at the bar on the second floor after the show and then Kelly says "Hey ! Let's go upstairs and dance !" and Erin says "Yeah, that's a good idea !" and then we all march upstairs and start dancing in a circle. Like we were at a wedding or some clique in High School. It was fun but I was keenly aware that I was the oldest patron in the room ( a "Matron Patron ? ") and all I could think of was "Gee, this would be so much better if I was smoking and drunk and 15 years younger" at some point Kelly looks at me and burst out laughing because I didn't really look like I was having fun, in fact , I looked like I was in pain. I was thinking maybe I have Asbergers Syndrome or something. I think I have to pretend to smile or maybe just never leave the house . . . .
I had a good time , but I am physically sore from the dancing. All the songs are remixes from songs we used to dance to in College, when I was a lot more flexible. I'm thinking Andy will show me how to do Yoga and then I will get flexible again in Scotland. I am also expecting not to be able to afford food, so , I should lose a lot of weight over there.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Caviar Farts

When my friend Betsy got married a few years ago, we had a sort of "Girls' weekend". Among the guests were the writer who wrote the screenplay for "The Madness of King George" , Kelly Brower a screenwrite/comic from New York and Deb Doetzer-who we both used to work with who now resides in Chicago with her 2 sons and makes a livliehood doing voiceovers. Any how, Kelly kept making snacks while we were lounging around Betsy's house. One of the snacks was cavier and cream cheese on melba toast. It was the most delectable thing I've ever eaten ! It seemed like a totally decadent food item. The Crystal champagne of munchies !
Anyhow, over the years, from time to time, I get a craving for this little snacky-poo. I buy a really cheap caviar-white lump fish-5.99 for an ounce, Philadelphia cream cheese and "Old London" melba rounds, sometimes the Toast.
My tradition has been to buy the ingredients some time before the Fourth of July with the intention of finishing it by the end of the summer. Basically, the cream cheese won't keep. So, because I'm leaving the country next week, I'm trying to step up the consumption of my little food special. Consequently, I am developing a type of intestinal distress that can usually only be achieved through the consumption of Kelly's Clam Plates or egg salad subs. Until I figured out the source of the offensive emissions, I was sure I had some horrible disease. Now I know it's just a consequence of a peculiar food fetish. Carry on.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Weary Wednesday

Well, tonight we had a great rehearsal in Charlestown with George McDonald. We came in at a good length and I am feeling very optimistic for our up-coming shows. My manager , Marlayna, has agreed to stage manage our shows. I just have to get her copies of scripts.
After rehearsal, I hitched a ride over to "The Office" with the host-Kris Earle. It was really a show of mostly comics. A young comic from Springfield-cute as a button but no real material.The great Alvin David, Winston Kidd, Erin Judge -oh she had a couple of amazing ad-libs to some obnoxious Chippies sitting at the bar and was still able to weave in a Hindu reference ! Impressive. Paul Day stayed in character and fielded volleys from the peanut gallery and never broke character. Though, Daniella Capollino had the line of the night, off-stage, brilliant. I won't repeat it so that she can use it, but it was biting and beautiful-much like Daniella herself . Jack Hurney broke me up with a street joke. And Eric Chuneg had some new material as well. I know I 'm forgetting someone great, but I doubt they'll be checking this blog. . . . .and if they do, please forgive the ommission.
It's late and I'm tired and I don't have any really amusing anecdotes to recall. Just worked all day and I'm ready for the Land of Nod Z Z Z Z Z Z Z

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Eating Meat

It is now Tuesday morning and I have been flopping around getting nothing done. I got to work really late yesterday-my Boss was spitting mad. Oh well, it's not like they would actually fire me or anything. . . . I was late because I had a busy day answering calls for auditions. I have a "call-back" audition for a Showtime show today and I have a first audition for a national commercial on Thursday. I am reservedly excited about things.
Last night we had a great rehearsal.We rehearsed at Andy's new house. Our director, George McDonald , is really great . I don't know how he sees the things he does, but it's been wonderful having him direct us. Brian Longwell has written all the material and basically he's producing this Mamma-Jamma Barge. I am really fortunate to be working with these guys. Andy Ofiesh is great and Kris Earle has really added a dimesion that was missing.Kris is a stable Dependable guy who knows what it takes to get things done. AND he's going to Edinburough . The whole cast is going ! I have no idea why these guys are letting me perform with them , but I'm going to keep my mouth shut, in case they change their minds. Which they might !
Kris Earle hosts a show on Tuesday nights at Evos in Lowell and on Wed. nights at the Office behind Fanueil Hall in Boston. Come on down ! You might see someone really good -like Andrea Henry or Paul Day !!!
Today , when I got up , my mother asked me "Are you a vegetarian?" -now for some reason she asks me this question 2 or 3 times a year.
I replied " No. Why would you ask me that question?"
she says (every time ) "Oh , I just never see you eat meat"
And then I have to give recent examples of my meat eating. Such as "You watched me cut a piece of the meat loaf yesterday. Remember ? I asked you about the tin foil ? "
She says "Oh Yeah"
"And I used up all the Ham. We had to get more Ham ! "
"Oh Yeah." Pause "But you don't like chicken ?"
"Of Course I like Chicken. Why would you ask me if I don't like chicken ?"
"Well, you didn't eat any of the chicken I made last night. I made up a plate for you ."
"Mum, I didn't get home until after 11. Kind of late to be eating a full chicken dinner. Maybe I'll have it for breakfast . How's that ?"
"Oh, okay".
So, kids, it's not that she thinks I converted to Vegetarianism, she just won't ask me directly about the chicken plate she left for me. I don't know why she gets so insecure about her cooking. When I'm home, I'll eat everything she makes. I love her cooking. I can't believe she cooks at all. The other night she made chocolate chip cookies. No reason. She just thought it would be nice. It IS nice. I am so lucky. I just have to remember when I eat meat.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Morning

Saturday night, I went to the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square to see my friend Korte Yeo perform some new material. I sat with his friend Barry and then I joined them for desserts at Finale restaurant in Harvard Square. Finale is a place that does some fancy sandwiches and pastries. I tried out a new joke on them and I'm glad I did because , it needed work and that was the best way to get feedback. Their total lack of response told me everything I needed to know about that joke.
Sunday, I opened the booth and we were going full tilt the whole day. One of my co-workers has an awful cold and we sent her home early . It's not good for business if we're spewing phlegm on the customers. Well, it 's really just not that kind of business . . . Someone turned in some kids wallet and I had my first contact with the one-armed crack whore. Poor thing came up to me and gave me a twig, and mumbled "I thought it was a pen" then she pushed a piece of paper across the counter to me and then pulled it back , thinking it was a dollar bill and finally she asked me for a paper cup and went on her way. I learned later , from some local law enforcement types, that she is a known prostitute. I just felt bad for her. To throw such a young life (and presumeably one of her arms) away for drugs, well, that's just sad.
On my way to work, I got caught behind a porsche drving 15 miles an hour , we missed 2 lights, and he wanted to make a u-turn, I wanted to park -he pulled over, I though he was parking and he just sat there -Like I WAS STALKING HIM- my windows were open and I was yelling -"You Dick!" "That car is designed to go 100 miles an hour !" Drive for God's sake -you prick !" I waited as long as I could, and turned the car off and started to get out of my car, then Captain Danger made his U-Turn. I got back in my car , pulled up into the space, 3 spaces up and parked. He was watching me from the Brownstone he was standing in front of and watched me , like I was going to come across the street and key his precious , wasted, vehicle-I mouthed the word "MORON" and got on my way.
Sunday night, I did a set at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway theater. The show was hosted by Debra Farrar-Parkman. I tried so

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Virgin Shift

Well, today is my first Blog. Today I am a woman with a Blog. I am here with my little friends Angelynn and Stacy and we are watching me type this. I have no idea what I will say to "You" you "People" in Cyberspace. I am going to Scotland to be in the Ediburough Fringe Festiveal (Festival Fringe) and we have set me up to report my comings and goings.
End of first transmission-2:45 EST