Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lucky Me

Well, I'm an hour away from the end of my shift. Today, I'm working from 10 am to 9 pm. It was a lot busier today. Last night, I was hired to be an extra in a Boston Bruins commercial. There were 7 of us. I had to be there at 5PM and they released us at 12:30 AM. It was a long day to just be sitting around , but it's going to pay pretty well. I look forward to that check. I am also looking forward to this check I got coming up. I'm very lucky to be so tired from all this work I've been getting. I haven't done my grocery shopping, so my cubbard is bare. Oh Im rambling. . .but I'm feel very greatful.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

At It Again

Here I am , the old rockpile. I'm working 12-9 again today. It's a little busier. I am trying to make eye contact, smile and nod. There are a lot of little kids running for all they're worth because there is a lot of open space and rug. They run and giggle.Just the simple act of running can cause a kid to laugh uproariously. If I run like that , I get short of breath and wonder if this is the start of the inevitable heart attack that I am expecting because I don't take that good care of myself. I don't drink or smoke , I drink green tea but there is no accumulation of exercise and vegetables. I have been whittling a little bit. I've been eating a thing called "breakfast"; apparently it's pretty big with the kids these days. Anyway . . . .I eat one of these "Breakfasts" and I don't feel the urge to eat for quite a few hours. Consequently, I was able to zip my skirt up all the way to the top today, instead of an inch from the top , which is what I usually do.
I brought a 2 liter bottle of water , my lunch and some healthy snacks-carrots, apple, granola bar. I even went for a walk along the building to get some fresh air & exercise. Probably too little , too late. . . . .

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Long Day

I'm working a convention today. I worked it yesterday I'm working it tomorrow and this weekend. This is a well paying aspect of my job. I don't get these assignments often. Someone got a latteral promotion and that means that I've moved up one rung on the ladder. Though I didn't really get a promotion, it feels like I did. My friend Kiki was so excited for me , she went out and bought a bunch of outfits so I can look nicer at work. However, she got them all on sale. I mean the clearance rack, but it's all great looking stuff. She had to have gotten $1000.00 worth of outfits for about $100.00. Today I am wearing a lovely boiled wool jacket. It really fits me well and it looks fantastic.
It has been very slow here. We have not had a lot of interaction with the attendees.
That is all.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Speeding Bullet

Ahh, last week was another busy week. Monday, Kiki & I went to our favorite restaurant in Bedford, the Great Wall, for the Chinese buffet and then we went to see the "Wrestler" at the Lexington Cinema.
Tuesday, I was not needed at the engineering company and attended a business lunch/event at Morton's with my friend Steve. It was a lovely event and it took up a substantial part of my day. They had a buffet of fusilli primavera,mini crab cakes, mashed potatoes, chicken "christopher" and little slider cheeseburgers. I never even got near the carving station. It was lovely and we were "representin" for our job. Afterward, Steve & I went to Marshall's , he to look at jackets on sale , and me to find a dress for the event we were to attend on Saturday night. I got a nice little black dress for $25.00. A dress that I will be able to wear for a while, whether I gain or lose another 10 pounds ( lost 2.5 since last Monday). I talked Steve into purchasing a jacket that I thought fit him perfectly , but when he got home, he did the "arm" test and found that it was too tight. That night Kiki and I did a double header. We saw "Mall Cop" & "Notorious". Frankly , they were both better than either of us thought they would be . Of course, neither is great cinema, but I can better understand why Mall Cop has been #1 in the country for the last month.A pleasant film and Kevin James did an excellent job.
Now I have to apologize, because I have run out of time and need to get ready to go to work. I'll finish the week , later. Have a great day !