Monday, July 30, 2007

Doin' the Dew Redoux

Last night , I performed at Rafferty's. I worked all day at the Common and then I went over to the record store and closed and then I went to Marshfield to ply my nasty trade. I had another Mountain Dew at the record store to get it into my system before the drive down south.
As always, it was a cozy little show . In order to meet town fire regulations, the pub has closed up the open areas where the pool room, dart room and bar were separated. Where it used to be airy and open , it is now boarded up with molded pieces of plywood. So, if you're sitting at the bar in the next room , you can't see the comedy show in "The Dart Room". If you are having sex on the pool table in the "Pool Room" no one can see you . What was already cozy is even cozier.
We had a fair amount of civilian patrons in the audience . Including the late lamented Barry. It was a surprise to see him . To my credit, I did not hit him, like last time. Chrissy Kelliher got the show started and then had John Garrison host the show. I had seen him before but I thought he was really good last night. Something about hosting Chrissy's show brings out the best in these guys. I don't remember the exact order,I remember who was on before and after me. Koret Yeo went on before me and he did some new stuff and some stuff that was so old, it seemed new. He did a very good job. Then I went up . The new stuff went well but I , of course, forgot some of the stuff I had done the night before . It still went pretty good, but not as good as Saturday night. Korte thought the new stuff was good. I felt good about it. I didn't really have the time to get my whole make-up and outfit going, but I did spackle a couple of things and that made them look okay. After me was Mike Sweeney. He was did all new stuff. I think he should have thrown in some of the tried and true stuff, but I'm sure he wanted to try all new stuff because that's what a place like Rafferty's is for.
Also, there was Gary Peterson, also doing mostly new stuff. Sean Sullivan did a lot of new stuff, I gotta say , it was really funny .Tim Dillion, Rick Cormier, Steve McCormack and Chris Pennie rocking a fierce Afro. Rich Gustus closed the show. His new stuff was really good and then he just fucked around . It's very funny when he does that.. . .also a little scary.
It only took me about 45 minutes to get home. I have spent most of the morning making phone calls and reading emails. I should be getting ready to go to work. .. . but I'm not. I didn't get any laundry done , so my options are limited. I could really use a day to sleep. It's amazing how quickly the effects from 5 days of vacation can wear off. I'm ready for another vacation !!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Doin' the Dew

I stopped drinking coffee November 1 , 2006. I hadn't planned on it, it just happened. I got the flu , while on a road trip, and was sick for 3 days straight. I missed a show and 2 days of work. The last thing I had consumed, before I threw up for the next 24 hours, was coffee. That's what I threw up for the duration. I haven't been able to drink it since. I switched to tea and that's been working out pretty good for me.
For those of you who have been following along for the last couple of entries, I have been dog-tired at the end of the day , which makes going out or doing comedy a true effort of the will. I worked a convention yesterday and today. I am pretty tired and if I want to do a good job , I have to think of a way to generate some energy. So. . I drank the free Mountain Dew from the other day. I am perky and alert . I hope I will be able to sleep, because I have to work tomorrow at the booth.
Tonight I did the Studio. It was a great show . The audience was really into it. they were paying attention. If there was a weak link , I was it , and it was still great . I have been working on the order of a couple of things. I opened with something different, something I had done before, but I think it works better this way and went into the "relationships are like buses" bit. I took Josh's suggestion for rearranging my Theater Arts degree bit and it worked way better tonight . I had been thinking about the joke all week and the timing was perfect when I did it tonight. Some things fell flat but it mostly worked. I felt really good about it.
Everybody did really well tonight.It was a packed house, with people standing in clumps in corners and there were a couple of girls that were sitting on each others laps. Josh Gondelman had his entire family in the audience and they were really great -not just to Josh but to all of us. Renata, Myq, Tommy Morello, Micah Sherman, Dave Powell, Shawn Bedgood were all on. There was a comic from New York, named Barry Rothbart, he had really good material. Dan Boulger was there working on his clean 7 minutes. He has to provide a tape of a clean 7 minute set for some booker. He didn't do it tonight ,either. He was wickedly funny, but that wasn't a clean set. Still , it was great to watch. I really enoyed watching the show. I enjoyed performing in the show !
I was so glad I was on the show tonight. I totally enjoyed it . Now, I am totally awake. I hope I don't get addicted to the Dew, but it sure worked for me tonight.

Friday, July 27, 2007

In A Zombie Parade

Oh boy, I's been busy this week. I worked two different conventions this week. I have another one tomorrow. I get home and I can't do anything but obsess about how I'm not doing anything. Tonight, I just came home, ate a sandwich and I've pretty much been in the same position for the last 3 1/2 hours. The only parts of my body moving are my mouth to eat cheez-its and my wrist to change the channel. The rest of the body is just lying where it was flung.
Earlier in the week , I did get to a couple of movies. Kiki and I saw "You Kill Me" on Monday starring Tea Leoni and Sir Ben Kingsley. We both really liked it. Though I think I just liked it because of Kingsley. Tuesday, we saw Michael Moore's "Sicko" and I felt pretty sick by the middle of it. I'm going to die in a card board box (if I'm lucky) if things keep going they way they appear to be heading according to this movie. Wed, I went to a new restaurant my BFF works at. It's in Brighton Center called "Smokin Joe's Cafe" .It's BBQ and it was the best catfish and red smashed potatoes I've had in a long time. I'm going back , as soon as I get the time, for burnt ends and potato salad.
Last night, I was supposed to do a couple of things and I just came home and did pretty much what I did tonight . Only, last night, I was obsessing about how I should probably get changed and go out. I soooooo didn't. I wish I was drunk or having an affair with some rich guy. I could be secretive and my guilt would be understandable. Nope, I'm just tuckered out from living the life I've got.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Middles and The Middles

It certainly isn't "The Highs and the Lows". . . . .Saturday night , I did stand-up at the Comedy Studio. The previous Saturday, the place was packed , Josh Gondelman hosted everybody was on their game-Chrissy Kelleher, Pat Bocuzzi,Renata Tutko I can't remember who else and the Walsh Brothers were headlining. It was so packed, I had to stand in the doorway to see the show. I was in pain the next day from leaning like that. Truly , it was a great and fun show. SO . ... .that 's what I had in mind when I got to the club on Saturday.
This week . . ... nothing like the previous week. The audience was much more subdued than the previous week. They were mellow. Rick Jenkins was hosting and I went on second after this month's Comic in Residence , Josh Gondelman. I was really looking forward to this week. I had a couple of new ideas and one of them had 2 jokes built in. After doing it, I found another joke. Though I think the 2 new ideas are going to eventually be really good, Saturday night ? Not so much. . . .. One of the premises is " I think every woman has a thong gone wrong story" I don't just think this, I know it. However, I need to provide some examples of this phenomenon. My only example was how sometimes you get a new one and you end up putting 2 legs in - where only one should be. Granted, it needs work, but I think it will eventually get there .
I probably shouldn't have led with that , but I figured, they weren't giving anything up for me. Sometimes, I'm just doing the show for Rick. He's seen me every time I have been to the Studio, he runs the place, so I'm trying to do something new for him, because I know he actually pays attention to the show. No, it's not just for him, but sometimes it gives me a focus that can loosen me up. Because . .. . .sometimes . . . . . Rick is the only laugh I hear and he may just be laughing because it's new. . .or . .. because he's seen the joke get a laugh every time . .. .except this time.
But I digress. . . . Then I did a little bit I've been thinking about how "do you remember the first time you knew you were straight ?" I give my example , which is really just a set-up for the poor choices I will go on to make in life and then I went into a bit about my friend , who just got gay married, who remembered when he knew he was definitely gay. Granted , it's a minimal description, but it got a good reaction, for this crowd. So, it 's going to be a keeper. It needs to get neatened , but it's still good , as is. Then , I added a bit to my whole Visitor Information Center section. It fell flat -soft- but flat. I have to figure it out. So, it didn't set the stand-up world on fire , but it was something new. Maybe a Saturday night isn't the right time to try new stuff, but the comics behind me didn't the greatest responses I've ever seen them get. Like I said, the audience was a bit laconic.Even Renata, who has great material, got wet socks dropped on the floor. Nothing. I think they really just wanted to see someone fellate a dog. A willing dog but I think they just wanted to hear dirty bawdy jokes all night. By the time I figured that out, I was long done . Erin Judge was the headliner , the last time I saw her , she killed . This audience, they weren't giving it up .
At the end of the night, Josh Gondelman came up to me and gave me a suggestion about rearranging the way I tell one of my jokes. It's something that I have been trying to figure out for awhile. With a very minor adjustment, he has made it much better. I can't wait to try it onstage ! So, I actually felt pretty good about what I did. The new stuff, that worked, garnered a good enough response, to encourage me . I felt really good about the evening. I didn't have enough energy to hang around afterward. It gets so loud in the bar on the second floor, the energy to converse is just draining . Plus, I had to work the next day.
I worked at the booth on Sunday. 9-5. It was a long -ass day. Also, it was the last day for a girl who had just started it May. She was really nice and I am going to miss her. She is moving to San Diego (apparently , that 's where all the good ones are going !). God Bless her, she's been working 7 says a week since she started with us to save up for this move. She's been pretty loopy the last couple of weeks, from fatigue. She had a great outlook and attitude and was really easy to get along with. We had pizzas from Upper Crust delivered. I forgot how good that pizza is ! Lisa G. , I'll miss you !
It was slamming all day long. It was exhausting. I kept saying the Serenty prayer in my head "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can , and the wisdomn to know the difference". I didn't have anybody that was incorrigble, it was just relentless. I had a lot of people who couldn't decide on which trolley company to buy a ticket for. Honestly , they are all good. ANY choice will enhance your vacation experience. I feel bad when they tell me that I've been the nicest person they have dealt with since they've been in Boston. I'm not bragging here kids, I 'm just doing my job . If I'm the nicest person they've dealt with , I feel bad for them .
The day itself was beautiful. The sky was a bright blue and the clouds were fluffy and white . At lunch , I went and sat on a bench and read a magazine. There weren't as many dogs out yesterday. At least , not while I was on lunch. When I got home, all I had energy for was to have a salad and I fell asleep some time after 10 and before the 11 o'clock news. I couldn't read or putter. I was sepnt.
Here I am today. I am up and blogging. I haven't dressed for the day yet. I've had my cup of tea and I'm in the middle of some oatmeal. I will greet the day later. . . .

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Good Start

I arose around 6:30 AM. I did a load of laundry and balanced my check book. I sit here blogging, now fully dressed with most of my make-up on. As soon as I finish my tea, I will brush my teeth, apply my lipstick and head off to the record store. Tonight , I am doing stand-up at the Comedy Studio. Anything could happen today . . . . . .anything.

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Head Hurts

My head hurts and I don't know why. I went to sleep at a reasonable time last night , I arose at a reasonble hour this morning. I got some puttering done. I did 2 loads of laundry last night. I have returned from my solitude with a hankering to organize. But , my head hurts. Just on the right side. Like I am going to start a migraine or something. My brother's friend Eddie is here and painting the house . He brought a very hunky blond assistant with him. For all I know, it's his son !!! Damn. . . I'm getting old.
Also, I went to update my website and I couldn't get in to update it . I hate when Google screws around with things. Of course, I'm just assuming it's Google thing. . .. since it's a Google website. I don't really know. I'm not what you call "Computer Savvy". .. Sabe ?
I am putting off calling my mechanic. .. .myabe that's why my head hurts. . .

Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Always Something . .. .

So, I just spent a week up in Cape Ann, by myself. I only had to make my food. I read and read and read. I slept, ate , watched tv and read. It was very quiet. Where I was staying is on the water and , thus, away from artificial light . It gets really dark up there at night. It's quiet and great for sleeping. I went to Woodmans a couple of times, had the Fried Clam plate both times. The weather was cool , for July. The weather was overcast most of the time and there was even a thunderstorm that blew threw and disconnected the electrcity cable from the pole. I was without power, off and on, over three of the days.
However, a couple of days , the weather was beautiful. I sat and watched the sunset like it was a TV program. I watched the way the sun melted into the horizon and I couldn't believe that the people in the houses behind me and to my right weren't also sitting at their dining room tables and watching the sun set.
I didn't have access to a computer and even the cellphone reception was bad. It didn't matter . If someone really needed to get a hold of me , they could. While I was up there , the manager at the booth gave her 2 week notice and Natalie Jacobson, a local newscaster, announced her retirement. I had no newspapers. I got my news from the noon and dinner time shows. I was rested and untroubled. Mostly , I wasn't guilty about taking time off.
So . .. .. the "Something " of the title . . . . . On my way back down 95, I heard a scraping noise. Not consistent. Usually when I applied the brakes, but not every time. I'm pretty sure it's the brake pads. I heard it again on the way to work and when I drove around tonight. It's not a "good" noise. I suspect it's an "expensive" noise. I still haven't finished paying off the last brake repair. The brake cylinder. Oh what am I going to do ? I'm sure I'll think of something .. . . . . .. Or. .. . . Not.

Monday, July 09, 2007

To Dream . . . Perchance to scheme. . . . Oh I wish I could get the coin up to go to Edinburgh this year. I went to see the show at Jimmy Tingle's and the Boston contingent looks like it's going to be a lot of fun ! The things I want to do and the things I have to do.. .. .

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Technical Difficulties, Again. I don't know why I can't post a title on this. I have not posted in a couple of days because I could not. I am none too sure this is going to come out.
Kiki and I went to the movies again on Tuesday. We went to see "Evening" starring Vanessa Redgrave, Meryl Streep, Tonie Colette, Natasha Richardson, Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy , Mamie Gummer and a bunch of other people. It was a bit melodramatic but it was good. Think "Meatballs" but in period costume and not funny. The moral of the story ? It doesn't matter. No matter how you obsess or replay events in your mind, it just doesn't matter. Thank you, Meryl Streep.
I worked Fourth of July.
At the moment, I have the runs.
That is what is going on in my world.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Double-Feature Private Screening

Last night , Kiki and I went to the movies. Since we car-pool on Mondays, we swung by the movie theater early to get our tickets for the 7:00 pm Die Harder and then we continued on to work. We got to the theater at about 7:10, which is enough time to get there and still see a couple of previews. When we got into the theater, the movie was going and Bruce Willis looked pretty beaten up , for so early in the movie, and there was one other patron in the theater. We asked him if it had just started, and he said that this was a continuation from an early showing and the projector had broken. Effectively, they had cancelled the 7:00 o'clock show to finish the film and the next one would be at 9:50, too late for us on a school night. I went down to the ticket counter and she said we could change theaters at 8:00 and see Transformers which just opened.
I went back and told Kiki , neither of us could make a decision , so we sat and watched what was left of the Die Harder film. We both emjoyed what we saw and we think we saw the best part of the movie. We were able to figure out what was going on and who the major players were. Yeah, we lost the exposition, but you don't go to movie like that for the subtle nuances. You go to see Bruce Willis kick butt in a righteous smirking way. You want him to be a hero and he is. We were happy with our decision and then we went over to the Transformers theater.
When we got into that theater, there was only one other person there, the same guy from the last feature. We saw a preview for the Nicole Kidman film and then the movie started. About 5 minutes into it, about 35 people came streaming in. They were either High School Seniors or College Kids. Yakking , chattering , kids. We kept hearing people saying in a loud voice "Hey , The movie started !" "They said they were going to satrt the movie just for us !" Someone got up and went downstairs. A few minutes later, the manager came came in and announced, in the dark, while the movie was going on that they should all come downstairs to theater 6, they would be starting the movie down there in a couple of minutes. Then our movie stopped and the lights came up and she made the same announcement again. Then the 35 or so young adults stampeded out of the theater and the movie started up again where it left off. We were again in the movie theater with just us and the same guy from before . In effect , a private screening.
Yeah , I know you're probably thinking, "Dot! What the Fuck ! Transformers ?? Die Hard ? " Well I say, We like Bruce Willis and we wanted to see the Transformers film. Come on ! Don't you wish your car was a sentient being that could protect you and the world ? That your car could, when you least expected it , turn into a giant powerful robot ? No ? Okay, well maybe you've got a new I-phone or an electronic Tuba that you play around with . Me, I'm mostly thinking about converting clothes into scraps into quilts, which I have never done and at this point in my life , probably never will. But I digress. .. . .
We liked the Transformers film. It was a rollicking good time. It stars the delightful Shia Lebouef and lots of robots-good and evil. Patriotic soldiers defending home and country. I even got a little teary -eyed when Bumble Bee had his legs blown off and he still kept on fighting , to save the humans ! Not even his own species ! It was co-written by a former Boston boy -John Rogers . It was a lot of fun.
So, that was our unexpected private screening double feature. Not planned, but certainly enjoyed. Have a great day !

Monday, July 02, 2007

Chowderfest Strategy

Yesterday was the annual Chowderfest held at City Hall Plaza. I worked last year and tried to attend , but it was too crowded for my hour long lunch, so, I turned around and got an expensive Caesar salad from Finagle a Bagel. This year, I was also working, AND I received a ticket to attend the ChowderFest. I took the first lunch (because I was in first . That's how it works at the booth. Or , if you're in first , you can offer to trade your timeslot to a more favorable time.). This year, I was going to Chowderfest.
I love clams -fried, steamed and chowdered. The Chowderfest simply compliments my enjoyment of the humble clam. There were like 8 different stalls giving out samples of chowder. You could go back as much as you wanted but you should really try everybody before you go back for seconds at anyone in particular.
At the first booth, which was the shortest line, I got a little packet of oyster crackers, a spoon and my little container of chowder. It was Ned Devines and it was really good. After I had enjoyed it, I threw the cup, spoon and crackers in the trash. At the next booth, I got a spoon wrapped in sealed plastic and sealed packet of oyster crackers and a little tub of chowder. This was a strategic fumble. Since I have only two hands and the chowder is an open container, there is no way to gracefully open the spoon and crackers without spilling the precious little container of chowder. Lesson learned, I wielded my spoon and open bag of oyster crackers like parade flag. It was more efficient and I could get in another line before I had completley finished the previous booth's chowder. I got in all the chowders of the Chowderfest and had time to go back to re-taste the contenders I thought would win the Chowderfest crown. I voted for the Grille at The Wood Bridge in Waltham but it was pretty close. I also really liked Christophers and the Skippers from West Yarmouth.
It was really a glorious summer day. The sky was a deep blue with a couple of fluffy pure white clouds. The temperature was in the high 70's. So, it was warm but not sweltering. It was the perfect day for an event like Chowderfest.
Along the perimeter of the festival, there were other booths set up giving out samples, there was Fruit 2 "O" and Pepperidge Farms , they were giving out little snack packets of pretzels and coupons, and Willow Farms was there with a booth dispensing samples of chicken pot pie and little containers of chicken salad. There were also girls giving out samples of fruit chips and gum.
I fit it all in my hour long lunch. Granted, I got a lot of the chowder on my uniform shirt, but they are extremely washable uniform shirts made out of 100% American polyester. That was a good lunch in downtown Boston.