Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Clown Car of Plastic Bags

So, for the first time , in a long time, I actually had Memorial Day off ! I did not leave the house . I did say a prayer for my father & my brother that went to war. Basically, spent the day alone with my cat. I went through piles of clutter that have built up . The piles consisted of mostly partially read Sunday papers and plastic bags. Lots & lots of plastic bags. Some of the papers were tucked into their plastic sleeping bags. Some were scrunched up in a ball. Whether they were self-scrunched or I did it, I cannot be sure.Who am I saving all these bags for ? Do you know how many times in the last year someone has asked me for a plastic bag in the last year ? 3. Do you think I had a plastic bag with me to spare ? That's right, no. I did not have any with me. Both of my parents had lived through the depression. I was taught by nuns who, for the most part,had also survived the depression. I had one Grand Mother who saved everything and the other one threw everything away. Can I blame it on genetics and nurturing ? I live in a time of plenty . I have plenty of lovely free bags from various work events I have attended which are perfect for carrying groceries. Of course, those lovely free bags are usually in a lovely pile at home when I need them the most ! How could I have accumulated so many of them ? What am I saving them for ? Those little suckers take up a lot of room ! Today, I went through some closets . Some of the stuff is my deceased Mother's and some of it is mine. I am proud to say I have 5 bags of clothes and shoes that are going into the car and to Goodwill within the hour !!!! I allow the clutter to build up . I wouldn't label myself a "hoarder" . I would call myself an "Accumulator" . Much of my stuff is handed down from well-meaning friends. I don't say "no". I have received some beautiful things over the years. Really lovely stuff. However, if it doesn't fit me anymore and/or I can't recall ever using it, how can I justify keeping it ? I can't . Really , I can't . If I threw 80% of my crap away , I bet I wouldn't miss it. I'm probably not at that point yet, but I may be edging closer to that decision. I do like looking at my stuff. I don't really like looking at the plastic bags. Clearly, I wasn't even aware of how many I had ! Plastic bags are handy for picking up dog poop. I used to be a dog walker. But , I haven't walked anyone's dog in almost exactly a year. Change is good. I need to change. I need the down time to clear my head and focus in on the tasks at hand. This is a choice that only I can make .I would guess I work 27 out of 30 days a month . Many people have 2 days off . A Saturday and a Sunday. 2 days in a row ! How amazing would it be to have a work life like that ? Work only 5 days and still be able to pay your bills ? I made a mistake some where along the way . . .. .


Blogger dee-rob said...

Hey Dot,

Don't blame yourself on the bags, blame the bags. They are evil and proliferate unnaturally.

I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them, so I bought one of those bag holder things at IKEA, where you smoosh them all in and pull them out through the holes. I had it crammed and even as I reused the bags more were there.

Then, our county implemented a ban. Now, at all stores, there are no plastic bags. You have to bring your own, or buy a paper bag for 10 cents. Full implementation was on Earth Day in April.

One month later, my crammed bag holder is empty.

The only explanation is that they breed in captivity whenever new bags are introduced.

Evil. I tell you. Evil.

Thursday, May 30, 2013 6:01:00 PM  

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