Thursday, August 25, 2005

Whiney Girl Feels Better

24 August, 2005-1PM- The Flat
Yesterday, I explored the Greyfriars Kirk (church) and cemetary. I took some pictures with the disposable. Creepy , I know , but I was compelled. The most famous person (most interesting to me) interned there is "Greyfriar's Bobby" a dog who stood watch over his masters grave for 13 years after the master had died.Litttle Bobby really missed his master. There is a children's story about it. The locals fed the little dog and watched out for him. A tavern owner secretly buried him in the cemetary,after he died, because he's a dog and that's not supposed to be done.
Took a long time to find the Queen's Hall. Before I left the flat, Rain called and asked if I could bring a pair of shoes for her costume to the Exonerated. I did , because I 'm a good kid and that and buck fifty will get me the Big One at Dunkin Donuts.Finding the Queen's Hall took a long time enough ,though I had a map, they were crappy directions.
I went back to the flat and got ready to flyer and do the show. Wendy , who arrived yesterday, and I walked into town together. I flyered at the bottom of the Baby Belly alley. Since Rain's musician said he had seen me from across the street the day bay before and thought I looked defeated, I tried to pretend my soul wasn't crushed. I didn't wear my glasses and tried to raise my eyebrows so I looked interested and engaged in the world and the people around me. Further reinforcing my concern that I have a mild case of Asbergers . My face in repose makes me look like I'm contemplating murder, and usually I'm only doing that when I'm driving.
Kris showed up all pale and I am concerned he's got a really bad cold. It may be a touch of the plague from the Caves. Wendy went in to see Brian's show.
We sold three tickets for our show P45, and thus, we had to do a show. It went a lot better than last time. The 2 women were a bit late and they had bought their tickets from the Half priced Ticket booth. We handed out name tags and asked them if they had been laid off. One woman was a laid off Nurse and the other was a laid off Anglican minister. My immediate response was "You got laid off by God ?" . It was refeshing to see that I still had some minute improv skills left. The rest of the show proceeded with ease. Kris had added some new stuff geared to Scotland that was very good and I cracked up during Andy's mudslide story. At least I was having a good time.
Afterward, we headed over to the Library bar and hung out with the Dirty fan Male guys-Duncan and Johnny. They were very reassuring to me that the difficulties I am experiencing here at the Fringe are typical and comparitivly mild . I don't know why the idea that my discomfort could be worse made me feel beter, but it did. Peter Searles ,a comic and a friend of Cyndi Freemans, hung out with us for a while. He wasn't all that happy either.
Cal and Brian showed up , Andy and Wendy went to flyer for the Naked Show. Then Johnny's friend Emma showed up with a couple of friends. Cal and Brian were scheming to get into the BBC party. I went to the Ladies room.
When I returned, I noticed Brian's bag was on fire. I stupidly put it out with my hand. The synthetic material seared to my skin. The Manager of the Library bar sent me to the Ladies room to run my hand under cold water, then 2 workers found me and made me put it under the water even longer AND I had to fill out an incident report. They didn't have any neosporin in their first aid kit -They're only prepared for cuts and knife wounds. They wanted me to take a cab to the hospital, which I refused.
During all this, Kris very thoughtfully called to enquire how I was doing in the ladies room and then the office., I was "Like , I'm fine" I didn't want to hold him up . Still, he waited outside . He was with Andy and Wendy . I got a curry chips with cheese and described my recent medical emergency. We bumped into Leon, which was good, because Andy needed to speak with him and then I tried to get into Phat Cave - I wanted to see Demetri Martin- but I couldn't because they were sold out. My Teviot card didn't work this time.
Wendy & I walked home. Andy rode his bike. Wendy is finding the weather here a bit cooler than expected. It's cool , like late October in New England.


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