Tuesday, August 16, 2005

And SO it Goes

August 15-7:15pm -The Flat
Andy and I walked to Kris's flat to have a meeting to discuss out possible show titled "P45" about people losing their jobs- because that's what happened to us. It will probably be a "networking/Support Group" structure. It took a really long time to walk to Kris's flat from ours. However, he's got the whole thing to himself !!!! Lucky Bastard AND it cost less for the whole month than my closet a/k/a "The Dutch Oven ". He doesn't have to share his bath room, No one is going to walk in on him.
Ever the gracious host, he put out cheese and crackers. We brought chips and sandwiches for lunch. He made us tea. It was like visiting family. He has a very nice place, though he apparently hasn't had many visitors . .. . ..
Then we headed back to our flat. Andy and Kris went to the karaoke bar and I brought Andy's laptop home. I blogged and now I am trying to prepare myself to go out. Hopefully, I'll get in to see Stwert Lee tonight. I hope, I hope. .. . . . .

August 16, 2005- 1:55 AM-The Flat

Well, I didn't get to see Stewert Lee. Cal asked us to pitch the show idea to him and that took about as long as it would be too late for us to get there in time if we left immediately. Thankfully, Calvin liked the pitch. I think it's a "go" to start Thursday.
Then we ran out to get to Paul Lucas' event at Venue 82. Ny friend Cyndi had e-mailed me that I should introduce myself to him. It was an event for New York based artists to make connections and hang out. Parker Entertainment is a New York company and , of course, everyone knows Calvin.
Paul sent us over to DeNiro's for dinner. He told us to tell "Hugo" that Paul sent us - we got a discount on the bill ! Yippee ! Then we stopped by the Spiegel Tent and headed over to the Library. I got tomorrow's Scotsman , hung out for a while. It was really warm in there and then Andy and I left. When we were leaving Demetri Martin and Eugene Mirman were coming in. I said hi to both. Eugene said "Hi Dot".
Here I am now. I must admit, I like walking around , out doors , at night. It reminds me of being a kid and we'd have sleepouts in the back yard of Keeley's and after it was really late enough -we'd roam around the neighborhood at 3 in the morning.. It's so quiet and cool at that time of the night. End transmission.


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