Monday, August 15, 2005

It Is Done

August 14-2:45 am- The Flat

Today, Brian just cut out the sketches. They aren't jibing with the one man portion , potentially huting his chances at a good review. So, they are gone. I am disappointed and my heart hurts, but I'll get over it. Apparently , he had a pretty good size audience -62 regulars and 2 reviewers.
Andy and I went to dinner at Kushi's - where we went the first night. I saw Dead End, the show before ours , they had a reviewer coming -they came to ours , so , we went to theirs. It took me a while to fugure out the metaphor, but it was well done.
Then Kris and I went to see "Jane Godley Is Innocent" she's a Scottish writer and comic . She was good but I had trouble understanding her accent and Kris fell asleep. Then we headed to the Library. I wanted to buy a Scotsman from the blind man. Somehow, Kris and I got disconnected. I read my paper and headed out to Spank.
Brian ,Andy and I couldn't get in on our venue passes. The guy at the door said they were sold out, then Rain Pryor came along and they let us all in.
It just wsan't as thrilling as the first night. The audiences are turning, they will fight you. Our flat mate, Andrew J. Lederer, did a set and he was really good. Then Stephen K.Amos, he was very good. I'd like to go see his show. Then they had intermission and I just came home.
The weather is cooler right now.
August 15-3:15 am -The Flat
Well, it was a fruitful day for an unemployed actress. Did Andrew's story telling show. Went all over the place looking for some Omeprisol for his gout. Did the obscene voicemail story. And then Andy Ofiesh described all the body parts that I had used the word "Thing" in. There were children in the audience, I felt they were too young to hear that.
Checked the box for Brian, had a cherry pie, got some curry chips and headed back to the flat to discuss the P45 show which is the Inland Revenue Form Everyone has to fill out when they lose their jobs.
Saw "Dirty Fan Male" about the letters Porn Stars get from their fans. Kris and I really liked it, Andy thouht it was okay. Tried to see Stewert Lee's show but it was sold out. Instead , we went to see "Meat" which was about anthropormorphised dogs and gazzelles. In the spirit of the Fringe, it was appropriate, but I don't see it going to Broadway. Then we saw Reggie Watts, who was very inventive and quite funny . A bizarre looking man -think "black Tiny Tim" . A fire alarm went off before he was finished and all the caves in the Underbelly had to be evacuated. Saw Eugene Mirman during the fire drill. We waved to each other.
We headed up to the Library and went to see Phat Cave - a stand-up comedy show. This was the first time I had trouble understanding what the comics were saying. Their brogues/accents were so thick , I kept leaning over to Rain and asking "Is he really saying anything ?" She would just shrug her shoulders because she couldn't understand a word either.
There was a great midget comic on -Tanya Lee Davis- from Canada. She was great. Then at the end , Brendan Burns was up and he had her sitting on his lap and then he had her wrestle an audience member. Brendan himself almost got clocked when he straddled a man in the audience and started to kiss him. The guy picked Brendan up and tossed him. When Brendan collected himself he said"Fair enough ! I think I've had my Bluff called !" It was interesting , but nothing is going to match that first night at Spank.
We went back up to the Library , but I split because it was really time for me to go. And here I am. My laundry was still not dry when I got home. I put it in at 5pm. I am less pissed and just mostly annoyed at the inconvenience.


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