Friday, August 26, 2005

Story Telling to Spank

August 26,2005-3:20 Am-The Flat
Did Andrew's Storytelling show. I had started to host it and he arrived. Told the voicemail story, because it's short. Said Hello and Thank You to the Greek audience member. I identified with the Chinese girl who told Andrew to call her "Mindy" because her name was unpronounceable. I said I had the same problem. My real name is "Dorothy" but my Scottish name is "Margaret".
Went to to Tescos. Came back an stapled another 254 of Rain's post cards. Went out to check the box sales. I believe Andy has cancelled to show to poor ticket sales and that he just doesn't want to do it for 3 people. I didn't struggle or argue. Kris was a little annoyed when I finally got to talk with him. Things just kind of spun out again.
It was raining. I went inside to the baby Belly pub to talk with Rain and she was sitting with a cast mate from the Exonerated. When I met him , I went up to him like I knew him then realized I didn't , then realized I knew his face because he's been on a lot of Law and Orders over the years. Can't remember his name, but he was very nice.
We sold no tickets for P45. Though the character actor offered to come see it.I encouraged him to see Rain's show. Brian had a great show tonight. Kris and I decided to go see Demetri Martin. He was well worth it. His show was in a Lecture Hall and it was packed. He did an hour and it was great stuff.
After the show, we stopped by the Library bar and sat with Duncan and Johnny from Dirty Fan Male and their tech guy Sean. We talked a little bit about the Naked show the night before. I decided to swing home and dump my big back pack for a more manageable evening purse before going out to see Brian at Spank. Keep in mind , whenI say "Swing" it's a 20 minute walk each way.
Arrived at Spank. We only had to wait a little bit. Met up with Kris and our fromer intern Lisa. Andy was already in there. Dean Cameron came by and did a Naked Promo for Nigerian Spam ScamScam. I know he's a married man, but I've seen him naked twice now, and I think he's hot. Though, truthfully, I don't know anyone else thinks that. Come to think of it, I've seen more live naked men in the last 3 weeks than I have seen cumulatively in my whole life. Oh, that's so sad . . . .. .
However, Paul Provenza was there to see Dean do the promo for the Nigerian Spam Scam Scam, which he wrote. So, it was a star gazing treat. The show itself was a little bumpy. It opened with a good sketch group called "Los Albatross". They did a song-this guy singing a deeply emotional song to his woman about how he's lost and then he admits he's actually lost and she should get the map out. Then the "Wife" gets up on stage and sings a different song while looking for the map and accusing him of having an affair with his secretary. The 3 "kids" hop on stage behind them , like they're in the backseat. They sing, in chorus, "Are we there yet ?"and "Who's Janis?" (Janis is the secretary he is having the affair with ). The song ends with him turning the car around. Very funny and inventive. Then an Irish comic -James Goldsworthy, thenBrian , then a Canadian comic named Craig Campbell, he was very good. he did a bit about Scotland-how he can't quite understand the accent and another about thugs threatening to beat him and his girlfriend up. The thugs end up beating each other up and telling Craig and his girlfriend to run because the guy at the bottom of the pile is crazy.
After the break, and the naked promo, Robin Ince came out and basically walked the room. I had to walk as well. He was really drunk and there were some really ignorant little ninny girls talking loudly and heckling him. It wasn't very enlightening or entertaining. In fact , there was a young couple sitting in front of us making out. Full waggling tongues and groping. Who makes out to comedy ? I can understand music or the movies, but angry drunken comedy as the background for snogging ? I don't get it . I went home.


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