Monday, August 15, 2005

Updating As Fast As I Can

August 12, 2005 -11:20 pm -The Flat
Audience 21
Possible Audience Members who were reviewers-1

Today started late, because last night ended so late. Brian and I flyered the Pleasance Courtyard. I think Brian would have been more comfortable having his first period. Then I went to Tesco's and did a little grocery shopping. Came home, blogged,got dressed and then went back out to do the show.
I thought the audience loved Brian,but the sketches sort of fell on the floor like wet rolls of toilet paper. Brian may ax the sketches altogether. He needs a good review.
Then we went to the Ediacom party at the Electric C venue. Ediacom is "our" PR firm-the PR firm that Parker Entertainment is using here. It was a very low key affair, open bar, snacks were gone by the time we arrived. Again, no one really seemed to want to talk with us and we, pretty much, just talked amongst ourselves. Rain, Cal, Christine, Emily and Jeff arrived -so I didn't want to seem rude by departing simultaneously.
Rain and I left and walked up to the Gilded Baloon venue and got curry fries. Oh My GAWD !!!! Curry fries are the best ! Everyone must try them. We must get them in Boston !
Rain and I hung out at the Library for a while, then we took a cab back home. Don't know if we're going back out . Don't really care at this point.


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