Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Show Day !

August 20, 2005
Arose late, rushed out to Andrew's show to meet with Kris and Andy to discuss tonight's show. The Laughing Horse is packed-standing room only. After the show , we went upstairs to have a bite and sat at an empty table, when an Indian woman rushed over from the bar and said "I'm sitting there ! " To which I curtly replied "Oh, I thought you were over there. I didn't see you sitting here because you weren't". Then we got up and left and headed out to the courtyard behind the bar. We talked about the show. Kris had some good ideas to add to the show, but I was pretty antsy because we don't even have what we agreed on down pat, changing it up is just going to lead to chaos. I really wished we could have rehearsed it.
We headed out to eat. After a long walk , and several stops, we ended up over by the half price ticket booth on Princes street and went to the Burger King.

We flyered as much as we could . I stood in the alley of the Baby Belly offering people their "P45's" . Then I scooted home , got changed and walked back into town with Calvin. At this point , I would like to point out that at no time in this day did I have the opportunity to prepare for this show.
We eventually got 4 people to buy tickets, an thus, we had a show ! As an aside, someone in the flat ate the cheese I bought to use as a prop. I was pretty mad. As of right now, no one has owned up to the theft. It was just inconvenient because I needed it.
So, we start the show and every thing feels choppy to me. Also, I feel woefully unprepared (Which Indeed I am ). At one point the two audience members not on the stage with us says "Oi ! I thought this was a show , not a therapy group !" to which I repsonded "See ! We're doing such a good job, you can't tell the difference ! " Breaking the 4rth wall and further contributing to an overall sense of doom for me. Brian was in the audience and I can only hope that he felt enormously successful by comparison to us. At the end of "The Show " , Andy offered to buy the audience members a drink. But , frankly, I don't think they could get away from us fast enough.
Both Andy and Kris felt pretty good about the show. I departed questioning my integrity and wondering how disappointing it would be for me to give it all up . I concluded it wouldn't be all that disappointing . ... .
Also, Andy figured out , after all the flyers had been printed up and partly distributed that August 24 is a Wed not "Thursday" as printed on the flyers . I am likening this to a slow motion train wreck.
Our Tech, Lou, thought our little show was more in the spirit of the Fringe. Whereas the audience was participating and everyone had the sense that anything could happen -but probably wouldn't.


Blogger Kris Earle said...

Hi Dot -- you are doing an awesome job here, keep the spirit up, you will one day look back on this whole trip and smile and be proud of yourself. Working with you Brian and Andy has been great and we're only getting better. Kris

Monday, August 22, 2005 4:49:00 AM  
Blogger Andrew J. Lederer said...

I ate the cheese.

To have some protein in me before I went to bed so I would wake up with less of a hangover.

Actually, I only ate a little of it. Most of it moldered in my room 'til we went back to the States.

Sorry. It must have been a good prop. It was very funny cheese.


Friday, October 28, 2005 4:40:00 PM  

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