Friday, January 07, 2011

Hello 2011

New Years Eve, I walked a dog and had chinese food with my friend Ju-Ju. I was actually still awake at midnight. I can't tell you how glad I am to start a new year !
New Years day , I got up early , washed the kitchen floor, vaccumed the hall, did some dishes, changed my bed sheets, made brownies and a lasagna. My cousins came over for a visit. We gather on New Years day instead of xmas, when the pressure is off. My cousins brought a lovely cheese and crackers plate and their own sodas. I had made dip and got the Ruffles. We sat around for about 3 hours shooting the breeze. My brother in Colorado called while they we here. We had a lovely time.
I forgot about the brownines and the lasagna. I sent them home with half the brownies. I brought half the lasagna in to work on Sunday and I am still working on the last of it today.
After they left, I went to my dear friend Mary Martha's for an open house. Her and our friend Susan had made a bunch of hardy soups. The invitation requested that we bring only a bowl, which I did. Some people brought big bowls, really too big for soup and I brought a cereal bowl which accomodated a ladel of each perfectly. I had a ladel of about 8 different soups-minestrone, onion, curry something,vegetarian chili, vegetarian sausage -I know I'm forgetting something. Maybe it was only 6 but it was all delightful. I saw some old friends and talked to some people I had never met.I stayed after to help Mary put some things back into place. I was rewarded with a couple of Susan's vegan cup cakes and Mary's oatmeal raisin cookies.They actually made it until Tuesday !
I was home by 7PM . It was a good way to kick off the new year. I haven't had a Saturday off where I didn't have to attend a wedding in years ! I spent it with family and then old friends. I got up and out into the world and it was a beautiful day. I think it was in the 50's. I am glad to start a new year fresh !


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