Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Computer Woes

I did a de-frag (incorrectly ) on my home computer. It is fried. However, I found the original discs that came with the computer , so, I might be able to restore it. You know, I've had the same computer since 2001. I really only use it for email, internet and this blog (occassionally). It's been slow for a while.The de-frag did speed it up but now I can pretty much ONLY do email. I am blogging to you from my company laptop. I went to my phone company and they "Tethered" my laptop to my cellphone. So, instead of getting an internet card, I can use my cellphone to connect to the the internet. It's about the same price as an internet card, $60.00 a month. I won't have this for more than a month. I can blog from my laptop. Mostly, I'm just excited I found the original discs and I am hopeful that I can restore my computer. Also, I'm pretty impressed that I figured out how to tether my laptop. I can't believe I've been able to do this without crying !!!! I'm close to it, from fatigue, but not computer frustration. ..