Thursday, August 31, 2006

Comedy Tonight !

I did a set tonight at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square . The show started a little late and there were quite a few comics on the bill. Rick had arranged them alaphabetically, which actually was a good progression to the show. I didn't get a program because I got there early. Before the show started,I talked about comedy, rock & roll and British tv for quite a while with Ken Reid. Great conversation. I think I'm going to try and get his in-laws to give us a flat to at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next year .
Rick looked beatiful in a dark blue suit and a ice blue tie and matching pocket hankie. I think I 've seen that suit before, but it looked really good. The opening act was a comedy group called the "Out Takes " ? (can't remember their name). Not bad, they did a bit about Bush using charades to prompt him what to say at a news conference. I laughed. Then they did a sketch which had potential but it got pretty gratuitously dirty without really delivering the goods. As far as I'm concerned, if you're going to do a sketch about fucking a fetus, there's gotta be a great payoff. Sandy Asai did her second to last set as Comic in Residence, she tied some jokes up really neatly that I hadn't seen her do before. Then Jen Dlugos, she had a lot of new material. I really laugh at the dirty stuff. Then me. I was relaxed, but I did screw up the order on a couple of jokes and I swallowed the punch line on a new joke. The premise is good, just have to figure out the phrasing on the punchline. I felt good about what I did, but it felt like the light came on really quick.Kris Earle did some new material, he occassionally has a stage persona that reminds me of an out of control drunk relative. The Glow was on the show, he's got great stage presence. Corey Manning, he's changed up some of his delivery and I thought he had some really great jokes. Zack, I've seen him before. Then ,David Something , I hadn't seen him before. And 2 young kids, can't remember either name. One kid did material about being dumped by his girlfriend for a cop on Martha's Vineyard and some not funny gay material (because it was stereotypical) and then a beautiful boy from San Diego who is here for a Graduate degree program and did material about being dumped by his first choice college. Cutie -Cute, I forget how old I am . .. .
After the show, Kris Earle and Jen Dlugos and I went downstairs to the second floor. None of us had the intention to hang out, but we did. Mostly just the three of us. We were really laughing. Kris was telling some really funny stories. It was just nice to be laughing and enjoying each other.
Then I came home and here I sit in my jammies blogging. I should really be asleep.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Emmys vs Drumline

So, I watched the Emmys tonight AND the movie "Drum Line". I watched some of the pre-show on "E" TV. Ellen Pompeo said hello to Boston Homey "Patrice" who is also a Boston comic/hairdresser. I kept thinking while flipping back and forth that both of these presentations have to do with people trying their best. Working at the highest level they are capable of. Probably every day. And thus, they get nominated and may win.
Me ? I don't think I 'm working at my highest level possible. It was raining today. I didn't go for a walk. I didn't pig-out, but I could have eaten better. I didn't write anything. I'm writing now. Posting this blog about watching tv. Hmmm . .. .does that count ? One of my friends just won the grand prize in Writers Digest, she beat out 10,000 other entrants. She works hard every day. Her consistency leaves me in the dust. I'm just working for an hourly paycheck.
"Drum LIne" is about kids in a marching band. More specifically, a Drum Corpes marching band. A drum line is much more powerful. These kids work hard, practicing, drilling, working together as a team to create a gigantic sound. Frankly, the movie seemed to have more heart than the awards show. It's terrible the way they start playing music during the speeches. You don't really get a feel for an individual's personality .
Okay, that's it. That's all I got.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Unexpected Technological Advances

I am trying to get a website going. Once again, my friend Angelynn has helped me get things started (she helped me get this blog going !) Frankly, I am mystified by all the things she can do. I am a Luddite. Each time she does something , it's like she's travelled back from the future with matches and I'm just a cave woman bashing the heads of rodents with rocks, fascinated ny the small sticks of light.
So, anyway, I thought she had done something and that's why I couldn't access my blog. Nope. Blogger is just having problems this week.
On Wed., after work, I walked from Boston Common to Harvard Square. I walked along the Charles River. It was really beautiful, but I think I irritated a lot of the bicyclists and joggers. I had a response all ready in case someone made a disparaging remark to me. "Oh Yeah !!!! Well I can't run like you ! My physical Therapist told me not to run!!! I'm lucky I can walk !!!!!" A paraphrase , sure, but I did have a physical therapist tell me I was not built to jog. It was a bad idea. I wish someone had told me that when I was running track in high school. Anyway, it took me an hour and half to complete the hike. I was glad I thought to walk it. However, about three quarters of the way, I realized there was a more direct route to my destination. So, I'll have to try that way at a later date.
On Thursday night, I participated in a Great & Secret show. I was to sit in the audience and at the appointed time, I was to go into labor. I was giving birth to the Walsh Brothers and then they would come back from the future , to this show, and save the world. I called my friend Julie Perkins, who had worn a kick-ass belly for a pregnant character she had played in a show we did. She got it at the Boston Costume shop, and so did I. It cost $10.00.
The plastic belly is made of the same material that store bought holloween masks used to be made of in the 60's & 70's. It tied in the back. The trick is to keep it in place. I wore a tank top that had a "Body Shaper" quality to it. I also wore a padded bra underneath to make me look really pregnant. I put the outfit on at home, in case I didn't have time to secure myself properly once I arrived at the theater. I surprised the daylights out of my Mother. I walked through Inman Square waddling with my belly. People just barrel assed by me on the sidewalk. When did we become so inconsiderate as a society ? Yeah, I know I'm not REALLY pregnant, but I looked like I was. When I got to the theater, I was a little disappointed when people didn't comment on my "pregnancy" . I was especially disappointed that my friend JJ, didn't comment. However, some people who saw me from across the crowded theater couldn't be sure if I was or wasn't.
I sat in the audience and didn't really draw attention to myself. David Walsh addressed me from the stage and one of the comics made a comment. She asked me if I knew who the father was and I responded like it was a pissy comment. Thus, reinforcing the reality of the situation. She was worried about my response afterwards and I thought it was brilliant so that I could appear insulted. It was great.
I hadn't considered the actual "labor" portion of the event. At the appointed time, I started having "contractions" and Nate Johnson escorted me down to the basement, and then gave birth to the Walshes. The audience was shuttled downstairs to witness the birth. I think I did okay. I don't know how well the whole "Back to the Future" premise had been established, but it was great to have a character to work on.
And Thus , we arrive at today. I worked and then went to Angelynn's house and we got the thing going. Another exciting Saturday night for me. .

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Walking. . . .Walking

I haven't forgotten the Gone Baby Gone stuff, but this is what I'm in the mood to relate . . . .
Tonight , I walked from Boston Common to The Museum of Fine Arts to see the Americans in Paris show. Most people would take the T. If you asked me how to get there, I would tell you to take the T. I had an hour to get there. How long would it take ? I wondered. I had comfortable shoes on, tonight was the night. It took 45 minutes to do. Not a bad walk. Pretty flat the whole way.
I liked the exhibition, but I was through it ,in a thorough manner, within an hour. I've been to Paris. Margaret and I have gone to see the Art Nouveau shows and they usually have a lot of different mediums -Sculpture, jewelry , in some instances, furniture. The variety holds my attention better. All flat paintings. The medium registers as flat in my brain. I liked Sargent's Madame X. It's quite impressive up close. I liked the Mary Cassatt Mother and child and family portraits.I liked the idea that the Americans would go to Paris without knowing the language and just working it out somehow. The art classes were crowded and not well ventilated and everybody smoked. There were so many picures of people posing with a cigarette. I'm surprised they didn't sell Galoits in the gift store that you spill out into to exit the show. My favorite picture was by a returned American from Paris of a harbor in Gloucester. There was a picture on a beach at night in Maine. It was painted by Winslow Homer. Also, Whistler's Mother is in the exhibit across from a portrait of his Mistress. Unfortunately, I can't remember all the useful information together like Artist , Title and subject matter.
When I was ready to leave, I decided to see how far I could get walking, heading back to Cambridge. My goal was to get over the Massachusetts Ave. bridge. I picked that route because the #1 Bus goes by there to Harvard Square, if I couldn't make it . My lofty goal was to try to get to the T station in Central Square. I love the view walking on the Mass. Ave. bridge over the Charles River. The sun was setting but it was still light out. It is warm here, but there is a breeze. The sail boats were out in the water from the Charles River Boat house. Truly picturesque and worthy of a portrait by a returned American. I walk over the bridge after attending Red Sox games. It makes the night even more special.
When I was a kid, we walked everywhere. I would walk from my house in Arlington and walk all the way to Fresh Pond, walk around Fresh Pond and then walk back home.That's about 6 miles altogether. Me and the girls up the street used to walk up and down the hill to the Heights all the time. Sometimes a couple of times a day. When I was a kid , I couldn't wait to grow up to walk wherever I wanted to without having to tell anybody. I also couldn't wait to recieve the Sacrament of Holy Communion or vote and well. . you can guess how long those passions lasted into my adulthood. When did I stop walking ? I don't mean I stopped walking . I know how to "Walk" . I mean when did I stop considering walking as a form of transportation ? When did I think I couldn't walk? That the spectre of the effort would daunt me before the thought could even form. I need to walk. It's a better form of exercise for me. I also feel empowered. Like , if I had to , I could walk anywhere. And that I could live through it and it's not that bad. . .

Monday, August 14, 2006

Comella's & The Night Listener

Today ,I worked and then my friend and I went to dinner at one of our new favorite places. It's called "Comella's" and it's in West Newton, conveniently located next to the West Newton Cinema. We both heard about Comella's on the Phantom Gourmet and then we were talking about it a work and then it took us about 6 months to get there, but we finally did. Their specialty is a dish called "The Mess" you can get "Cousin's Mess", "Mama's Mess" and our favorite "Grandpa's Mess". It has pasta of the day , red sauce and meatballs AND sausages. A "Mess" is basically whatever the pasta of the day is, today it was ziti and a thick sauce. The sauce is just the right amount of tomato and whatever the Italian Grand Ma would put in her favorite sauce. Me being Irish, I don't know exactly what that would be . If I did have an Italian Grand Mother, I would no doubt be better informed to describe it in a more articulate manner. The last time I ate a whole mess, I gained 3 pounds. Kiki and I split a Grandpa's Mess. It was just enough and it was delicious.
Then we went to see the "Night Listener" starring Robin Williams , Toni Colette and Bobby Canavale. It was creepy AND quiet. It's starts out creepy and then it gets weird. It's dark as in not well lit. Though, I guess truthfully, it was lit enough. I could see every thing. I liked it but it 's going to be gone soon. Not a real likeable character for Williams. Toni Collette is really scary as the blind lady. It's way better than "Failure to Launch" if that means anything to you .

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Pre-Casting Session

"Pre-Casting" it sounds slightly dirty . . . . I think I explained it briefly. The Person who will be doing the local casting "The Day Players" wanted to get a look at some people she hasn't seen in a while. I would definitely fall into that category. I am about 10 pounds heavier than I was at this time last year.It's an interesting look, but I'm not liking it much. She saw me when I went down to the Open Call for day Players for the Show Time series "The Brotherhood". The girl in line in front of me (my best friend) got a recurring role . I got an audition and a call-back, but they would have shot the scene while I was in Scotland last year, so, I didn't go to the Call-Back.
Anyway , we're instructed to have the approproate "Sides" (that's usually a section of dialogue from the movie) memorized for the audition. They e-mailed them to me and I was still avoiding the task as of bed time Wed. I worked on it at work on Thursday. One of my co-workers, Alexandra, followed the script for me on and off all day , helping with the lines. By the time I left to go to the audition , I had the lines down cold.
The audition was at the Copley Westin Hotel. I walked. Rattan slides are not good walking shoes. I made it with 5 minutes to spare, but my make-up was melted and I needed to calm down from the exertion. Nice bath rooms at the Westin. I applied pancake make-up to the really red parts of my face to look more natural on camera (or that's the theory I was going with).
Because she had to put another disc in, I had some time to talk with the Casting Director. The movie is coming in September and they'll be using the day-players in October. She'll be casting a lot of different roles. She liked the range she'd seen. SO , I slated my name and did the scene. I fumbled a couple of lines. I think it was good "Movie" acting, but I didn't really feel the lines because the context wasn't clear to me , the way they were laid out on the page. I did okay and I think I'll get a call later on.
When I got out and was leaving to get on the elevator, Julie Perkins was getting off. Much screaming and laughing transpired in seconds. She had taken the Fung Wah bus up for the audition. Because she is originally a Boston SAG member, she was eligible for the lottery. It was so great to see her. I waited until she was done auditioning and then we went to meet Mike Dorval for dinner. We went to Pizzeria Uno and sat outside because it was such a nice evening. We had Chili fries and little tiny hamburgers , nachoes, chicken quesadillas and shrimp/crab dip. The service was slow and our table was wobbly and our waitress seemed reluctant to wipe the table. Her name was Paula. She was nice, but I don't think she was well trained.
Mike drove us to South Station . Julie was getting on the bus back to New York, she had an audition Friday. I was taking the train back to Cambridge to get the bus to take me home. I got home around 10 PM. It was a long day but it was so nice to hang out with Julie and Mike.
There you have it. I have the notes for the Gone Baby Gone Blog. I just wanted to get this in today. I'm still having quirky computer problems and sometimes , when the computer finally gets going, I am distracted and unfocused.
Okay, that'll have to do.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Casting Lottery

I should be memorizing lines for an audition tomorrow.
I know I haven't updated the blog about working for Ben Affleck on "Gone,Baby, Gone".
Also, I've seen 3 movies I haven't reviewed here-Miami Vice , Pirates of the Caribbean and Scoop.
Briefly , about the Casting Lottery. There will be another major film casting to begin production in Rhode Island in the Fall. My Union offers a "Casting Lottery" where, if you're a member in good standing and submit yourself before the deadline, they will call you to audition for the casting director before the the actual " Movie People" get to town.
I am such a winner. I audition tomorrow afternoon. I have the first 4 sentences memorized. I need to have 15 more committed by my audition tomorrow. I don't look anything like my picture, since I got my hair cut. I would like to get cast. I like working on movies. I've printed out my resume on the back of my headshot.
I am very gassy . I hope it will subside by the audition. .. tomorrow.