Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Clown Car of Plastic Bags

So, for the first time , in a long time, I actually had Memorial Day off ! I did not leave the house . I did say a prayer for my father & my brother that went to war. Basically, spent the day alone with my cat. I went through piles of clutter that have built up . The piles consisted of mostly partially read Sunday papers and plastic bags. Lots & lots of plastic bags. Some of the papers were tucked into their plastic sleeping bags. Some were scrunched up in a ball. Whether they were self-scrunched or I did it, I cannot be sure.Who am I saving all these bags for ? Do you know how many times in the last year someone has asked me for a plastic bag in the last year ? 3. Do you think I had a plastic bag with me to spare ? That's right, no. I did not have any with me. Both of my parents had lived through the depression. I was taught by nuns who, for the most part,had also survived the depression. I had one Grand Mother who saved everything and the other one threw everything away. Can I blame it on genetics and nurturing ? I live in a time of plenty . I have plenty of lovely free bags from various work events I have attended which are perfect for carrying groceries. Of course, those lovely free bags are usually in a lovely pile at home when I need them the most ! How could I have accumulated so many of them ? What am I saving them for ? Those little suckers take up a lot of room ! Today, I went through some closets . Some of the stuff is my deceased Mother's and some of it is mine. I am proud to say I have 5 bags of clothes and shoes that are going into the car and to Goodwill within the hour !!!! I allow the clutter to build up . I wouldn't label myself a "hoarder" . I would call myself an "Accumulator" . Much of my stuff is handed down from well-meaning friends. I don't say "no". I have received some beautiful things over the years. Really lovely stuff. However, if it doesn't fit me anymore and/or I can't recall ever using it, how can I justify keeping it ? I can't . Really , I can't . If I threw 80% of my crap away , I bet I wouldn't miss it. I'm probably not at that point yet, but I may be edging closer to that decision. I do like looking at my stuff. I don't really like looking at the plastic bags. Clearly, I wasn't even aware of how many I had ! Plastic bags are handy for picking up dog poop. I used to be a dog walker. But , I haven't walked anyone's dog in almost exactly a year. Change is good. I need to change. I need the down time to clear my head and focus in on the tasks at hand. This is a choice that only I can make .I would guess I work 27 out of 30 days a month . Many people have 2 days off . A Saturday and a Sunday. 2 days in a row ! How amazing would it be to have a work life like that ? Work only 5 days and still be able to pay your bills ? I made a mistake some where along the way . . .. .