Friday, January 01, 2010

Good Bye -2009

AH , the new year is upon me and already I feel so far behind. I didn't really accomplish much in 2009. I made less money, I didn't save anything, I didn't go anywhere. How does a person work 7 days a week and still end up earning less ? Between March and July I gained an additional 10 pounds. Since July , I've lost 22. Still, 8 more to reach my goal weight by May 2010. Nothing significant about May, it just seemed like a reasonable length of time.
I found out my family & I will step up and do the right thing to the best of our abilities. There is help from governmental agencies, nothing happens fast but it will, eventually, happen .
I didn't learn Spanish better or write anything that makes me happy. I did very little stand-up -just too exhausted and uninspired.
I don't know what 2010 will be about. I hope I can be better in thoughts, words & deeds. Getting stuff done every day, I guess that's a good plan. Aiming to be compassionate and kind and understanding (even behind the wheel of my car). Stay out of trouble and gossip. Be a good Friend, a good worker, a good sister & daughter.
Those are fine goals. That's all I got.