Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just Logging

August 9-3 AM -The Flat
Today started at 11 am. Andy and I went and did Andrew's storytelling show at the Laughing Horse at Cowgate. It's a free show at 1:45 pm every day through the festival. I told the Squirrel story, Andy told the nude beach story and Andrew , the host, kibbitzed with the audience. He riffed on one guy sitting in the front row's name. His name was James and Andrew did an ad-lib about the King James Bible. Turns out "James" is a journalist and Andrew cut my second story, so he could do a piece from his show. Andrew put out a jar and I made 2 pounds !
Then Andy, Andrew and I went to hang out at 33 Pleasance. It's a courtyard in the middle of about 10 venues. We had lunch and fretted about reviews. We debated some on which newspaper had printed Rain's review. I flyered the tables and then Andy and I headed for the flat. He had his bike, so he lead me in the right direction and then took off.
Came home, threw in some laundry, (which still is not finished at this hour) talked with Rain a bit. Discussed the possible show order for tonight with Brian. We all got dressed and then headed to the show. There were more people there tonight and there was another reviewer. AND someone from the Perrier committee. So Brian did his stuff up front, gave the audience a choice of staying or leaving and then we did Therapy Man, Salad and Depth Charges. Most of the audience stayed. Also, James from this afternoon's show , was in the audience. Last night's show felt better, but I think just because they were quieter doesn't mean they weren't enjoying the show. Just . . . last night's show felt better.
Then we headed up to the Underbelly to see Eugene Mirman's show. It was really good. While we were cued up to get into the show, 2 people came up to us who had seen our show the night before and really enjoyed it. Their names were Sarah and John -Americans-and their comments made a huge differnce to us. Because we were seeing the show on venue passes, we had to wait until they'd seated all the paying customers -so, Sarah and John saved us 4 seats up front . That was so nice !
Then we decided to go to dinner at some place nice. Andrew Lederer met up with us. Both Andrew and Kris had checked out this place and we all decided to go there. It was Gennaro's in the Grass Market. The waiters there could barely speak English. It was a lovely , really nice meal. I had the spaghetti Carbonara. Kris had ordered minestrone soup and he leaned over to me and said "this is the most vegetables I've had since I got here".
After the meal, we all parted company. Andy got toilet paper and Vicks and went home. Brian was going to try out his Assembly Room pass and Andrew agreed to walk me to the Library so I could pick up the Scotsman and the most recent daily reviews in 3 Weeks . [I should explain that the Scottsman and the 3 Weeks are publictions that have reviews and news of the festival. I haven't been wandering around Edinburgh trying to mate with the Locals . . .] When we got there , it wasn't out yet, so we went inside to see who was around. On the way in , Andrew bumped in to his friend Alex and the 3 of us made our way in.
I was still very interested in picking up a Scotsman, Alex sent me over to the Pleasance - but it wasn't there , either. So , I came back and we were talking and it turns out Alex had a role in "Batman Begins" - he was one of the Stormtroopers ! I was flipped out ! I thought that was awesome. He's here doing a play by J.M. Barrie that's a ghost story. His girl friend and their dog are coming next week. I hope I get to meet his dog. I miss my kitty.
Andrew returned with the daily 3 weeks and the reviews of both our shows were in it. We both got pretty good reviwes. By this time , Brian had joined us and he was visibly relieved. That was the small audience that was mostly composed of reviewers. After the congratulations were exchanged, I headed home. I was hoping for this to be an early night. Oh well, wrong again !

Agust 9, 2005-3:10 pm - The Courtyard at the Pleasance
Awoke about 10:45 am with the intention that Brian and I would flyer the business district. Andrew unexpectedly got a radio interview with BBC Scotland and he asked me to host the Story Telling Show. I was psyched ! Brian was a bit slow going, I think his back is starting to bother him. I hung out and chatted with Rain, Andy and Andrew and then me finally got in the shower and then got dressed. The pants I put in the washer - yesterday afternoon -still had not finished. When I was finally able to get them out, everything had a slight tint of green . Since it had been steeping since yesterday, the dominant bleeder was a green t-shirt AND it was still damp ! I'm right pissed about this.


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