Sunday, August 28, 2005

Andy and the Big Dogs

August 27,205-2:10 PM-The Flat
Ah well . . . .let's see. The P45 show got cancelled again last night. Kris didn't even bother to show up. Saw Brian's show, it went really well. He signed an autograph ! I took him out for pie because he took care of lunch. Headed back to the flat.
Brian was doing Mistree's O's Comic Discipline show and I wanted to see it. Also, because Dean Cameron was going to do it as well. It's a game show format with pre-arranged questions that they worked on that day. Brian was not all that excited to do it, but in the end, I think he had fun. It was really funny , but not because it was written that way. It's supposed to have a naughty undertone, but it's pretty clean. The other "Contestant" on the show was a gay comedy duo called "Topping and Butch". Right near the beginning of the show, their podium collapsed and Butch's beer went all over the place. Dean got a few answers wrong and Mistress O whipped him with her riding crop. Though he was fully clothed, it was still pretty exciting to see it.
After the show, I headed over to Spank to catch Rain sing and Wendy do the 60 second naked promo. I couldn't get in. Leon came outside and said hello but didn't get me in. I went back to the Library bar and bumped into Dean Cameron and had a chance to speak with him a little bit. He is really nice .... .. Ooooo ! What has come over me ??????
Went ino the bar, saw Brian and Paul Lucas, gave up and went home. I felt like a failure coming home before 3 AM. I wonder how long that attitude is going to last once I get back to Boston ?
Today is going no where fast. Andy got introduced to Paul Provenza last night and Paul thinks his naked show would make a good docuemtary . Who knows ? Our little Andy is hob nobbing with the Big Dogs !


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