Sunday, August 21, 2005

Red Tape and Tickets

August 21,2005-12:45 am -The Flat
To Continue with Friday . . . .. .
After Tech, Andy ,Kris and I went up to the Pleasance Courtyard to flyer and eat. Kris got a soup and sandwich which cost about 8 pounds (= $16.00 American).
While we were there, Cal called and asked me to handle the Underbelly box office to get the tickets listed and a "Code" so tickets could be sold. He said Eddy had okayed it and all I had to do was bring a one snetence description to the Box Office so that this could take place. I went to the Box Office, spoke to Sarah , the Assistant Manager-she said tehy couldn't issue tcikets until it had been okayed by the Fringe office. I had to go to the Fringe office to get the okay, to get the code, so we could sell tickets.
Okay, so, I tramped on over to teh Fringe office, waited in line to talk with someone-Daisy- Daisy asked me what I was trying to do. She told me I needed to speak with her manager, but he wouldn't be back for an hour. I should come back then.
So, i went to a charity shop to get get some props, bought a paper, went to teh Baby Belly bar and had a cup of coffee and read the paper. When the hour was up , I returned to teh Fringe office, waited in line, told the guy what I told Daisy and that I needed to see a manager. He said, "Hold on a minute" went away, came back and told me they couldn't do anything until teh Underbelly called them to authorize the issuing of a code. By now, 2 hours had passed , i had not accomplished what I set out to achieve, adn I now had to get Calvin involved, which I was trying not to make him get involved. Plus, I felt I had let Andy and Kris down.
I called calvin, left a message and sat and waited for 20 minutes in case he called me back and I neede to head up to the Underbelly Box Office again. No call, I headed to Tesco's to get more props and toilet paper. While in the Toilet Paper isle, Cal called back and in response to my tale, gave me aphone number to call and ask to speak with Sandra or her assistant. I don't know why this information wasn't offered sooner, but , okay , I don't want to let the team down.
I buy my stuff and head up teh street to find a quiet place to make a phone call. It is a bus stop hut. I explain my story thus far to Sandra'a assistant, who promises to call Sandra's cell phone and will call me back. I headed home.
Within 10 feet of getting to the flat, Sandra's assitant called abck to say that they couldn't do anything without talking with Calvin and they've left im a message. They'll let ME know whenthey've talked to him. Basically, it took about 5 hours, just to get them to call him. It was eitehr A) Red Tape or B) Calivn's need to manipulate the situation so they would ahve to call HIM. I dunno, But they're going to sell tickets and we can do our show.
I am exhausted.


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