Monday, August 22, 2005

Why Must The Show Go On ?

August 21-2:15 PM -The Flat
I am hiding. It is a beautiful day out and I should be out and about. I am hiding. I am trying to psyche myself up to take a shower. I am coming down with something that could be bronchitis or plague. I am depressed.

August 21-4:35 PM-The Flat
I went to Tesco's, got some supplies and purchased store brand "Spotted Dick" -which is a dessert that a guy I work with was encouraging me to try. It was good -like ginger spice muffin with raisins, stuffed into a cup. It's not something I would crave, but it was good.
We are waiting for Kris to arrive to have a meeting. I thought he was going to be here at 4:15. I guess I was wrong.

August 21-5:05 PM -The Flat-Still no Kris

August 21- 10:25 PM-The Flat
I am home -Alone. Our little show was cancelled, It is raining here and all the shows had low attendance. I thought I'd be able to get in to see Stewert Lee's show, but it was sold out again and they couldn't make room for us . I got curry fries , with cheese this time. Delicious ! I have blogged and am going to head back out to Phat Cave. Rain is doing a set on Mikey D's show.

August 22-3:25 am-The Flat
I went out to Phat Cave . Rain was going to do a set and I wanted to see Mikey D again. Tom Gleeson was was on the show and he is still great. I've seen him before and I really like his humor. I said Hi to Tanya Lee Davis for John Curtin. Brendan Burns showed up and couldn't seem to get the crowd going . I am glad I went out, but it's still not as good as that first night at Spank.

August 22- 6:05 PM- The Flat

Well, today started much earlier and I got a lot more accomplished. Kris called me at 10:30 AM -early enough for me to get up and shower and get going. Brian and I went to see "Enola" at the Baby Belly-actually in our cave. The show was very good. It was based on facts surrounding the development of the Atom Bomb . Again, a young and earnest group of kids , but still well written and executed.
Then I high -tailed it up to the big Boots store on the Princes Street. I couldn't actually afford it , so, I used my Visa. I'm sure I'll regret it later, but I really wanted some Boots loot-I got a store brand cleanser, masque, lip liner and 2 disposable cameras -they were on sale 2 for 1. I fear that the digital camera has been randomly erasing pictures and I think old fashioned technology will serve me better. I've mostly been taking pictures of places with the new camera. I am planning on taking some pictures in the cave because, thus far, only one has come out.
I saw a sign for the Hard Rock Cafe and picked up a shot glass for my brother. Intending to head home, I bumped into Brian on his way to see "Boston Marriage" by David Mamet at one of the "C" venues. Well done , but A) the characters were so selfish and self centered that I really lost interest in their little problems and B) They were way too young to be playing those characters.
Got a pie, headed home -taking pictures of the Meadows along the way-Stopped at the Margiotta and got a Scotsman and an Irn-Bru.
Here I be.


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