Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Haggis Issue

August 17-12:05 am -The Flat
Today, Andy and I did laundry. We took a cab. We met an elderly Scottish couple. I helped the woman figure out how to use the machines. They had been married 51 years and knew by the 3rd date , each knew that the other was "the One". While the stuff was drying , I went to the Tescos to get supplies -namely toilet paper. Much better deal than what was purchsaed before, 4 rolls for a pound.
A brief note to address "The Haggis " issue. I have not "Officially" tried Haggis yet. However, I purchased a concoction at the Gregg's next to the laundermatte that I oculd only take 3 bites of. It was called "Scottish Pie" and I can only guess that it's contents were , indeed, Haggis. It had the same consistency as the filling in a pan fried dumpling - only not as good -with bones.
Then we cabbed it back to the flat. I cought up on the papers I had been stockpiling and I read some of the Rough Guide I purchased. Then I headed back out to pick up a souvenier from the Fringe gift store and then I went to Boots. I didn't have a lot to spend, but I got a face scrub, eye gel and eye liner, for fairly short money. All the fashion editors rave about stocking up on stuff from Boots. I am hoping to learn the attraction before I leave here, and thus, be hooked on them like a big Fashion Magazine Editor.
I stopped by the Baby Belly to pick up a Metro and see how Brian's numbers were. They looked pretty good. Kris Earle was just coming out -he saw the first half of Brian's show and said Brian was tryting out some new stuff. I wish I had left the house in time to see his show.
Kris and I headed to the Underbelly to see "Stirring" a show from New York about people forming relationships on the internet and how people just can't seem to connect. I thought it was pretty good. Mr. Earle was not as impressed.
Curry chips sounded good ,so we headed for the Library bar. Kris had regular fries and a hockey puck (school cafeteria rondelet) . I had curry chips and an Irn-Bru (pronounced Earn-Brew). Irn -Bru is an indigenous beverage taht is so beloved in Scotland that it prevents Coca-Cola from getting an adequate toe-Hold in this nation. It tastes like a crossing of orange tonic and bubble gum (Bazooka) flavoring. It is carbonated and on the can there is a warning that says "Caution: Spillage may cause staining". Ah, but I love it !
Kris walked me home. I used my calling card to call the states. I thought I had bought a card that would give me 225 minutes, but it was only a hlaf hour. So, I had to talk really fast and one call was wasted because the connection was so bad.
Kris, Andy and I may go to Loch Ness tomorrow. However, Kris didn't buy the tickets today, so, I don't know what's going to happen.


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