Monday, August 27, 2007

Sitting At The Kitche Table

Here we sit at 1AM at the kitchen table at the flat. David Walsh is flossing, Karen is sitting in her bra and pants, Andy is High and on the computer and Denise, Colleen and I are on the laptops. We've had the final round of curry chips and a couple of cups of tea . Chris Walsh has left to go see Daniel Kitson at Late & Live. We are all delaying organizing the packing. I have checked my flight for tomorrow. I had not noticed that there was a 7 hour layover between my arrival in Newark and my departure to Manchester. Tomorrow will be an adventure , for sure !!!!
Today, We went to the Conan Doyle for lunch.The location overlooks Picardy Square where Arthur Conan Doyle was born. I had a crawfish and lime mayonnaise sandwich for lunch.We all had a couple of souveniers to pick up, so we headed back up to the Royal Mile. I went back to the Pie Maker and , once again, got the last cherry pie. I got a couple of things, bought one of the books that our pub tour guide had written at Blackwell's. Then we went to the Mary King's Close tour. This company had essentially bought the cellar below the building and were giving tours . We went pretty deep into the ground and saw a portion of the street as it was around the 1600's. Edinburgh has just built layer upon layer of the old city. So, That no matter what building you go into , it's foundation may well be 500 years old. Each dwelling has a couple of stories to tell, hence the tours.
After the tour, Chris Walsh and I headed over to the Gilded Ballooon and I had some more of my beloved curry chips. Then I headed in to see Stewart Lee. I couldn't get in to see him the last time I was here, 2 years ago. I had waited 2 years to see him and he was well worth the wait. He had an almost theatrical presentaion. The whole thing came full circle. The premise of the show, after he had discarded the title "March of the Mallards" because mallards mate for life and they are the only animals who breed by gang raping and they are also the only animal that will have homosexual sex with another dead duck. SO. .. .he changed the title to the "The 41st Best Comic Ever" because he was voted 41st in a list of 100 top British comics. Then he goes on to explain that his own mother doesn't think he 's funny and he gives an example of what she does find funny and then it all kind of spirals out from there but then he tied it all up and I thought it was well worth the wait. I didn't get some of the cultural references , but he was still pretty funny.
After the show, I went to the ladies room to floss my teeth. Throughout the show, I was aware that my teeths didn't feel right. Then I headed over to the final Naked Comedy Showcase. I thought it went well. It concluded with everybody , who was naked in the show, onstage. After the show, we all drifted outside. I went to Gora Pakora for one final curry chips and they were out of the sauce !!!! That was it for me kids. I'm glad I got some earlier in the day. So, we headed home and we got the secondary curry chips from Piccante, around the corner from where we are staying.
I am tired but not exhausted. My eyes sting a little bit. I should lay out my outfit for tomorrow morning and do most of the packing now , before I go to sleep. I am looking forward to reading the Allan Foster book, The Mary King's Close pamphlet and the collection of Scottish ghost stories. I also bought a copy of the Allan Foster book for Dave and Colleen. Now it's all over but the flying . . . . . . Thank you Denise, for making this happen for me. I've had a great time !


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Every time I sit at the kitchen table, I sit like an a$$hole.


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