Thursday, August 23, 2007

Edinburgh-Day 2

Denise and I slept in the same bed last night, and .. .. oh. .. what a night it was. Neither of us had slept and Denise's luggage still had not arrived. I hadn't showered, but still I perservered. We went to see the Walshes show, an intimate gathering. So intimate that the Walshes bought beer for everybody in the audinece which comprised Dee & Me, 3 chefs from Cornwal, a nurse and Kayak technician from Australia. I know the kids are somewhat disheartened, but I thought the show went well. Chris made me laugh the hardest. .. something to do with a rabbit and a hat, but I thought it was hilarous.
Then we all headed over to the Gilded Baloon and my treasured curry fries. There was a bit of a dance fest with the Walshes , Wendy Kinall, Andy, Coleen, Dee and me. Though most of the dancing was Chris Walsh,Dave & Wendy. It was really very funny. Marc Maron came over and said hello to us, he also recognized me, that was nice.
Then we went to the Naked Comedy Showcase . It was good. David Walsh streaked Andy's opening monologue. That was funny, because he did it repeatedly. Dee did the show ,too.
Then we all took a Ghost Walk tour . 90 minutes long. We walked under the bridges into the caves. One woman passed out. Swear to Gawd ! She passed out and threw up on the cave floor. We did a lot of walking and the guide told kind of lame ghost stories . It was okay , I'm glad we did it, but I don't know that it was that scary . Nor, would I necessarily recommend it .
We got back in around 1 and we were properly asleep around 3. It was hard to get up this morning. We finally left the flat about 1. We went to see the flat that we had contacted before the festival. WE are ambivalent about leaving Andy and the Wlashes, but it looks like we're going. Wendy has already moved her friend Ce-Ce into the room we slept in last night. I bought Margaret the tshirt she wanted. I bought myself the vintage tshirt option. My feet were really hurting in my green shoes. SO, I started complaining about being in pain. We had to come back to the flat and that's when we found out about the room situation.
We are sitting in the kitchen area .Denise and I are on our computers and Dave is sitting in a comfy chair and we are shooting the breeze. We are dragging our feet about getting up and leaving . It is just 5 PM now. We should be making some decisions soon . . .


Blogger bigtiny said...

Ahh...the land of my forbearers....the Gilded Balloon...sounds like home. Oh, and can you get the barfing/passing out chick's phone number for me?


Friday, August 24, 2007 11:42:00 AM  

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