Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Real Day 4

Friday, we awoke around 4 PM. By the time we finally got out of the flat, it was to go to the Walshes show. The show got cancelled , so, we went to dinner at the little coffee shop where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. I think it was called the Elephant Walk. We had really good nachos. Denise took a picture of the castle that she modelled Hogwarts on. Then we headed over to the Pie Maker and I got the cherry pie I've been thinkning about since the last time I was here. Then we went and hung out at the Gilded Balloon. We bumped into Marc Maron again, he hung out for a bit before his show. Then we went in for the Naked Comedy Showcase . It twas a better audience.
We went back out into the courtyard to figure out what we were going to do. I was interested in seeing Stephen K. Amos's talk show, his guest was Christian Slater, but we ended up going to see Dr. Coca-Cola McDonalds show in the"Wee Room". This guy was truly a fringe performer. He has all these casios and cheesey electronic guitars and stuff and he sings these little songs . The room was so tiny and hot .It was perhaps 12 feet by 12 feet and there about 30 of us in there. Dr. Coca Cola McDonald performs in a bathing suit which is soaked by the end. We all had sweat dripping from us.There is no ventilation in these rooms. He wears white face make-up ala KISS. He sings songs like "Don't join the army if you don't want to kill people" and "Rocky 1, Rocky 2, Rocky 3 , Rocky 4" which is a song that determines your personality based on which Rocky movie you liked. We had our picture taken with him after the show.
Then we toddled over to the Under Belly to see Spank which is a show that has a variety of comics performing after their own shows are done. I was none too impressed with what I saw. I was really there to see Steve Hughes, a tall skinny Australian with long rock n roller hair. I really like him. I thought his material was really good and not particularly racist or mysogynistic. He had one joke about stealing bags of ice cubes and dumping them into the canal "Released them back in to the wild ".
We walked back to the flat and got some more chips & curry and chips and cheese. David got the Chicken Donner and we sat at the kitchen table and had our late night snacks. By the time we actually got to bed , it was 5 am. Ah-Ha-I awoke at 2 and it's just past 3 now.
Denise is out of the shower and we are going to do some shopping and meet Jim McCue for a little man on the street action. I hope Denise knows how to operate a camera . .. . I'm pretty sure she does. Oh, and tonight I will be Randy Winn and Denise will be playing the part of Chris Coxen, we took those passes to hopefully get us into some shows.
This whole thing is going really fast. I can't believe it's the middle of Saturday already. The weather so far has been unseasonably warm. We see to be staying here in the flat with Andy , Wendy and the Walshes and also Karen and Ce-Ce. Karen is doing the Naked show and Ce-Ce is Wendy's friend and she just is staying here , while we are here.


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