Monday, August 27, 2007

Today is Monday

Today is Monday and yesterday we got up and had a proper Scottish breakfast. Then we did some shopping at a store that was having a "Fire Sale". I bought some essential gifts for family and then we split up and I went to get a couple of tshirts from a different vendor. I also went and got the socks I had been been wanting to get. The store was open on Sunday. Then I met up with the Walshes and Chris and I watched the other comics. Then, the Walshes show was up after that. They put Denise, Andy and I up . I did about 5 minutes. There ! I did standup at the Fringe. I thought the show went really well, they had a good sized audience. Then we ran over to the Mitre Pub to do a Literary Pub Crawl with Allan Foster. We started at the Mitre, then on to the Royal Oak, the Rutherford and ended at Sandy Bell's. He a was a really great tour guide and he had a lot of juicy information on Arthur Conan Doyle, JM Barri, JK Rowling and Robert Lewis Stevens, among others. We all thought it was a great tour. I fell down on the ground on the way to Sandy Bells. Just like the last time I was here, only this time I wasn't wearing platform boots. Then we headed over to the Gilded Balloon and had more Curry chips. We went back to the Sandy Bells, but that was closing when we got there. The Royal Oak was too packed and the Rutherford was also closed . We ended up at the Black Bull -I bought a round , just before closing and then we ended up at the kitchen table . Complaining that we were all tired.


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