Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 4 -Edinburgh

It's day 3 or day 4 ? I don't know at this point. We ended up in Chris Walshes room -he has 2 couches. We awoke at around 2 this afternoon. So, whad we do yestaday ?
I don't remember when we got up, we went to the Polwareth apartment and paid the unintelligible little Scottish girls our money and got the key to the flat. Then we walked back to the Mile and walked around . I had some more curry chips and Dee got a new sim card for her phone so she doesn't have to pay so much to make local calls. My feet were really getting blistery. We went back to flat, hung around a bit , fully expecting to pack up and move to the new flat and then we were out the door to see the Walshes show. Their show ended up getting cancelled and one of the people who had bought a ticket was Jim McCue who runs the Boston Comedy Festival So , we all headed over to the Gilded Balloon, had some more curry chips and then went over to see a show at the Green Room, which is a new venue this year. It's run by Parker Entertainment , run by Calvin Wynter, my former flatmate. Cal got us in to see the "Trachtenburg Family Slide Show". They go to thrift stores and garage sales and collect others peoples slides and write songs that are inspired by the slides and they play the song while the slides are being projected on the screen behind them. It was very inspring and entertaining.
Then we headed back to the Gilded Balloon for the Naked Comedy Showcase.It was an okay sized crowd but they were quiet. Then we went up to the rooftop bar, exclusive , only for people performing at the Gilded Balloon and hung out there for a while. Jim left to catch a train back to Glasgow and we headed back over to the Green Room and hung out in the entertainers lounge before we went to see Reggie Watts show.
I had seen Reggie perform the last time we were in Scotland. He was great then and he was great last night. He does amazing things with a beat box and a microphone. Jason Trachtenburg was on the show ,too. That show didn't start until 1 AM. He's half-white and half black and he's got a big saggy afro. There were a lot of drunken yakkers in the audience and Reggie addressed it as if it was planned. "It seems random , but all of these conversations are part of the show. You'll see. . ." and then the bouncer came and asked the guys to leave.
SO. ... . both Dee and I are showered , dressed and packed. Until a few minutes ago, we had no plan. We are going to the Walshes show and then back to the flat in Leith get our stuff, jump in a cab and take our crap to the place in Polwarth and then walk back to the Gilded Balloon for the Naked show. That's the plan. I want more curry chips and I have yet to get to the Pie Maker. I may just go there 3 times a day until we leave. .. .but I haven't gotten there yet.
We are both feeling much more refreshed after having had a good night's sleep and showering. Andy is off doing a photo shot for a thing called the "Body Couch". I don't know what I want to see. I would really like to get in to see Stewart Lee because I missed him last time. I don't know why this is suddenly in boldface . .. ... Hopefully I'll figure it out. . . .That is all for now. I want to eat more curry chips and maybe consume a Red Bul.


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