Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where's I Been ?

I've been going day and night for the last couple of weeks. Last night was the first night I had off, but I did a spyscan on my computer and I was alseep before it was completed, but it did get completed. My car was out of commission again for about a week. After the calipers job, my emergency brake wasn't working and it took about a week to get the right part. The emergency brake works great now and they fixed the drivers side windshield wiper which had also stopped working and I found out how to get the air conditioning to work. It doesn't freeze you up , but there's something sort of cool coming out of it.
Because I didn't have my car, I was taking buses and borrowing Mum's car. I did the door for all three of Todd Barry's shows at the Studio. He did a great show and it was interesting to watch the process. There was even a guy from Comedy Central Records who came down and gave me (the club) a bunch of stickers. I kept one and put it on my notebook because it looks cool. I myself also did stand-up at the Studio and at the All Asia. The All Asia show was an all-woman comic workshop. It was pretty cool because we all gave each other feedback. I got a chance to work out a couple of concepts I haven't quite fleshed out yet. I also did the new stuff I've been doing that the girls hadn't seen already . Yes, it was all women comics because the guys didn't show up .
Tuesday, Kiki and I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum. It was really good . That's all I'm going to say , lest I spoil it for you. Tonight, I went to dinner for restaurant week with my old boss and the guy that got me the job at the the booth. We went to Les Zygomates tonight , it was really good. Oh yeah, the boss got another job and I am the default manager, on the days I work. Despite the fact that I was never properly trained to do the job. My C0-worker , who got a promotion a few month's back to weekend manager has come in 3 of the 4 days I was "In Charge". Nothing blew up , we didn't lose any money and nobody died. The new manager starts next Monday . SO, that has been a bit of a pressure for me the last couple of weeks.
Oh . .. and. . . . I'm going to Scotland for the last week of the festival. My friend is lending me the money and we are going to bunk together. I so wish I was there already. I think we will have a good time. I am very excited and a little scared. No , I can't afford it. And , It's probably not a good time to be taking off, but I really want to go and I think my friend and I are going to have a great time.


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