Friday, July 29, 2005

1 Down;2 to Go

Okay , so tonight was the first show. We got there around 6 -Marlyana , Brian and I got there around 5:45 and Kris at 6 and Andy sometime after that. WE ran what we didn't get to last night. It was a low energy , unfocused excercise. It did what it needed to do for our Stage Manager. Jennefer Johnson came and brought us our bank and she vacuumed the floor, God Love her. I wet mopped the stage floor.Brian's daughter ran the door for us and she brought her friend Christa as back up . The girls ordered Chinese from Speedy Wong's and Kris's girlfriend Rachel brought along a case of water for our audience. We were really expecting it to be another scorcher, but it was actually a nice temperate day.
Then I went upstairs to get dressed. I had ironed my wrinkled stage suit and I had gotten most of my make-up stapled on. Marlayna brought the Chinese food up and we ate it while I was geting ready -and the lights went out again! I was in roughly the same place I was standing the night before and I figure , it's the ghost, so I said out loud "Okay, I'm only here for a little while. I won't stand here, if you don't like it. I get it. Please don't put the lights out while we're doing our show".
When I got to the basement, Brian and George were flipping the switch. John said that when he got there in the morning, the master switch had been flipped off and so he turned it back on and the lights came back up and that's what Brian and George did.
The lights came back on and they stayed on the whole time.
The audience really seemed to love Brian. Both Marlayna and my friends thought he was great . My friends also liked the show. George thought it went really well and that he was very pleased with it . I felt pretty good. Brian did a great job putting the programs together. All in all, it felt like our hard work is paying off. I wish we had scheduled a week somewhere, but I'm sure it's all going to work out . . . . . .


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