Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Morning

Saturday night, I went to the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square to see my friend Korte Yeo perform some new material. I sat with his friend Barry and then I joined them for desserts at Finale restaurant in Harvard Square. Finale is a place that does some fancy sandwiches and pastries. I tried out a new joke on them and I'm glad I did because , it needed work and that was the best way to get feedback. Their total lack of response told me everything I needed to know about that joke.
Sunday, I opened the booth and we were going full tilt the whole day. One of my co-workers has an awful cold and we sent her home early . It's not good for business if we're spewing phlegm on the customers. Well, it 's really just not that kind of business . . . Someone turned in some kids wallet and I had my first contact with the one-armed crack whore. Poor thing came up to me and gave me a twig, and mumbled "I thought it was a pen" then she pushed a piece of paper across the counter to me and then pulled it back , thinking it was a dollar bill and finally she asked me for a paper cup and went on her way. I learned later , from some local law enforcement types, that she is a known prostitute. I just felt bad for her. To throw such a young life (and presumeably one of her arms) away for drugs, well, that's just sad.
On my way to work, I got caught behind a porsche drving 15 miles an hour , we missed 2 lights, and he wanted to make a u-turn, I wanted to park -he pulled over, I though he was parking and he just sat there -Like I WAS STALKING HIM- my windows were open and I was yelling -"You Dick!" "That car is designed to go 100 miles an hour !" Drive for God's sake -you prick !" I waited as long as I could, and turned the car off and started to get out of my car, then Captain Danger made his U-Turn. I got back in my car , pulled up into the space, 3 spaces up and parked. He was watching me from the Brownstone he was standing in front of and watched me , like I was going to come across the street and key his precious , wasted, vehicle-I mouthed the word "MORON" and got on my way.
Sunday night, I did a set at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway theater. The show was hosted by Debra Farrar-Parkman. I tried so


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

Seeing the names "Korte" and "Debra

Monday, July 18, 2005 12:22:00 PM  
Blogger Dee-Rob said...

Oops, sorry to mess up your first comment.

What I meant to write was:

Seeing the names "Korte" and "Debra" and the mention of comedy clubs, crack whores and pricks with Porsches makes me homesick for Boston.

Oh, wait, there's whores and pricks here, too. Must be the names.

Welcome to the "blogosphere," as it is called by pretensious, asshole bloggers.


Monday, July 18, 2005 12:25:00 PM  
Blogger Bud Wiser said...

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