Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Black Out !

Tonight was our tech rehearsal with our Stage Manager Marlayna. We were scheduled to meet at 6 pm. We had to put the back of the stage up so we had some place to make our entrances and exits. That took a while and it was a really messy job. I'm hoping we didn't inhale any deadly mold spores. WE probably did . . .but . . .. oh well ... .
We did a tech so she would know where the lights and sounds should be ( and how it would sound) . We were trying to figure out what to do with some set pieces and I went upstairs to search for an old changing screen I thought I had seen up there before and I was looking in the closets and the lights went out. I thought it was the ghost playing games. It used to be a firehouse so, there's still some energy hanging around there. I was only momentarily scared and then I realized it was quiet, the air conditioner was off. Eerie silence Again ,more fleeting terror and then "Oh , it's summer, blackouts, air conditioning, blown fuse". Brian checked the fuses, nothing was blown. I called the owners of the theater, no answer and then I called the Walshes , who live in the neighborhood, Mrs. Walsh said they were fine, so, I should call NStar, I did , very unsatifiying. I called my friend Susan who lives a block away , no answer. Kris went outside and said no one else's lights were out.
Okay , we had emergency lights, it wasn't optimal , so we decided to do a prop placement drill and organized the curtain call. Kris came up with a great staggered entrance order and I think it's going to look pretty good. God Bless George for considering everything.
I called the theater owners one more time, they didn't seem too worried and said they'd come by to check it in the morning. I was worried that everything would come back on at 2 AM when no one was around (except the ghosts). It would be a shame to waste all that luxurious air conditioning and have no living, sweating, stinking human be there to enjoy it. We got most of what we needed accomplished and we're going to hope for the best. Which is really all any of us can do.


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