Thursday, July 21, 2005

Weary Wednesday

Well, tonight we had a great rehearsal in Charlestown with George McDonald. We came in at a good length and I am feeling very optimistic for our up-coming shows. My manager , Marlayna, has agreed to stage manage our shows. I just have to get her copies of scripts.
After rehearsal, I hitched a ride over to "The Office" with the host-Kris Earle. It was really a show of mostly comics. A young comic from Springfield-cute as a button but no real material.The great Alvin David, Winston Kidd, Erin Judge -oh she had a couple of amazing ad-libs to some obnoxious Chippies sitting at the bar and was still able to weave in a Hindu reference ! Impressive. Paul Day stayed in character and fielded volleys from the peanut gallery and never broke character. Though, Daniella Capollino had the line of the night, off-stage, brilliant. I won't repeat it so that she can use it, but it was biting and beautiful-much like Daniella herself . Jack Hurney broke me up with a street joke. And Eric Chuneg had some new material as well. I know I 'm forgetting someone great, but I doubt they'll be checking this blog. . . . .and if they do, please forgive the ommission.
It's late and I'm tired and I don't have any really amusing anecdotes to recall. Just worked all day and I'm ready for the Land of Nod Z Z Z Z Z Z Z


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