Sunday, July 31, 2005

3 Down; 24 to Go !

Tonight we did our little show up at the Winnepesauki Playhouse in Laconia, NH. The show was almost sold out when we got there. We all arrived at roughly 6 PM. I rode up with Andy. Brian has started to build something of a following up in Laconia and that's okay with me ! It was nice to have such a big audience to perform for.
We all seemed to be a little unfocused ( Andy disagreed ). I think we might have just been disconcerted at being in a new place and we didn't adjust for the new setting and lights. In the dressing room, I was alone , and the costume rack fell down on top of me. I was sitting at the dressing table, 4 feet away and it came right for me ! The boys had to come and pull it off me !Also before the show, Brian needed a bottled water to bring on stage and I volunteered to go get it, I missed a step and landed on my "good" knee and my right forearm. I am going to be bruised for the next couple of days. It stung like a Mo-Fo ! I considered my self lucky that my face didn't hit the staging they had in the green room that is going in for the next show. My friend Maragret's voice was in my head telling me to take an Advil as a preventative measure against the swelling. I am definitely going to be limping.
The audience really loved Brian. They were howling ! I think he wore them out for us. We took an intermission so the theater could sell concessions. The first bit started off pretty good, but they seemed to wonder away from us. They were attentive, but they weren't howling ! I was really concentrating on trying to do my part and not listen to the part in my head that only thinks laughs are the valid response for my efforts. If I'm doing my job, my reactions will get bigger laughs for whoever I am playing with.
Well , long story short, we got paid ! Can't complain about that.
SO, Brian and I are flying out from Manchester at 5:15 Sunday. I spent most of today making lists. I am doing laundry right now so that my costume will be clean when I get to Scotland. My friend Cyndi said it was hard to get good coffee, everybody drinks instant and Maragret said that they have Starbucks ( if you happen to think Starbucks is good coffee). So, I might run out in the morning and get some coffee to put in my luggage. I'm bringing peanut butter-Market Basket.
I am really tired. I 'll be lying awake wondering what I might forget. My mother didn't realize I would be gone a month. I'll ne goneuntil August 30. We'll be performing 25 nights ina row. That alone will be worth the experience !


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Want to purchase some peaches?
You are missed.

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