Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Rehearsal

So we had another really good rehearsal tonight. We find a lot of new things in the rehearsal process. George McDonald is really great to help us find new stuff. A great new ending for the Salad sketch, Brian just said it off the cuff and now it's going to be the ending.
I 'm getting excited for the show on Thursday but I'm concerned about weather or not we're going to have an audience. I have not followed the usual formula on sending out press releases every 10 days and making phone calls and stuff. I feel like I've let the team down. Only time will tell.
My friend Cyndi has been trying to hook me up with some of her international theater friends. She even directed me to a couple of possible jobs so I could make some money while I'm there. She says everything happens in the Pubs. Fortunately, it's Scotland so its'probably going to be some good pub crawling.
I am inexplicably tired. Like I've been sitting in a carbon monoxide chamber (if there is such a thing) for several hours. My eye balls are so dry, they're squeaking. That's it for me.


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