Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sweat Pants Report

Well, it 's Saturday night -I'm in boxer shorts and a t-shirt and I've finished off the last of the "Hellava Good Dip". I've finally connected my DSL to hopefully reduce the amount of my phone bills. The bill gets bigger incrementally as the connection slows down. I yelled at some Indian guy with a Spanish accent and an unpronouncable name-"I just put the DSL stuff together !!! I can't read my e-mail" "Well, what do you want me to do ?" "FIX IT !!!!" . . . I don't know what he did , but here I am.
I worked at the Record Store today. We had a forbidden Saturday Pizza party-2 small pizzas -onion and plain. It is referred to as "Forbidden Saturday Pizza Party" because the guys usually get pizza on Friday and then Jack doesn't want to eat pizza 2 days in a row. They didn't have it yesterday , so WE had it today. Yay !!!
Last night I went to see Kelly MacFarland work on her set at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. She's taping a Premium Blend and she's "in Training" for the taping. A lot of great kids were there last night-The great Andrea Henry, Erin Judge (who was mentioned in the Sidekick section of today's Boston Globe), Heather Campbell, Amanda Beals, Rebecca Anderson and the Beautiful and Biting Daniella Capolino. We hung out at the bar on the second floor after the show and then Kelly says "Hey ! Let's go upstairs and dance !" and Erin says "Yeah, that's a good idea !" and then we all march upstairs and start dancing in a circle. Like we were at a wedding or some clique in High School. It was fun but I was keenly aware that I was the oldest patron in the room ( a "Matron Patron ? ") and all I could think of was "Gee, this would be so much better if I was smoking and drunk and 15 years younger" at some point Kelly looks at me and burst out laughing because I didn't really look like I was having fun, in fact , I looked like I was in pain. I was thinking maybe I have Asbergers Syndrome or something. I think I have to pretend to smile or maybe just never leave the house . . . .
I had a good time , but I am physically sore from the dancing. All the songs are remixes from songs we used to dance to in College, when I was a lot more flexible. I'm thinking Andy will show me how to do Yoga and then I will get flexible again in Scotland. I am also expecting not to be able to afford food, so , I should lose a lot of weight over there.


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