Monday, July 30, 2007

Doin' the Dew Redoux

Last night , I performed at Rafferty's. I worked all day at the Common and then I went over to the record store and closed and then I went to Marshfield to ply my nasty trade. I had another Mountain Dew at the record store to get it into my system before the drive down south.
As always, it was a cozy little show . In order to meet town fire regulations, the pub has closed up the open areas where the pool room, dart room and bar were separated. Where it used to be airy and open , it is now boarded up with molded pieces of plywood. So, if you're sitting at the bar in the next room , you can't see the comedy show in "The Dart Room". If you are having sex on the pool table in the "Pool Room" no one can see you . What was already cozy is even cozier.
We had a fair amount of civilian patrons in the audience . Including the late lamented Barry. It was a surprise to see him . To my credit, I did not hit him, like last time. Chrissy Kelliher got the show started and then had John Garrison host the show. I had seen him before but I thought he was really good last night. Something about hosting Chrissy's show brings out the best in these guys. I don't remember the exact order,I remember who was on before and after me. Koret Yeo went on before me and he did some new stuff and some stuff that was so old, it seemed new. He did a very good job. Then I went up . The new stuff went well but I , of course, forgot some of the stuff I had done the night before . It still went pretty good, but not as good as Saturday night. Korte thought the new stuff was good. I felt good about it. I didn't really have the time to get my whole make-up and outfit going, but I did spackle a couple of things and that made them look okay. After me was Mike Sweeney. He was did all new stuff. I think he should have thrown in some of the tried and true stuff, but I'm sure he wanted to try all new stuff because that's what a place like Rafferty's is for.
Also, there was Gary Peterson, also doing mostly new stuff. Sean Sullivan did a lot of new stuff, I gotta say , it was really funny .Tim Dillion, Rick Cormier, Steve McCormack and Chris Pennie rocking a fierce Afro. Rich Gustus closed the show. His new stuff was really good and then he just fucked around . It's very funny when he does that.. . .also a little scary.
It only took me about 45 minutes to get home. I have spent most of the morning making phone calls and reading emails. I should be getting ready to go to work. .. . but I'm not. I didn't get any laundry done , so my options are limited. I could really use a day to sleep. It's amazing how quickly the effects from 5 days of vacation can wear off. I'm ready for another vacation !!!!!


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