Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Double-Feature Private Screening

Last night , Kiki and I went to the movies. Since we car-pool on Mondays, we swung by the movie theater early to get our tickets for the 7:00 pm Die Harder and then we continued on to work. We got to the theater at about 7:10, which is enough time to get there and still see a couple of previews. When we got into the theater, the movie was going and Bruce Willis looked pretty beaten up , for so early in the movie, and there was one other patron in the theater. We asked him if it had just started, and he said that this was a continuation from an early showing and the projector had broken. Effectively, they had cancelled the 7:00 o'clock show to finish the film and the next one would be at 9:50, too late for us on a school night. I went down to the ticket counter and she said we could change theaters at 8:00 and see Transformers which just opened.
I went back and told Kiki , neither of us could make a decision , so we sat and watched what was left of the Die Harder film. We both emjoyed what we saw and we think we saw the best part of the movie. We were able to figure out what was going on and who the major players were. Yeah, we lost the exposition, but you don't go to movie like that for the subtle nuances. You go to see Bruce Willis kick butt in a righteous smirking way. You want him to be a hero and he is. We were happy with our decision and then we went over to the Transformers theater.
When we got into that theater, there was only one other person there, the same guy from the last feature. We saw a preview for the Nicole Kidman film and then the movie started. About 5 minutes into it, about 35 people came streaming in. They were either High School Seniors or College Kids. Yakking , chattering , kids. We kept hearing people saying in a loud voice "Hey , The movie started !" "They said they were going to satrt the movie just for us !" Someone got up and went downstairs. A few minutes later, the manager came came in and announced, in the dark, while the movie was going on that they should all come downstairs to theater 6, they would be starting the movie down there in a couple of minutes. Then our movie stopped and the lights came up and she made the same announcement again. Then the 35 or so young adults stampeded out of the theater and the movie started up again where it left off. We were again in the movie theater with just us and the same guy from before . In effect , a private screening.
Yeah , I know you're probably thinking, "Dot! What the Fuck ! Transformers ?? Die Hard ? " Well I say, We like Bruce Willis and we wanted to see the Transformers film. Come on ! Don't you wish your car was a sentient being that could protect you and the world ? That your car could, when you least expected it , turn into a giant powerful robot ? No ? Okay, well maybe you've got a new I-phone or an electronic Tuba that you play around with . Me, I'm mostly thinking about converting clothes into scraps into quilts, which I have never done and at this point in my life , probably never will. But I digress. .. . .
We liked the Transformers film. It was a rollicking good time. It stars the delightful Shia Lebouef and lots of robots-good and evil. Patriotic soldiers defending home and country. I even got a little teary -eyed when Bumble Bee had his legs blown off and he still kept on fighting , to save the humans ! Not even his own species ! It was co-written by a former Boston boy -John Rogers . It was a lot of fun.
So, that was our unexpected private screening double feature. Not planned, but certainly enjoyed. Have a great day !


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