Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Always Something . .. .

So, I just spent a week up in Cape Ann, by myself. I only had to make my food. I read and read and read. I slept, ate , watched tv and read. It was very quiet. Where I was staying is on the water and , thus, away from artificial light . It gets really dark up there at night. It's quiet and great for sleeping. I went to Woodmans a couple of times, had the Fried Clam plate both times. The weather was cool , for July. The weather was overcast most of the time and there was even a thunderstorm that blew threw and disconnected the electrcity cable from the pole. I was without power, off and on, over three of the days.
However, a couple of days , the weather was beautiful. I sat and watched the sunset like it was a TV program. I watched the way the sun melted into the horizon and I couldn't believe that the people in the houses behind me and to my right weren't also sitting at their dining room tables and watching the sun set.
I didn't have access to a computer and even the cellphone reception was bad. It didn't matter . If someone really needed to get a hold of me , they could. While I was up there , the manager at the booth gave her 2 week notice and Natalie Jacobson, a local newscaster, announced her retirement. I had no newspapers. I got my news from the noon and dinner time shows. I was rested and untroubled. Mostly , I wasn't guilty about taking time off.
So . .. .. the "Something " of the title . . . . . On my way back down 95, I heard a scraping noise. Not consistent. Usually when I applied the brakes, but not every time. I'm pretty sure it's the brake pads. I heard it again on the way to work and when I drove around tonight. It's not a "good" noise. I suspect it's an "expensive" noise. I still haven't finished paying off the last brake repair. The brake cylinder. Oh what am I going to do ? I'm sure I'll think of something .. . . . . .. Or. .. . . Not.


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