Saturday, August 26, 2006

Unexpected Technological Advances

I am trying to get a website going. Once again, my friend Angelynn has helped me get things started (she helped me get this blog going !) Frankly, I am mystified by all the things she can do. I am a Luddite. Each time she does something , it's like she's travelled back from the future with matches and I'm just a cave woman bashing the heads of rodents with rocks, fascinated ny the small sticks of light.
So, anyway, I thought she had done something and that's why I couldn't access my blog. Nope. Blogger is just having problems this week.
On Wed., after work, I walked from Boston Common to Harvard Square. I walked along the Charles River. It was really beautiful, but I think I irritated a lot of the bicyclists and joggers. I had a response all ready in case someone made a disparaging remark to me. "Oh Yeah !!!! Well I can't run like you ! My physical Therapist told me not to run!!! I'm lucky I can walk !!!!!" A paraphrase , sure, but I did have a physical therapist tell me I was not built to jog. It was a bad idea. I wish someone had told me that when I was running track in high school. Anyway, it took me an hour and half to complete the hike. I was glad I thought to walk it. However, about three quarters of the way, I realized there was a more direct route to my destination. So, I'll have to try that way at a later date.
On Thursday night, I participated in a Great & Secret show. I was to sit in the audience and at the appointed time, I was to go into labor. I was giving birth to the Walsh Brothers and then they would come back from the future , to this show, and save the world. I called my friend Julie Perkins, who had worn a kick-ass belly for a pregnant character she had played in a show we did. She got it at the Boston Costume shop, and so did I. It cost $10.00.
The plastic belly is made of the same material that store bought holloween masks used to be made of in the 60's & 70's. It tied in the back. The trick is to keep it in place. I wore a tank top that had a "Body Shaper" quality to it. I also wore a padded bra underneath to make me look really pregnant. I put the outfit on at home, in case I didn't have time to secure myself properly once I arrived at the theater. I surprised the daylights out of my Mother. I walked through Inman Square waddling with my belly. People just barrel assed by me on the sidewalk. When did we become so inconsiderate as a society ? Yeah, I know I'm not REALLY pregnant, but I looked like I was. When I got to the theater, I was a little disappointed when people didn't comment on my "pregnancy" . I was especially disappointed that my friend JJ, didn't comment. However, some people who saw me from across the crowded theater couldn't be sure if I was or wasn't.
I sat in the audience and didn't really draw attention to myself. David Walsh addressed me from the stage and one of the comics made a comment. She asked me if I knew who the father was and I responded like it was a pissy comment. Thus, reinforcing the reality of the situation. She was worried about my response afterwards and I thought it was brilliant so that I could appear insulted. It was great.
I hadn't considered the actual "labor" portion of the event. At the appointed time, I started having "contractions" and Nate Johnson escorted me down to the basement, and then gave birth to the Walshes. The audience was shuttled downstairs to witness the birth. I think I did okay. I don't know how well the whole "Back to the Future" premise had been established, but it was great to have a character to work on.
And Thus , we arrive at today. I worked and then went to Angelynn's house and we got the thing going. Another exciting Saturday night for me. .


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

Did they come out of your vagina? What were they wearing?

Sunday, August 27, 2006 1:38:00 AM  
Blogger Dot Dwyer said...

Either one going in would be an entirely different show ! They were little baby dolls. Upon reflection, they probably should have been immediately wrapped in swaddling. Ken Reid acted as the doctor. The first baby, I named "David" and got to hold him right away. The second child, who was unnamed, got whacked against the low ceiling and also dropped on the concrete floor . ..

Sunday, August 27, 2006 6:14:00 PM  

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