Monday, August 14, 2006

Comella's & The Night Listener

Today ,I worked and then my friend and I went to dinner at one of our new favorite places. It's called "Comella's" and it's in West Newton, conveniently located next to the West Newton Cinema. We both heard about Comella's on the Phantom Gourmet and then we were talking about it a work and then it took us about 6 months to get there, but we finally did. Their specialty is a dish called "The Mess" you can get "Cousin's Mess", "Mama's Mess" and our favorite "Grandpa's Mess". It has pasta of the day , red sauce and meatballs AND sausages. A "Mess" is basically whatever the pasta of the day is, today it was ziti and a thick sauce. The sauce is just the right amount of tomato and whatever the Italian Grand Ma would put in her favorite sauce. Me being Irish, I don't know exactly what that would be . If I did have an Italian Grand Mother, I would no doubt be better informed to describe it in a more articulate manner. The last time I ate a whole mess, I gained 3 pounds. Kiki and I split a Grandpa's Mess. It was just enough and it was delicious.
Then we went to see the "Night Listener" starring Robin Williams , Toni Colette and Bobby Canavale. It was creepy AND quiet. It's starts out creepy and then it gets weird. It's dark as in not well lit. Though, I guess truthfully, it was lit enough. I could see every thing. I liked it but it 's going to be gone soon. Not a real likeable character for Williams. Toni Collette is really scary as the blind lady. It's way better than "Failure to Launch" if that means anything to you .


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