Thursday, February 19, 2009

At It Again

Here I am , the old rockpile. I'm working 12-9 again today. It's a little busier. I am trying to make eye contact, smile and nod. There are a lot of little kids running for all they're worth because there is a lot of open space and rug. They run and giggle.Just the simple act of running can cause a kid to laugh uproariously. If I run like that , I get short of breath and wonder if this is the start of the inevitable heart attack that I am expecting because I don't take that good care of myself. I don't drink or smoke , I drink green tea but there is no accumulation of exercise and vegetables. I have been whittling a little bit. I've been eating a thing called "breakfast"; apparently it's pretty big with the kids these days. Anyway . . . .I eat one of these "Breakfasts" and I don't feel the urge to eat for quite a few hours. Consequently, I was able to zip my skirt up all the way to the top today, instead of an inch from the top , which is what I usually do.
I brought a 2 liter bottle of water , my lunch and some healthy snacks-carrots, apple, granola bar. I even went for a walk along the building to get some fresh air & exercise. Probably too little , too late. . . . .


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