Monday, January 26, 2009

Hullo, Life is a Cabaret

Sorry I haven't written in a while. I have trouble with my computer freezing up and it's too much work to wait around for it to boot up again. I have already booted this up once, today, so lets see if I can get some ink down.
My friend Alicia is visiting from Australia, she is here working , and I have been hanging around with her. It's such a treat to be seeing her on a regular basis. Saturday , I got us tickets to go see Cabaret at the New Rep.It stars John Kuntz, I have worked with him in the past and she went to school with him. He is an enormous talent and he always surprises me with something new. I wanted to take her to dinner at Pedro's , an Argentinian restaurant that my friend Keith turned me on to many years ago. Unfortunately, by the time we got a table there was only enough time to order appetizers and still get to the theater. I have to say , for a meal of appetizers, it was quite good. We got arepas, quesadillas and fried calamari. Dee-lish-eee-oh-so !
Friday, my friend Scott was visiting from New York. We had been in a couple of comedy groups together over the years and we share many funny memories together. When he moved to New York all those years ago, I brought his furniture in my famous van. He took me to dinner at Vinnys in Somerville. We had a great meal , also inclding calamari.
Thursday, I started taking a Spanish class at the Boston Cneter for Adult Education. I am taking it with my boss. We both think having a better understanding of the language will come come in handy. I think it will be a good class. The teacher is half Mexican & half Cuban. She has sufficient Spanish street cred.
Tuesday , Kiki and I went to see Frost/Nixon in Newton. We both thought it was a really good film. And , of course, there was the inauguration. I unexpectedly was home to watch the festivities. It was a great spectacle. My best friend was there and sent me a picture from where she was on the mall.
Monday , after shoveling for an hour, I called in to work to say I would be late and they said to not bother, it wasn't busy. So I went back out and chopped ice for another 45 minutes. I did stand-up that night at the All Asia.It was a small but appreciative crowd. I felt good about my set. I was home early.
So , when I say I'm not really doing anything, the above description of last week is what I mean when I say "Not really doing much".


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