Friday, January 09, 2009

Belated Happy New Year

I am late with the New Year Greetings. A couple of days after Christmas , I came down with a wicked cough. Every time I coughed , it felt like someone had kicked me in the chest. Also, my chest was burning, which was a new sensation for me. I went to the doctor. She said I had a cold and that I should call back if anything changed. Like if I experienced dizziness, developed a fever or produced green phlegm. New Year's Day , I got the productive green stuff. But they are closed, so I had to wait until Friday . I got a script for an antibiotic and I was feeling so much better by Saturday. I missed 3 days of work because of it. I didn't attend a New Year's Eve dinner because if there was any chance that I was contagious, I didn't want to infect my dinner mates. Plus, the coughs were just really difficult to listen to at a dinner table. Truthfully, you wouldn't want to be near that cough on a train or in a plane. I am just now starting to feel better , but I'm still not a 100%.
So, that's what I was doing for New Year's. I hope yours was better.


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