Friday, December 05, 2008

High School Hangover

Hmmmm, I'm still thinking about my reunion from last week. Today , I was remembering how many conversations I was privy to about their kids hockey games. I am a Hockey Mom Generation person. I don't have any kids. I wonder if I should have talked to the people I had no interest in talking with ? I am still thinking about one guy that took me most of the night to remember who he was. He realy looked like crap at the 5 & 10 but he looked pretty good last week. He was a real cutie in high school. Me, nope, I looked better at the 10th.
Of course, these thoughts inevitably lead to my current situation and whether or not I went "wrong" or "right". My life has been what it is and I've pretty much enjoyed most of it. I worked with a good friend yesterday . He's married and has a house and a dog. He and his partner have a a great life. We were both kind of lamenting our lack of performing. Me, because I am pretty much only interested in doing original stuff and he because he really likes being in his house. I got a great idea for a story 2 weeks ago. I think about it every day. However, I haven't written anything more than the idea down. These days, my greatest , and most satisfying , accomplishment is doing laundry and paying bills without getting overdrawn. No mean fete, frankly.
I am trying to resist panicking about the economic woes of this country. The good thing about being this low on the economic totem pole is, I don't have anything to lose. I got nothing.
Okay. I've written a couple of paragraphs. I think that's pretty good.


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