Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Belated Boxing Day

Well, Christmas is past and onward to the New Year. Yesterday, Boxing Day, I took the day off work to spend time with my best friend & her family for an adult traditon. They go to the Museum of Fine Arts , here in Boston. My friend's husband and sister belong to the museum. I had a ticket for the Assyrian show which ends on January 4 .The ticket gets me into the whole museum. There were 6 of us. We were an art themed gang.
They had to buy timed tickets for the Assyrians, my ticket would get me any time. For you curious types, I got the ticket from work over a month ago. Essentially, so I could go see the show and make recommendations. So .. . I can make recommendations for another week. They also had a Karsh photograph exhibit and another photographic exhibit. It was great to see the photographs of Hemingway and Churchill, among other luminaries of the last 100 years.I separated from the group to look for the Mummies . I seemed to remember there were more mummies. I only found one. I also wandered through the Winslow Homer room.
The Assyrian exhibit was interesting. It's really amazing that these artifacts were thousands of years old. A lot of pictoraphs of the King going out of the castle to hunt animals. I thought it was interesting that modern kings have other people do their hunting. Whereas, in ancient times, you earned your reputation to be a king by actually protecting your people on the battle field.
I 'm almost ashamed to admit that my favorite art was in a room of German stuff-paintings , furniture and curios. There was a lucite box filled with silver and gold little statues and clocks. There were all about 500-600 years old. There was a little silver statue of the goddess Diana astride a Stag with full horns pulling a cart. It was amazing craftsmanship. Then I read the decription and it was a wind-up like toy . It would be wound up and it would ride around the table and wherever it stopped , the person it stopped in front of , would have to remove the stag's head and take a drink. It was an elaborate instrument for a plain old drinking game. Those wacky Germans !
And that's how I celebrated Boxing Day.


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