Monday, October 27, 2008

A Dead Body, A Free Sandwich & Some Pastries

Last week, My co-worker entered the building saying "there's a DB at the fountain". "A "D.B." ? "Yeah. A D.B." "What's a "DB"? " "A Dead Body". Now, I watch a lot of the C.S.I. shows but I wouldn't have figured out the "DB" without a little more context in the sentence.
Apparentlty, some poor soul passed away . He was sitting upright holding a beer. I later heard he was 45 and had a Vermont Drivers license on his person. A parks worker found him. Who knows how long he had been there? I'm sure joggers had been passing by him since sunrise. I still haven't heard the cause of death. My guess is some combination of drugs, alcohol and exposure.
I wonder if this was a sentimental location for him ? Maybe he was one of the 2 guys that was having sex in public at the fountain from a few years ago. Ah, the children . ..
The free sandwich came from a new restaurant down the street. They came in and gave our manager some free coupons. It's in a location of a previous restaurant and it was almost the same stuff that the old restaurant used to sell . It also had the calorie content of the sandwiches. I couldn't believe that a tabulleh wrap was 200 more calories than a bacon cheeseburger ! I had the bacon cheeseburger. It was good.
The pastries came from some greatful visitors. This couple was from Louisianna and they had never been to Boston before. They were asking about a good place to get something to eat. The girl waiting on her really only knew the places she goes to for lunch or when her Aunts takes her some place to eat. Her Aunt likes to go to the same places. I jumped in to the conversation, which is called "poaching" by my crew. We got to talking & I recommneded a couple of different places, including some place I had just visited and sent them on their way. A couple of hours later, they came back from lunch to take a guided walking tour and brought me a slection of pastries from the restaurant they had gone to on my recommendation. That was really sweet. My boss saw it and she said she was going to include the incident on her next report to our big boss.
Sorry I haven't been blogging. I've really just been working and if my computer acts up , I just give up trying to get to this blog site. The events of last week seemed emminently blog-worthy. I'll try to blog on the movies I've seen in the last month, soon.


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