Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vote For Me

There was a local election here in my neck of the woods this week. Mostly people running unopposed . Including a guy who was caught stealing from the copy and soda machines at whatever government building he is employed at. He was still on the ballot. I asked the local voting official what he was doing on the ballot, didn't he resign because he was caught stealing at work ? They had to refer me to the Precinct Warden. I said I thought he had resigned. She said he had not. Well, what would happen if I left that one blank ? He would get my vote by default . Well, what can I do to keep him from getting my vote ? She told me "Write your own name in there". So, I did. I voted for myself. That scumbag has a cushy government job probably paying 3 times what I make (and I work 4 jobs 7 days a week) and he's got the nerve to be stealing from the copy machine ? He's running unopposed, so he's going to get re-elected ?Maybe I would have re-elcted Curley while he was in jail, but not this guy. I searched the papers trying to track down the results. I saw nothing about this guy, good or bad. That kind of stuff outrages me. Our complacency is why our sons and daughters and countless innocent victims are being killed in this senselees war. Why can we bail out these huge corporations and not the little guy who's late a couple days on his mortgage ? What the hell is going on ? . .. Okay I just deleted a bunch of rant. You get the picture. Get out there and VOTE !!!!


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

I'm writing you in on every questionable ballot from now on. Dot Dwyer for Whatever Position Cries Out for a Right In.

Keep on voting.

(I miss voting for Braintree's Tree Surgeon.)

Sunday, September 21, 2008 4:54:00 AM  

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