Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oyster Po'Boys

The first time I had an oyster Po'Boy was in New Orleans. It was my first trip to Jazz Fest .My friend Joanne took me to a sandwich shop in a neighborhood she used to live in. I was reticent, I had never had fried oysters. She knew I loved fried clams, she had been shanghaied to Kelly's enough times to get acquainted with my little pecadillo. She assured my they were very similar tastes. They are and , yet , they aren't. I can now tell the difference. The New Orleans Po'Boy is served on fresh french bread. The sauce is not quite tarter sauce or mayonnaise. It was also served with fine shaved lettuce. The oysters were fresh from the bayou. It was delicous. We ate our sandwiches in a park across the street. I drank root beer with mine. It was over 20 years ago , but it feels like it was last week. .. or tonight !
Last night , I went to see a play in Davis Square. My boss lives in Somerville and before we got to the subway station, I had talked her into going to Red Bones to have dinner with me to kill some time. I was pretty certain about what I was going to get -either the catfish sandwich or an oyster Po'Boy. I decided on the oysters. It was very good. Not as good as that first one in Louisianna, but delicious none the less. Yes, I ordered a root beer.
Tonight, I did a favor for a friend and he bought all of us dinner . We could have whatever we wanted, it was on him. .. at Red Bones ! Yes, I had the same thing tonight. Oyster Po'Boy and root beer. Yes , it was delicious. Tonight, I exchanged the beans for macaroni & cheese.
Two nights in a row of high caloric goodness. If I die of a heart attack in my sleep tonight , I want you all to know I died happy. . . ..


Blogger bigtiny said...

Hey, you know what eating oysters is good for dont' you??? Also, next time you are there, try the appetizer called 'corn pudding' it's outstanding....


Friday, June 01, 2007 9:58:00 AM  
Blogger Dot Dwyer said...

I'm pretty sure oyster Po'Boys are really good at generating methane disbursed through a body valve. I would hesitate to ask for the "corn Pudding" . . .or what would come out through referenced body valve as a result ..

Friday, June 01, 2007 10:22:00 AM  

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