Monday, May 14, 2007

Call Me "Irresponsible"

Because that's what I am. Last week , I worked a couple of extra assignments that pay better than my usual wage. They are jobs that are interesting to me but they are rarely offered to me , so when they are offered, I drop everything to do them. They're usually long hours and , if I 'm lucky, I'm busy the whole time. So, I had two of those types of jobs last week. I need to be dressed fairly nicely . However, either my clothes don't fit or they are in the dry cleaners. I was able to put something together for Tuesday ,but Fridays' outfit made me feel dumpy.
Since it seems unlikely that I am going to lose enough weight to fit into my current wardrobe, I needed to do a little shopping. I justified it by the fact that I have a good paycheck coming down the pike to me, after this weeks efforts. However, that isn't going to be for another 2 weeks. So , my shopping spree was nothing short of stupid. Selfish ,even. Because, at this point , I still owe my mechanic upward of $700.00 and I have 2 hefty parking ticket for the City of Cambridge, for starters. So, even though I was ostensibly there to get my Mother something for Mother's Day, which I did , but I haven't given it to her yet, it really wasn't a practical idea for me to go shopping.
I can justify the purchases because most of them were on the clearance rack. Not flashy choices but practical buys for the basics of a wardrobe. A skirt, blouse, dress( the blouse and the dress were a third of their original cost) and simple black slide sandals ( half price) and a pair of skechers sneakers that were further marked down to $8.00. I am not a big believer in retail therapy but I felt pretty good about these purchases. After I got past the guilt that I should have sent that money to my mechanic.
Though I still feel guilty. The first time I wear the clothes, I'm going to feel terrific !


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