Monday, May 21, 2007

Winning The Lottery

I haven't bought the book "The Secret" . .. yet. But I'm a fan of Edgar Cayce and Stuart Wylie and I'm a sucker for books about angels.I read the Celestine Phrophesy. Yes, I'm a fruity secret little fan of happy endings. I don't live a life like it's got happy endings, but I am constantly looking for a hopeful outcome . However, after the wedding I attend next month, I will not attend any more weddings. I don't care if it's one of my brothers or my God Child. I'm done. I can't stand the disappointment any more. But I digress. ... .
So, this whole "The Secret" thing is really just wishing- on steroids. I haven't read it yet but the jist is , if there is something in your life you want badly enough, you have to visualize it and act like you have it already. Fake it until you make it. Powerful positive thinking. Again, I haven't read the book but I've read a couple of articles about people who have tried to apply the principles set out in the book, with inconclusive results. You have to be specific about what it is you want. The color, texture, size,"specifics"- things like that there.
I want to win the lottery. I fantasize about how I would disperse my millions. 30 milion, to be specific. I came up with the figure and I think it could take care of a lot of basics and a lot of luxuries for my family , friends and community for the rest of my life with that amount. I could travel. Visit my friend Alicia and her husband in Australia. Visit my friend Mary in France. Visit my friends Mary, Betsy , Jan and Dee-Rob out in California. Maybe buy a house where I could Live/visit out there. I know the kind of cars I would buy-a mini cooper and scion van. And a Buick. The kind of car your Grand Ma should drive. Nice and roomy and comfortable. I'd get a house on the water up on Cape Ann and I'd get a dog or two. I could hire somebody to walk them when I was visiting my friends around the world. I could write, produce and star in my own movie. I could buy a Chanel Suit ! Just some of things I could do with Thirty Million Bucks !
That being said. . . . I won the lottery on Sunday.. .. .technically. Yup. Technically, I won the lottery. I was down to my last $7.00 until payday this Friday. I needed to buy an avacado for dinner. I went to the store and bought a decent looking avacado for my salad. After the girl had wrung up my purchase, on a whim, I said "Give me a dollar scratch ticket. I don't care which one". So, she gave me a random scratch ticket. I put it in my pocket and went back to my job. I had been back at the store for about a half hour when I realized I hadn't scratched my ticket. I took it out and scrtached it. It was a winner ! I won $10.00 ! It totally changed my day ! I could buy some gas and get a newspaper. I would have the fare for a train ride . My life was transformed .
I had visualized winning the lottery. I had pictured myself as a lottery winner . And , lo and behold, I had become one. So , I think in the broadest sense of the term I was able to manifest winning the lottery. I'm just not practiced enough at increasing the amount.
And there, my dear children, is a metaphor for life.
Not really , I just can't figure a way to wrap this up neatly. Logic is in the bath room and won't be out for a while. . it took a newspaper in there .


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

Mazel Tov on your big win. Visualize the trip west.

When you win for real, though I should warn you. Just for the prank, when you get out here, I'm going to throw a wedding to trap you into one more. Well, only if you're willing to go to Vegas or Tahoe.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 1:00:00 AM  
Blogger bigtiny said...


So I'm thinking long, but also wide, because that's what really makes the difference (at least that's what THEY say)...but I digress....

make sure to visualize 60 mill so you take 30 mill home.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007 3:56:00 PM  

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